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January 3, 2011 @ 2:00 pm
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McCoy Reflects On Rookie Season With Bucs

Written by Wolf
Wolf Heard


Beat Writer & Videographer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Rookie defensive tackle Gerald McCoy discusses the Bucs' accomplishment of getting 10 wins and talks about his rookie season in the NFL.

2010 will be known as the Year of the Rookie for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs had a plethora of first-year players make an impact to help the team win 10 games. This season the Bucs became the first team since the merger in 1970 (excluding the 1987 season) to start 10 rookies and have a winning season. On Monday, the first rookie selected by the Bucs in the 2010 Draft – defensive tackle Gerald McCoy – reflected on his rookie season in the NFL.

“Well, it’s never alright to miss the playoffs, but we got our 10 wins,” said McCoy. “We were a 3-win team that was predicted to get two to four wins this year and we proved everybody wrong. I said it all year on my radio shows – we weren’t worried about what everyone else thought. We knew we could do this because we believed in the vision that coach Raheem had and we got 10 wins and it is exciting.”

That goal of “Race to 10” Morris established at the beginning of the season was not hard for young players like McCoy to buy into because he said he knew no better coming into the league.

“Well, being a rookie actually helps because you are so naïve to everything. Whatever somebody tells you, you say, ‘Ok, I’m going to try that.’ Coach was like, ‘Hey, lets get 10 wins.’ ‘Ok,’” said McCoy. “So that is always going to be our vision and we will try to be the first to 10 wins, but you mature over time and you start to see what you really need to believe in instead of just what is being said to you. But you start to really buy into it and all of the young guys did.”

Even though the future looks bright for Tampa Bay given all the young playmakers that team has assembled the past two seasons, McCoy, who’s season was cut short due to injury, knows the players in the locker room can’t take the opportunity in front of them for granted.

“I missed the last three, somewhat the last four, but right before the game against Washington I said to the guys while warming up, ‘I haven’t had any fun my rookie year because I have been stressed out about being the third pick and I haven’t really gotten to enjoy it. I have four more games as a rookie so I need to enjoy this and have fun with it,’” said McCoy. “Then that first quarter happened and I was done. That right there shows that you can’t take this for granted. You have to enjoy it while you have it.”

“You can’t [take it for granted] and [Coach Morris] told us to remember what this felt like. We came in and the thrill of having 10 wins was amazing… it’s not easy to get 10 wins. We are going to enjoy it for a little bit, but it will help us build on next season.”

McCoy finished the season with 43 tackles, including six tackles for a loss with three sacks, five passes defensed, and one forced fumble. While he was in the lineup, McCoy was just one of many productive rookies for Tampa Bay. McCoy sees the potential of all the rookies around him, including a certain undrafted running back.

“I am just excited to have all these young guys on this team,” said McCoy. “You see these guys and you can’t help but get excited because we know what we can be. LeGarrette (Blount) had 1,000 yards and only played 12 games so if you give him 16 it’s amazing what can happen.”

At just 22-years-old, McCoy is in the group of young Bucs and is looking forward to next season so he can pick up right where he left off before he suffered his season-ending bicep injury against the Redskins. He doesn't anticipate missing much time this offseason and expects to be ready for OTAs (organized team activites).

“I am, and I have learned a lot as a young guy,” said McCoy. “Next season I’ll know what I’ve learned and I can build of that in the offseason. I’ll be a completely different guy next season.”

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    43 tackles, including six tackles for a loss with three sacks, five passes defensed, and one forced fumble People who were down on McCoy have to realize that DT is one of the harder positions to come into the NFL and succeed right away. Those numbers are every bit as good or better than every first year DT taken in the last several years. Don't get me wrong, he was not a world beater, but he was good and is on target for great things. He got better as the year went. Please do not compare him to Suh.... Suh is an abnormality. He is a freak that comes along once every couple decades if that. I can't wait to see Brian Price in the mix next year. IF you recall, he was the most productive in the offseason and preseason.
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    Wolf, So the NFL is off by 15 tackles ? The numbers are determined by the Bucs orgainization not the NFL ? I wonder why they don't just call the Buccaneers and ask them if they can't record the numbers correctly ? This has been going on all year. The Truth is that for the first 6 games McCoy barely had any tackles nor a sack, and slowly he started to develop into an average lineman, and teams realized that running right at him may not be as effective as it was in the beginning of the season. My thoughts are that he was close to becoming an effective run stopper when he got injured and his three sacks at least were promising. As far as being a success, nope. I gotta say he is at best average at this point. I hope I am wrong, but I think we may have better interior lineman currently on our team.
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    PR, Why is McCoy working out in California instead of Tampa? Same for Freeman and Moore? Is there some kind of special work out camp going on that many of the football players go to?
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    I am not sure how this keeps happening but I have noticed that PR tends to miss report stats, and especially McCoy's. McCoy does not have 43 tackles, he has a total of 28. You don't take the total tackles and the solos and add them together. The Total is 28 and he has 22 solos and 6 assists. Which is not so bad for a rookie especially when you add 3 sacks. I would say at this point his success is still to be determined. If he comes back next year committed and gets in the weight room he will be a fine addition to this team.
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    The numbers you posted are from NFL.com and are not official. The tackle numbers we post are directly from the Bucs and are the correct totals.
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    Cant wait to see what McCoy brings next year with an improved line around him. A Fresh healed Price, hopefully Miller continues to get better, and Woods/Okam. Not to Mention the improved DE's we bring in (Clayborn/Kerrigan perhaps)?
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