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December 6, 2010 @ 1:19 pm
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Bucs Say Freeman Isn't Slumping

Written by Charlie
Charlie Campbell


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After two games of subdued play from Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman some are questioning if Freeman has fallen into a bit of a slump. The second-year pro Freeman has completed 58.4 percent of his passes this season, but was over 60 percent before he took on the Baltimore Ravens and Atlanta Falcons in the past two games, both losses for Tampa Bay.

“No I wouldn’t say a slump. I’d say he played too really good teams the past two weeks,” said Bucs head coach Raheem Morris. “We played two really good pressure teams in Baltimore and yesterday an experienced team that we know well, they know us well, and we have to execute better. Josh is one of those guys that has continued to get better. By no means are we a finished product. His accuracy, his decision-making, all those things are getting better. We look forward to him progressing throughout the rest of the season and becoming that guy, guy that we all want him to be.”

For the season Freeman has thrown for 2,442 yards with 16 touchdowns and six interceptions. His quarterback rating is a solid at 86.4. Against Baltimore and Atlanta Freeman completed 36-of-75 (51 percent) for 343 yards with two touchdowns and one interception. He compiled a 67.6 rating against the Ravens and a 61.4 rating against Atlanta.

Last week offensive coordinator Greg Olson said that for the first time he thought that Freeman was rattled by a defense. Olson doesn’t believe that Freeman is in a slump and said the team will do things to help improve his completion percentage.

“No I don’t and I recognize that two as far as the completion percentage,” said Olson. “I think that had more to do with Baltimore. I said last week it was the first time where maybe he had taken a step back. It seemed that yesterday he played very well. We are always aware of the completion percentage on that. I think there were a couple of throws that he maybe could’ve made and didn’t, but we are aware of that. I think that he played well yesterday for the most part. We felt like there were a lot of situations in that game that he hadn’t seen that he performed well in. We recognize the completion percentage and we’ll do things to help him in that regard.”

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    Freeman is growing and improving and building for a Great career. The Ravens and Falcons are elite teams this year and the BUCS stayed close and aggressive. They could have beaten the Falcons twice, but learned what it takes to be a winner. The Redskins, Lions and Seahawks should be the focus for a 10 win season and then look to next year to move up with the best. Due to injuries, many young players are getting experience for the coaching staff to evaluate in the off-season and prepare for a third great draft class. This has been and will continue to be a great year for the BUCS organization and next year should be a lot of fun, for everyone. GO BUCS!!!
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    He got rattled at the Ravens because the line could not block for him. I think that game gave him a small case of the happy feet. He was the only reason why they didn't sack him 4-5 times. His accuracy issue is because of his throwing motion and his feet. He releases the ball too high and he doesn't plant his feet and/or is usually scrambling out of the pocket. Its a shame they run for over 150 yards but he only throws 181 yards and 1 td. A small defense for him was a few players slipped on throws that looked like he would have completed.
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    It seems that your coverage is becoming minimal PR? The SR Fab Fives completion percentage is down and the article rating is lower than last season. Is there a shift of focus or any internal changes occurring behind the scenes? I use to consider PR my primary source for Bucs news and inside before any other source but now it appears the other sites has become more informed and tailored for the simple visitor.
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    PR: "Your what we learned bucs vs falcon's" is unreadable. How about correcting the article to the normal size?
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    If he struggles against the horrible Washington secondary then I think it's safe to say he's suffering a small slump. I however fully expect Free to come out with a big chip on his shoulder and put on a hell of a show in DC on Sunday.
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    If they can't beat the skins, a team that has basically quit on the season, then they don't deserve 10 wins.
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    Um... let's see here? In two games we have lost Joseph and Faine and Zuttah has had to be shuffled around and we still had to play new linemen. I believe Freeman is fine. Freeman is just completed 16 games as the starter. Lets give him a break. The fault lies with the inexperience of this team and they are improving.
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    I think he started 9 games last year and 12 this year...but I agree with the point.
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    I think that I have seen it said best when some say Freeman has gotten a little greedy with his throws a few times lately. It is a growing up process and all that are growing up want to press their boundries and limitations. That is how improvement is made. I am with eveyone else that was dissapointed we didn't finish the Altanta game off with a "W" but realistically, we have been awesome. Go Bucs!
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    Even if it was a slump, which its not, that's ok for a QB with 18-19 professional starts under his belt. I think everyone is forgetting how this team was predicted to do, yet pissed they are not playing like SB champs this year. We are just fine.
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