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November 11, 2010 @ 9:11 am
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Faine, Zuttah, Larsen To Compete For Spots

Written by Charlie
Charlie Campbell


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With the return of center Jeff Faine impending the Buccaneers will open up a competition for a couple of spots on the offensive line. Faine will have to compete with Jeremy Zuttah at center while Zuttah will also compete at left guard with Ted Larsen. Faine has missed four games with a quad injury. Larsen replaced veteran Keydrick Vincent in the lineup due to injury, but the team released Vincent and kept Larsen as the starting guard while Zuttah played for Faine at center.

“It is a battle you have to say because Larsen has played so well,” said Morris. “Zuttah has played really well at center. It is going to be a battle for Faine after awhile of those guys competing and doing a really good job. Faine is one of our leaders and one of our captains but he has to go out there and play better and right know he has to get out there when he can. Zuttah can easily move to left guard. We’ve seen him do it all last year. He has no choice but to go out there and be better than he was last year just based on experience and what he’s been able to do the last two weeks. We look forward to the competition. It is a really good problem to have two guys that can go out there and let your offense function at center, and at guard, and to have the depth that we have there is a nice thing.”

Morris said that Faine would have to show that he is ready after being out a month and prove that he is in football shape. Morris said that could lead the team to being a little more hesitant to put Faine back in the lineup. Faine was optimistic that he will be able to play on Sunday when the Bucs host the Carolina Panthers.

“It is feeling pretty good, and obviously a lot better than last week,” said Faine. “I was rotating in there and feeling pretty good. It is a pretty good shot. Once I wake up tomorrow we may know. We got pretty physical today.

“When I came in today it felt the same as it did yesterday. After the work yesterday it wasn’t as physical. The true test is going to be tomorrow. We got pretty physical today and I stressed it a lot more than I did yesterday. If I can go tomorrow it is a pretty good chance (for Sunday).”
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    I'm sure the Pewter Report boys are pulling for Faine since he is a real quote machine. My guess is that he gets the start on Sunday but Larsen stays at left guard.
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    No doubt that Zuttah has stepped it up these past few games. But I do expect Faine to answer the bell and step up his play as well. Now if he continues to get injured that's a different story. But I really like Larson. I don't think Zuttah can outperform him at guard right now. Larson is a good athlete who is stronger than he looks. Lee did not play well against Atlanta and I'm surprised to say that I look forward to the return of Trueblood.
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    I am one thats also been watching the last couple of games and zuttah has surprised me alot with how much better he is at center compared to how he looked at guard last year. larsen has been surprisingly good at the guard spot and I believe faine should have to fight for his spot if zuttah is outperforming him. Trueblood and lee ehhh who really cares im hoping for dotsonthis year it was to bad he got hurt because i think he's gonna be a really good player for us too.
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    The writing is really on the wall...NORMALLY when a CAPTAIN RETURNS , HE GETS HIS SPOT BACK----NOT THIS TIME. Faine may have been indentified as replaceable and larsen is playing well enough to consider keeping him here. Results driven league guys. Faine is always injured and might need to get his resume renewed. I think Larsen is playing well but is getting alot of help which is hurting joseph's play. I wonder why they didn't say this about Lee and truebllod lol
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    Oh yeah, Raheem seems to be growing into his Head Coach position nicely. I've been impressed with the growth from last year to this year and I was skeptical in the beginning. The future is looking good. To be able to hang with the division leader while starting a bunch of rookies is amazing!
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    I believe that Faine is past his prime and on the decline. His play does not warrant top 5 center money. The Saints line actually improved when he left them, IMO. He is a leader, but I think Zuttah just might be the future at center for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It seems the Bucs have finally found a position for him. I expect Faine will be asked take less money and a lesser role next year.
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    This is just a confirmation of what all of us could see with our own eyes. Frankly, I was surprised at Zuttah's performance at center...what's the deal with Faine's lesser performance? Is it overall injuries? Effort? What? Raheem is merciless in a good way in asking for top performance and giving guys a chance to perform and then rewarding the best player with time on the field. I'm kind of surprised by his tactics in this way. I thought he'd play his loyalties longer but to his credit, he has not.
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