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December 20, 2010 @ 2:57 pm
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Detroit Columnist Says Officials "Blew It" On Winslow Call

Written by Wolf
While the Buccaneers did enough to lose the game against Detroit all on their own, Tampa Bay got no help from the officials on Sunday. In the fourth quarter the Bucs had a touchdown taken off the board when tight end Kellen Winslow got called for offensive pass interference.
Detroit can stop whining now about the controversial Johnson non-touchdown in the season opener. The refs hooked them up this time on an equally controversial call midway through the fourth quarter, when Tampa Bay tight end Kellen Winslow and Lions safety C.C. Brown tangled in the end zone. Winslow caught the pass, but officials wiped it away due to offensive pass interference.

It was a badly blown call, because Brown kept his back to the ball, playing the man instead of the ball, and that's defensive pass interference 99% of the time.

Additional Info

    PewterReport.com's Take: Pewter Report fully agrees that it was a terrible call by the officials. Brown had his hands all over Winslow during the play and never once made an attempt play the ball. While Winslow did have a hold of Brown too, he did not push him aside to make the reception. If the official is going to throw a flag on that play, he should have called interference on both players, which would have allowed the Bucs to replay the down at the same line of scrimmage or should have not thrown the flag at all. That play was a major turning point in the game and one that cost the Bucs dearly in their overtime defeat.

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Wolf Heard

Wolf Heard

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    Referees really suck this year I don't kno what the hell there looking at like the one where he called missed feild goal and was directly up at it and went right threw the up rights outher guy saw it.lol its not just football watch the magic you'll see it tooo.. what I want to kno is why all of these coaches are old and need classes.
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    No question it was a bad call, HOWEVER, we had other opportunities to win and didn't. Blame Olsen, Morris, the OL etc. Team loss.
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    This is quite possibly the worst blown call I've seen. All of the others at least left some room for interpretation. Others, they were ultimately legit (I like to rewatch on NFL network). THIS one was awful. K2 was fight off the hold if anything to try to play the ball, trying ONLY to dislodge his OWN hands/arms from the defender. Absolutely ridiculous call.
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    ...But it KEEPS happening.
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    We got robbed, AGAIN. I've come to expect that the NFL will not give any breaks to the BUCS - but this is the last straw. There is a "game within the game" and the Winslow mugging in the end zone proves the point. The NFL wants certain teams to win on a week to week basis - I cannot understand the bias against the BUCS. The NFL wants ATL and PHIL in the NFC conference championship game and somewhere down the road the Saints will get their unfair share of bad calls. Enough is enough.... We are DONE as season ticket holders. The $99 overpriced tickets, the $4.25 bottle of water and the $6.50 Cokes have forced us out. Good luck to the Glazers - when they sell Man United and start putting money $$$ into the home team - we may return. Until then - we choose the games to attend, ON OUR TERMS.
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    I'm still pissed about this call. This is one that I'm not going to forget about anytime soon. It gives me fuel going into the next game. Go Bucs!
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    IT was a very bad call. K2 should have gotten the TD and we should have won, but it is water over the Dam now. Move on and win the next one.
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    Im getting use to it. We seem to have to beat the opposing team and the officials every game. I know it's not just me being biased because when I'm watching the games at the bar, fans of other teams that don't give a crap about Tampa are always saying how the refs must hate us and constantly pointing out bad calls against us.
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    Hard to win a game when you have to play against a team, officials and Morris.
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    It what happens to the Bucs. Not the first time this year and maybe not the last. Not only cost us the game, but a possible chance at the playoffs. It stinks!!!
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    I think 'held' is the appropriate word. Both players were holding each other, although at least K2 had his eyes on the ball. It should have been offsetting fouls and a replay, but we got the short end of that stick.
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    Totally agree with both the Detroit columnist and Scott. Horrible blown call! The safety had his hands all over K2 and never once looked back for the ball. K2 didn't actually interfere with Brown, he merely held his space and then made a fantastic reception. Egregious error by the officiating crew, which had a material impact on the result of the game.
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