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November 3, 2010 @ 8:53 am
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Faine, Trueblood Have A Chance To Play At Atlanta

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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The Bucs got some good news on the injury front on Wednesday and C Jeff Faine and RT Jeremy Trueblood returned to practice. Faine has missed the last three and a half games due to a torn quad, while Trueblood missed last week due to a knee sprain. Both could be able to play on Sunday at Atlanta.
On Wednesday, Buccaneers center Jeff Faine returned to practice for the first time since tearing his quadriceps muscle at Cincinnati in Week 5. Faine injured his leg in the first half against the Bengals and had to miss the second half and the next three games.

“I’m getting out there today and see how it feels,” Faine said. “I’ll take it day by day, but right now we’re going to go out there and test it a little bit and see how it feels. It’s coming along well and we’re ahead of schedule. It’s definitely responded extremely, extremely well. Usually I heal a lot faster than the original prognosis.”

Faine said that if his leg doesn’t give him any problems in practice this week he has a chance to play at Atlanta this week.

“Yeah, we’re going to go out there and see how it feels and see what happens,” Faine said. “There’s no helmets, so it’s going to be [a] naturally light [practice]. I think the best test will be the following day. Just to even get out there with the guys and get in the position and kind of move around.”

When Faine returns to the starting lineup his replacement, Jeremy Zuttah, will slide over to left guard, a position he started all 16 games at last year. Zuttah lost his starting job this year to veteran Keydrick Vincent, who was signed in July but released last week after injuring his back. However, Zuttah has played exceptionally well at center in Faine’s absence and has earned the right to start again.

“I think he’s done a fantastic job,” Faine said of Zuttah. “There have been little things here and there, but you have to expect that with as much change as he has to deal with – not only with him, but at left guard as well. That’s challenging. Then to go into an environment like they went to this past week where it’s loud, but I think he’s done a great job stepping in and holding up the line while I wasn’t there.”

Zuttah will replace rookie Ted Larsen, who has started the last two games at left guard and played well.

“Ted Larsen is at a very young point in his career and I think he’s doing a fantastic job at the stage he’s at in his career and I think he’ll get better, too,” Faine said.

Bucs right tackle Jeremy Trueblood also has a chance to play against the Falcons. Trueblood suffered a sprained injury in the fourth quarter that caused him to miss the final touchdown drive against St. Louis and miss the Arizona game. Trueblood, who is expected to return to practice on Wednesday, has been replaced by third-year veteran tackle James Lee, who started his first NFL game at right tackle at Arizona.

Faine, who is the leader of the offensive line and a team captain, has been impressed with the play of the less-experienced fill-in players like Larsen and Lee.

“On one hand you would like to pat them on the back, but on the other hand that’s what we expect for those guys to be able to be plugged in,” Faine said. “I’ve seen James Lee’s progression through his career since he’s been here and he’s gotten better and better. He’s a guy that I think can challenge for a starting spot around the NFL at some point in his career and he’s a guy that’s not going to be a perennial backup.”
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    I think we should roll with lee larsen n zuttah for as long as the running game looks strong. They've been looking better than what we started the season with.
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    Here's what I know. I don't know if we're gaining anything by putting Faine and Trueblood back in the lineup but we're sure as $#!* not losing anything by not having them on the line. The O-line played much better than they did against the Rams last Sunday and I think they'll only get better. I like Faine and Trueblood's toughness, but I don't like their physical makeup. I say if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
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    The Bucs got some good news on the injury front on Wednesday and C Jeff Faine and RT Jeremy Trueblood returned to practice. Faine has missed the last three and a half games due to a torn quad, while Trueblood missed last week due to a knee sprain. Both could be able to play on Sunday at Atlanta. Good News?? Why?? I'd much rather see a healthy Zuttah, Larsen and Lee out there rather than an 80-90% Faine & Trueblood. Faine has not shown me much since he got here and I think the young guys have played well. I can't remember the last time Freeman had as much time to sit in the pocket and throw deep like he did last week. (Only bad sack was on TE). If there not at 100% lets use Faine & Trueblood as the backups.
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    Do we have to put Trueblood back in? Lee's real downside was all the penalties but you can't argue with the results in protection and run blocking while he was in there. Its not like Trueblood never gives us penalties.....
  • avatar

    Wow. Everyone seems sick and fed up with the mediocrity the starters were showing and feel there is more upside with these young pups.
  • avatar

    As well as Zuttah is playing, let his leg heal completely before he is brought back. IMO, a healthy Z is BETTER than Faine at less than 100%. Besides, I would like to give Z some more experience at that spot. He looks like he could replace Faine next season, allowing us to trade Faine, hopefully for a draft pick.
  • avatar

    Faine; you "talk the talk", but do yo "walk the walk"? I think it's time for you to start playing better than just barely average if you want to be a Buc next year. Why do you have so many injuries?
  • avatar

    If they both play then we lose. The young guys are hungrier. Faine and Trueblood seem to feel some sense of entitlement even though they haven't done much.
  • avatar

    This is stupidity. Why not play the best players? Zuttah is better than Faine at center, and Larsen is better than Zuttah at guard. BUT, if you are going to play Faine at center, for God sakes move Zuttah to RG to replace Joseph. Joseph is our worst Olineman right now and he has zero upside. James Lee has looked pretty good...especially in run blocking, but at least Trueblood coming back doesn't set us back like Faine will. Watch the play faine got injured on. He got trucked and was injured trying to hold on to the defender. I'd cut the punk personally.
  • avatar

    GrimmReaper, I so agree with you. As Morris said on Dan Patrick show today " we are building a team by playing the young guys" when asked about Randy Moss. So Coach Morris lets keep the younger guys in place especially for the Falcon Game. Lets see what we really have.
  • avatar

    Agreed on Zuttah looking better then FAINE but Joseph our worst lineman right now, is that a typo? I havent seen that????
  • avatar

    I want to see more of Lee's nastiness. If Trueblood is physically able, have him as a backup this week.
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