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December 6, 2010 @ 1:16 pm
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Bucs Not Happy With Blount On Short-Yardage Situations

Written by Wolf
Wolf Heard


Beat Writer & Videographer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
With the build and power that rookie running back LeGarrette Blount possesses, one would think that he would be the perfect short-yardage back. However, that doesn’t appear to be the case. In Sunday's 28-24 loss to Atlanta Blount could not get the job done when he needed just a few feet. He got stuffed on a third-and-1 play at the Falcons’ 41, which caused the Bucs to punt. He also could not get any yardage on a first-and-goal on the Falcons’ 2.

This is not the first time that this has happened either. Blount also got stopped at the goal line on two carries the first time Tampa Bay played Atlanta this season. After seeing Blount fail to convert on those short yardage situations, head coach Raheem Morris said that the Bucs may turn to another player when they need tough yards.

“You hope that when you get LeGarrette Blount up in there on a third-and-1 that he would be the big battering ram that you would like him to be – that 250 pound guy that creates a hole, but unfortunately that may not be him,” said Morris. “The only way you find those things out is to give him experience and let him go out there and try and do it… the thing he does is that he is a patient runner and sometimes he makes up things. Sometimes he goes for 17 [yards], but on third-and-1 sometimes it frustrates you because you just want him to go downhill and get the two, get the three, and just get the first down to keep the chains moving.

“We may have to look into a different direction in those situations while we are still working with him, but those are the things that are ever-changing, and those are the things that you have to do. But I certainly don’t regret giving him the opportunity on third-and-1 being who he is and what we think he can do.”

Offensive coordinator said that the Bucs may go back to fullback Earnest Graham, who occupied that role earlier in the season before a hamstring injury sidelined him for a few games.

“Yeah, we just discussed that this morning,” said Olson. “We certainly have a lot of faith in Earnest Graham with what he can do for us. He’s been that guy in the past… but we are definitely going to look at that situation because we recognize it as well.”

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    All I'm gonna say is just imagine if Blount was hurt in the Atlanta throwback game. We'd all be singing a different song. The kid rushed for over one hundred yards, scored six and is nominated for Rookie of the Week. That would leave Caddy and Graham. Both great veterans and perfect supporting cast, but think about it. Two hundred fifty odd pounds of force. I humbly think the OC should make them run it down the opposing defense' friggin' throat until the Team gets it right. Go Bucs!
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    Before you start blaming him blame the line. They knew the plays as well but do not get any push what so ever! He gets hit at the line before he can get any momentum. In the first Atlanta game it was his fault. He didn't follow his blocker and had a lane but chose to go to the outside and got stuffed by a little ol cornerback. Alot of his big runs have been after being hit at the line and running through them. He rarely has a completely open lane that you see other backs have because our line is so soft and weak. They can't push anybody back up off the ball. So the bucs need to look at the line and our strength and conditioning coach because they're really not getting it done!
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    Faine has not been very impressive at Center. I think it was a mistake to pay him as the best Center in the NFL! He is undersized and injury prone. I like him as a player, but I think Zuttah can be just as effective if not better and much cheaper for a starting Center. Now Talib was probably one of the top three talents on our team. My worry for him is in his personal life now that he won't be totally occupied with football, he may find trouble! I hope not, but it is a possibility. Who will replace them on the roster... maybe a couple of guys on the Practice Squad??? Lastly, why is WR Stoval even on the roster? He can't get any playing time and we have 2 young WRs who could perform on Special Teams and perhaps have more upside at WR? Lastly, Blount will be O.K He just needs to get a Training Camp under his belt. I've said all along that he is not the short yardage back at this point in his carreer. Graham is more effective and better understands the short yardage situation. Go Bucs
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    I think Stovall might get cut today. If not today, then very soon. We need to see what Briscoe and parker can do as Actives. I bet we grab a C/G from someones Practice squad today? Probably another CB too.
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    Agree - he needs coaching and didn't get a chance to get any with us because of when we picked him up. I noticed that he actually stopped in his tracks, then switched direction, instead of going hard at the assigned hole. Agree - need to let EG have those types of carries for now mixed in with a little QB sneak once in a while.
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    Blount is naturally an upright runner. He is also slow to get going and tends to be patient with good vison. All these things are good qualities, but in short yardage situations he needs to get low, stay low, and hit his crease with no hesitation. It doesn't come natural to him because that just isn't the type of runner he is, but he has the ability to do it. He just needs to be coached up better and take more practice reps for those short yardage situations.
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    Agree - he needs coaching and didn't get a chance to get any with us because of when we picked him up. I noticed that he actually stopped in his tracks, then switched direction, instead of going hard at the assigned hole. Agree - need to let EG have those types of carries mixed in with a little QB sneak once in a while.
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    I made this observation all season - I swear! He is a good running back don't get me wrong. I notice that his feet come to a complete stop when he gets contact. It sort of looks like he trys to make one big push planting them but gets drove back. Dunn and most good running backs keep their feet cherning. There's been times he's fumble when using that very technique. Its like he looks his head extremely low instead of bending his knees to help him, takes the hit and falls back - its similar to how Marcus Dupree got injured in the UFL. I wonder if it can be fixed or not but its something I noticed. If he gets lower and keeps his feet moving he has a better chance. He also needs to move with more force moving forward because he seems to cruise toward the goal line...
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    Umm... so who else can plow through the middle in short yardage with Faine as the Center? Anyone in the past seen that since Faine has been here? Maybe Graham.
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