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November 22, 2010 @ 5:03 pm
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Bucs To Fine Williams

Written by Charlie
Charlie Campbell


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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers said they are going to be fining rookie wide receiver Mike Williams for his arrest last Friday morning. Williams was arrested on the suspicion of DUI. The 23-year old Williams tested below the legal limit of .08. The Bucs allowed Williams to play yesterday in their 21-0 victory at San Francisco. 

“We’ll be able to fine Mike Williams, and we are going to take a bunch of money from his pocket,” said Morris. “We are going to do a bunch of sit downs with his captains and his captains came to me and said they wanted to do a sit down with him, Jeff Faine and all those type of guys. It is a part of us growing up and it is a part of us cleaning up our process. It is a part of us as a whole team, every little thing counts, all kinds of incidents that happen every day that we handle internally. We talk about it all the time. We call it winning with lessons. This week is no different. We got another win this week. It is a great chance to go out and talk about lessons and learning through winning. That makes it easier for us."

Williams was held out of practice on Friday, but started against the 49ers on Sunday. Williams caught three passes for 54 yards, including a 33-yard reception. Williams also made an eight-yard touchdown reception. This season the rookie Williams has been the Buccaneers leading receiver. Williams has caught 43 passes for 681 yards and six touchdowns. Morris said that the team is pleased with Williams’ cooperation and explained why they are confident that Williams did not have any drugs in his system.

“We gave Mike our own independent test and we are very pleased with the results that we got from our own independent results,” said Morris. “He is completely clean. We’ll let the due process take its course. Law enforcement will take a little longer than we will because obviously we get our information a lot faster than anybody else can, but we’ll let due process take it but we’re completely confident that he’s completely clean. We’ll let our law enforcement do their due process because they do a great job of it.”

Bucs general manager Mark Dominik clarified that on Friday morning Williams voluntarily went to an independent agency to take a drug test so the Buccaneers would have faster results. Williams wanted to prove that he did not have any illegal substances in his body that impaired him at all. Williams had already voluntarily provided the police a urine sample and wanted to do the same thing for the Buccaneers organization. 

Morris said that Williams' fine would go to the Buccaneers community charity work but would not say how much Williams will be fined. The second-year head coach Morris teased that somebody could be driving a nice new car as a result of the fine.

Williams had suspensions and curfew violations during his collegiate career at Syracuse. The off the field issues caused Williams to fall to the fourth round of the 2010 NFL Draft. Buccaneers offensive coordinator Greg Olson said the team was disappointed that Williams was out so late the night before a practice.

“He was remorseful more than anything, he was very remorseful, which is a good sign,” said Olson. “He wasn’t full of excuses and that’s a good sign. I think it is obviously unfortunate that it happened. We are certainly disappointed that he would be out that late knowing that we had a big game and practice and as late in the week as it was we were disappointed in his actions there. Again, you look at his background and a lot of people are going to say that is part of his behavior. It has been issue. I addressed it. A couple of weeks ago I asked Mike how he is doing and what he is doing with his evenings. He assured me that he usually was in bed by 10:00 every night during the week.

“There was a family matter, a relative in town, but there is no excuse for any of our players to be out that late obviously the night before a practice. We don’t encourage that, but he was remorseful and apologetic. He apologized to the staff, the team, the organization, and the fans. We’ll put that behind us and it’ll be a learning experience.”
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    NICE!!!!!! every comment that was made back the player SWEET!!!!!!! Times are changing!
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    Why is he getting fined? The team fining him a little amount will probably prevent the league fining him some ungodly amount and the fine gets to go the the Bucs charity. Good move by the Bucs. It will probably save Mike some money and the money stays within the bucs organization. It also sends a message to other Buc players.
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    Why is he getting fined? Seems he had a drink or two OR drank earlier and then drove after waiting it out. There were no drugs and he was legal. Why the fine? Just for being dumb and not getting a limo or cab?
  • avatar

    I'm really surprised NFL franchises don't have a car & driver available to the team 24/7. Seems to be worth it.
  • avatar

    There is. There is a limo company that will pick up NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL players: 24/7 at no charge. The leagues pay for it. They are all told about it every year and the rookies are told at their symposiums.
  • avatar

    wow then there really is no excuse! I'd have that number on my speed dial!
  • avatar

    set a standard and expectation and stick to your guns, be consistent, that is why he is fined, I am sure every team except for the Vikings and Jets have some rules regarding infractions, small and large - sends a message and the importance of the season, but I am still glad for Mike,
  • avatar

    Where are the posters who were ready to cut him, suspend him, sit him, declare the other 31 GM's smarter than Dominik, and group Mike Williams with Donte Stallworth and Braylon Edwards? Some of you are so quick to judge when your own lives are probably littered with incidents far worse than staying out a little late. How about your own admission of wrong-doing for being so judgmental without the facts.
  • avatar

    Good to hear that. I am relieved, some drugs exit our system faster than others, but it sounds promising. Hope this all doesn't hurt his rookie of the year hopes. 6 more regular season games to rack up. I really hope Dez Bryant doesn't get it. Hate the Cowboys. GO BUCS!!!
  • avatar

    Would he be fined for being under the legal limit. .08 is nothing let alone being below that. He did nothing worn. Why is he getting fined?
  • avatar

    Cigarbox, I am relieved that he was clean with the urine tests, but he still was speeding which was why he was stopped in the first place and why in the heck is he out so late the night before they fly to San Francisco. What makes me the most happy is that he is admitting to it being his fault and is taking responsiblity for it.
  • avatar

    According to the article weezle, it says Williams went to a independent agency to do another set of urine tests and that they came back clean. If the test from the police comes back different there will have to be questions asked, but I doubt at all there is anything in his system. I do agree with the fine, for them it isn't really more than a slap at the wrist at times and this will drill it into his head that this is the NFL and he needs to be more cautious with his night time habits until the season is over.
  • avatar

    Diablo5597: He may not have been found over the legal limit of alcohol, but I would still hold your breath for the urine tests to come back. If he had drugs in his system then obviously it will be easier to prove his impairment. I certainly hope this is not the case, but can not be ruled out until later. That being said, to all that probably have no idea on what the process is for an arrest it goes something like this. Reason for stop = speeding and weaving, contact = objective signs of intoxication, pre field sobreity questions = probably his admission of what he drank/or took into his body, field sobriety tests = sounds like he failed, and ultimately the decision to arrest or not based on the totality of the situation. It's hard to fault the officer for his decision and in time all the answers to the case will be found. Until then I am crossing my fingers that no drugs come back in his system, applaud the officer for attempting to keep the roadways safe, and not allowing ones status to deter him from performing his duties without bias. I love me some Bucs football btw and it was awesome being able to attend my first Bucs game since they came to Cali. GO BUCS!!!!
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    Why is he being fined at all? He did nothing wrong except for speed (12 over). How are you going to fine an adult for staying up past his bed time? This is stupid.
  • avatar

    I'm glad some kind of message is being sent to our players.
  • avatar

    Thats good to hear. Keep em straight coach!
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