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November 29, 2010 @ 12:18 pm
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Bucs Lose Joseph, Grimm For The Year

Written by Pewter
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Pewter Report Staff

Report Staff

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The Bucs had a costly, 17-10 loss at Baltimore as Tampa Bay lost starting right guard Davin Joseph and starting free safety Cody Grimm for the season with a broken foot and a broken ankle, respectively. Both players will be placed on injured reserve.

The Buccaneers suffered a huge blow to their offense and defense in Sunday's 17-10 defeat at Baltimore as right guard Davin Joseph and free safety Cody Grimm are lost for the season with injuries. Joseph broke his foot in the first quarter and Grimm suffered a broken ankle shortly thereafter in the second quarter.

“Cody Grimm and Davin Joseph will both go to I.R.,” said Morris. “They are heading that way. I lost both of those guys yesterday. Lost Davin very early with a broken foot I believe, and I lost Cody with a broken [fibula] 24 snaps into it.

“Very unfortunate plays. We are going to miss those players a lot. That’s the nature of the beast in the NFL. The next person has to step up and be ready to go in there and fill that role. [Jeremy] Zuttah will be ready to go and we will have a nice battle at safety with Sabby [Piscitelli] and [Corey] Lynch and Vincent Anderson. I look forward to the challenge of going out there and coaching those guys.”

The Bucs will likely promote Anderson and guard Brandon Carter from the practice squad to fill those spots on the active roster.

In Sunday's game, Joseph was replaced by Zuttah, who started all 16 games at left guard in 2009, and started four games for Joseph at right guard as a rookie to start the 2008 season. Zuttah will be the starter at right guard for the rest of the season in Joseph's absence.

“[Derek] Hardman or [Brandon] Carter are the two guys that we have right now,” said offensive coordinator Greg Olson when asked about the team's depth at guard. “I believe we are going to bring Carter up from the practice squad, so that is two other young players that will have a chance to set up and gain some experience. We’ll also still have Zuttah in there and [Ted] Larsen. You know Zuttah ended up having to play the entire game there at right guard.”

Olson said that he was pleased with how Zuttah, who had started four and a half games at center for the injured Jeff Faine this season, played in place of Joseph.

“He did all right,” said Olson. “Again he had been playing mostly at left guard and center. He got better as the game went on and he’ll get better this week.”

Piscitelli, who started 16 games last year at strong safety and has one interception this year in reserve duty, replaced Grimm on Sunday and will be in the mix to be the starter this week at Atlanta along with Lynch, Anderson and cornerback Ronde Barber, who is Morris' emergency safety.

“Ronde is always in that thought to move back at safety,” said Morris. “Really, you don’t want to move either of those guys because they are playing so well – Aqib [Talib] or Ronde – but both of those guys have the mental capacity, both are physical enough, and both of those guys do all those similar things together… that is always a thought process and we have to go through it the next two days and figure out how we are going to make this thing work.”

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    I found it puzzling that after the game NFL Network pointed out the injuries to the Ravens' players as they do most teams, but no mention of the Bucs losing two starters. Since the start of the season the Bucs lost their starting FS, back-up RT, back-up DT, back-up RB and now starting SS and starting RG. If this was most other teams the networks would use this as an excuse. It's refreshing that Morris doesn't take advantage of the injuries as a reason for the loss like a certain former F-bombing coach would have.
  • avatar

    Horse let Watson play, but put Hayes in coverage. I think he would make a good safety, that's his real size, has good hands, and speed.
  • avatar

    surferdudes, that's a good point too. Obviously I am not a coach and I am limited to my football knowledge. Just some thoughts I tossed out there.
  • avatar

    I knew Grimm was bad but I was surprised to hear that Joseph was lost for the year. Two really good players. I hope Grimm can return next yr. Broken ankle ?Yikes. It couldn't happen at a worse time.
  • avatar

    Well this is great news. Ruud and Sabby together again. BOMBS AWAY!!!!
  • avatar

    Sabby sucks, I didn't like Grimm after the Steelers Game but he has played really well with eack week and was becoming a fan of his to bad. I agree put Lynch in Sabby is a waste of time
  • avatar

    Safety is the biggest concern. If Lynch and Piscitelli are not the guy, put rhonde back there and start Myron Lewis. Zuttah will be ok.
  • avatar

    The young depth of this team will continue to be tested. Grimm was filling in nicely after Tenard got suspended. I would like to see Cory Lynch get an opportunity. Sabby hasn't shown much as a starter or in spot duty. Losing Joseph is a blow to the line, but Zuttah has done well as the utility player this year.
  • avatar

    Ryan is going to eat us up if Piscitelli is in there and probably too an inexperienced Lewis. Lets just play with one less safety and put Dakota Watson in to strictly follow Gonzalles wherever he goes and tie up that TE. To top it off we have the "slow and ackward" Rudd in there who can't make a tackles unless he is moving forward and is too slow to help cover any WR/TE. I hated to lose Joseph because I was hoping Zuttah would replace Faine who is also slow and can't plug the middle enough. I would play a lot of WR's/TE's and throw the wildcat in from time to time. Lets establish the pass first in this game because we are going to need over 30 points to win this game. Go Bucs! One win at a time.
  • avatar

    Horse you are right, Pissmesmelly will be targeted over and over again. I hate to say it but Ronde has to go back there at safety with Biggers filling in for him at corner.
  • avatar

    please no pusscitelli, he was brutal yesterday he is scared to hit grimm is a big loss.pusscitelli dances more than a running back always last to get there and always trying to tackle with his backside or something never tackles like you sre taught
  • avatar

  • avatar

    &@%dammit! I thought our chances of making some noise once we make the playoffs were pretty good before the game, but that all went out the window when I saw the cart come out for Grimm. To make things clear, that was my thought before I knew we lost our best interior O-lineman for the season also. Well, we're still a good football team and watching the rest of the games this season will still be fun, but any hope of going deep in the playoffs has been completely obliterated. The owners are bananas for pushing for a 18 game season. I hate playing "Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda" during the offseason because of injuries to key players.
  • avatar

    It ain't over quite yet, give them an opportunity.
  • avatar

    Incredibly tough break (literally) yesterday losing these two guys. The season has already been a success and has exceeded expectations but the flicker of hope we had at the playoffs died yesterday in Baltimore. It will be very tough to even go 3-2 the rest of the way losing these two players. Here is to hoping we continue to improve the rest of the way regardless of the record.
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    3 and 2, they would need 4 and 1 to make the playoffs most likely?
  • avatar

    Terrible news.... just terrible.
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