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December 22, 2010 @ 2:58 pm
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Bucs Get Apology From NFL Over Winslow Call

Written by Charlie
Charlie Campbell


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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers got an apology from the NFL and an admittance that a touchdown catch by Kellen Winslow should have counted and Winslow should not have been penalized for a push-off on a play. Offensive coordinator Greg Olson discussed the play and his reaction to the league’s apology.

“We got an apology this week on the touchdown to Kellen,” said Olson. “That doesn’t help anything at all there. We got to score touchdowns at the end of the game there. We have to make our players aware of how important those positions are, and every single possession.”

Head linesman Greg Bradley took away Winslow’s touchdown saying that Winslow pushed off of safety C.C. Brown. The penalty occurred at 9:02 in the fourth quarter on third-and-2. After the penalty the Bucs had to settle for a field goal to tie the game at 17. The Bucs took the lead 20-17 but the Lions came back to win the game with a field goal at the end of regulation and a field goal on the first possession of overtime. 

In the apology the league admitted that no penalty should have been called on that play. Olson said that the apology is not the first the Bucs have gotten like that this year.

“We got a number of those this year which has been real discouraging because we’ve played so many tight games,” said Olson. “You can’t have those kind of mistakes. That’s discouraging obviously. It wasn’t the only play in the game but it was a critical one at a critical time. That’s happened more than once which has been discouraging on our side.”
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    Are you freaking serious? An apology? How about a game credit? Just one of many game changing calls against the Bucs this year. Wow!
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    There sure have been some questionable calls go against the Bucs this season and a lot that seemed to be slanted in favor of our opponents. But none can top the penalty called on Simion Rice in the 2003 Colts game for jumping up and landing on a teammate allowing the Colts a second field goal attempt. That game proved to be the beginning of the end for the once mighty Bucs. Never saw that penalty called before or since. Makes you wonder sometimes.
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    Agree. When it takes points away....call should be reviewed immediately. I really don't give a hoot about the apology since everyone knew it was a false call. Sorry, but that bites a lot and I'm a poor sport.
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    You owe me 3 new tickets NFL! Pure garbage!!!
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    But Olson, you did score a TD. IT was taken away unfairly and that is why you lost. IT's water over the dam. There will be many more great TD's in the future. The way you show it doesn't effect you is to go out the next week and score a couple of more.
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    I don't wanna sound like a whiner, but I can recall three or so gamechanging calls that went against the Bucs this year. 5th down, the ball placement against the Falcons, the pi against the Falcons and this call. Having said that, it's nice of the refs to admit this mistake. Too bad the Bucs lost a game because of it.
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    This may mean nothing to some but I'm not going to spit on an official apology from the NFL. It seems the NFL brass wants everyone to kiss their @$$ all the time. As a Bucs fan this is the first time I can ever remember them officially kissing mine. It feels kind of good and it's something I can shove in the face of any Lions fan who talks crap about that game.
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    Thanks NFL now how about not screwing everyone next year and get a CBA signed. Oh and if you really feel bad how about a late round pick.
  • avatar

    Gee, that's great. Makes me feel so much better.
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    Thanks for the apology. It means sooooooo much. Like a lump of coal in our stocking.
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    Make PI reviewable, especially when it takes points off the board.
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    I wonder if one of those "other" apologies was for the fifth down Washington got last week... :rolleyes:
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    Dear Buccaneers, We apologize for screwing you on the TD to Winslow in the 4th quarter of a close game but we had to give the Lions a make up call for the 1st game of the season when we screwed them on Calvin Johnson's TD. //signed// NFL
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    They make the right call on the Grimes INT and on the Winslow play and we might be 10-4 right now. That's a minimum of a 5 seed and possibly on the way to a division title.
  • avatar

    Grimes INT probably wouldn't even be a factor if they called the 3 blatant block in the backs during the Weems return. Still would love to get in the playoffs and knock out the Falcons with ease figuring in the fact that we beat them both times this season had the refs not given them blatant no calls or great spots. I'm sure Roddy White has about 20 yards just based on great spots this season. I know he was given about a yard and a half against us for a first on a 3rd down against us in the first meeting.
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