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January 4, 2011 @ 3:11 pm
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ESPN's Clayton Ranks Freeman 13th Among NFL Quarterbacks

Written by Wolf
ESPN analyst John Clayton has shared with the world his NFL quarterback rankings now that the 2010 regular season has finally concluded. Check out where he lists Tampa Bay’s Josh Freeman.
13. Josh Freeman, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Analysis: With his ability to move his offense for fourth-quarter drives, Freeman has moved ahead of the good class of quarterbacks in 2009. He could easily be elite by his third season.

Chance of being elite:
85 percent

Additional Info

    PewterReport.com's Take: With all due respect to Clayton and his rankings, Pewter Report believes that Josh Freeman should be ranked high than the 13th-best quarterback in the NFL. Freeman, who is just 22-years-old and coming off just his first full season as a starter, made enormous progress in his second year. His decision-making, accuracy, and awareness all skyrocketed in 2010, which led to him putting up some great numbers. Freeman finished the season with 3,451 passing yards with 25 touchdowns to just six interceptions, which is one of the best touchdown-to-turnover ratios in NFL history. Freeman’s QB rating this season was 95.9, which was good for sixth-best in the league. Ask general manager Mark Dominik and he will tell you that he would not trade Freeman for any other player in the league right now. That is saying something and it speaks volumes to how good Freeman has been on and off the field. Until Freeman wins a few playoff games or an MVP, he won’t be in the same category as Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Drew Brees. However, he is already considered a franchise quarterback and is better than a few of the guys ranked ahead of him on that list.
Last modified on Tuesday, 15 March 2011 09:38

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Wolf Heard

Wolf Heard

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    The Crept Keeper is not only old but he has to be one of the top 10 ugliy media personalities in broadcasting! Clearly, he is pulling ratings out of his ash. Most definitely Top 10 for Freeman! Go Bucs!
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    Clayton loves Bradford. After all he's a #1 pick and is supposed to be an elite passer. He did good, but as tbc_bucs said all he did was "dink and dunk". Add to that his poor inept performance against the Seahawks in week 17 and our case is made. Lets compare: Week 16 - 5 tds no ints 38 points for Freeman against 'Hawks; Week 17 - 0 tds 1 ints and 6 points against 'Hawks. And with the playoffs on the line, who do you want under center? These sports analysts still think Stafford and Sanchez were better than Freeman this year.
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    Clayton is getting older and his perception is getting older too. Shouldn't he be considered for replacement also for a younger jounalist with more upside at this point of his career? :-)
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    Look, we're all Buc's fans so we can't say we're not biased. I understand the hesitation on not ranking Freeman as elite yet. I believe he is and so do you but how many QB's have put up a good season just to become average the next? I think after next season everyone will give Freeman the respect he deserves because i believe we are going to go deep into the playoffs. He just needs time to prove he's not a one season wonder.
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    6th in passer rating tied for 10th in td's 4th lowest int's... he's not top 5 yet, can't place him above brady, manning, brees, rodgers, or rivers.. but definitely top 10 ahead of bradford fllaco and orton. he could break into elite status next year, we better have a season next year!!! owners..players union....get it done!
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    Screw his opinion on this one. Freeman has the 6th highest QB rating after starting 16 games, so he should be ranked no lower than 6th. But it doesn't end there. What I hate about the QB rating is it doesn't account for rushing yards or avoiding sacks. Every first down Freeman picked up with his feet should count as a completion. That would move him up even higher in rating. Also, the smart QB's can either throw the ball away when they see too much pressure or avoid the sack with his feet or body strength. Freeman does all of the above very well. Throwing the ball away to avoid a sack lowers your completion %. Freeman is in a toss up with Vick as the hardest QB's to sack. Freeman has ascended beyond Roethlisberger in that catagory. With all this factored in Freeman is a top 5 QB behind only P. Manning, T. Brady, P. Rivers and a healthy M. Vick.
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    Clayton is a joke, ESPN is full of sh** they are all Buc haters!. clayton? what the hell does he know about sports anyway?
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    So Clayton;the crack wasn't to good today? Come on! What planet are you on? Freeman is one of the top five QB's in the league. Seriously, are you retarded?
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    Player A -- 16 starts, 23 years old 3512 yards 60.0% comp 6.0 YPA 18 / 15 34 sacks 76.5 QB rating Player B -- 16 starts, 22 years old 3451 yards 61.4% comp 7.3 YPA 25 / 6 28 sacks 95.9 QB rating Not sure how I see player A being 99% elite and player B only 85% after only one full year as a starter. But I guess if the national media can find anyone else to talk about besides Josh Freeman, they just most certainly will.
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    Clayton's column belongs with the fishwrap along with the Tribune!
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    Clayton's "analysis" seems to be on the same level as most national media who don't spend much time researching for their analyses and are swayed by what they hear the most about. His rankings don't seem to agree with the realities: Freeman has the 6th best QB rating this year, the best QB rating over the last four games when it matters most - pushing for the playoffs, the 9th all-time best TD/Interception ratio, and he has 6 4th quater comebacks this year alone. I'm not sure what more a QB can do to impress these guys - I guess it's just another fallout from lack of national exposure.
  • avatar

    I would put Freeman #9, ahead of the likes of Romo, Flacco, E. Manning & Schaub. No way Freeman has ONLY an 85% chance of being elite.Carson has 75% still, and Cutler 95% ahead of Freeman? Smoking something, I hate all the Sam Bradford love. 99% of being elite yet all he did this year was dink and dunk down the field. He played well, but dont tell me he has a better chance of being elite after the year Freeman had. Bucs get no respect.
  • avatar

    Clayton doesn't deserve much respect. He still thinks McNabb has a 50% chance of being elite, and blames Washington's Wr's as the reason McNabb stunk. Hmm, Eagle receivers must have stunk last year because obviously it couldn't be that Mcbench is one of the most overrated qb's in quite awhile.
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    Given Freeman's age and relative inexperience when compared to the other QB's; is there any other QB anyone would take in a trade?
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