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January 11, 2011 @ 9:31 am
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Report: Bucs Offer D-Line Coach To Vikings' Dunbar

Written by Charlie
Charlie Campbell


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According to a story out of Minneapolis in the Star Tribune, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have submitted an offer to Karl Dunbar to be their defensive line coach. Dunbar has been with the Vikings since 2006 when he was hired by former head coach Brad Childress to coach the Minnesota defensive line.

Dunbar's contract has run out as has Todd Wash, the Bucs defensive line coach the past three seasons. Dunbar has gotten good production out of a very talented Vikings front four. Defensive end Jared Allen has been one of the best defensive linemen in football during his three years with the Minnesota. Defensive tackles Pat Williams and Kevin Williams have also been productive, as has left defensive end Ray Edwards. Edwards is a free agent in a few months as long as a collective bargainning agreement is reached.

The Bucs could be looking to improve their pass rushing potential as they finished second to last in the NFL with only 26 sacks on the season. The defense was led by defensive end Stylez White with 4.5 sacks. The Buccaneers have invested a first, second, and third-round pick in defensive tackles over the past two NFL drafts.

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    This is promising. Maybe the owners do have hope that there will not be a long lockout, so they are allowing the GM to go and hire some coaches. That would be interesting.
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    why we getting a new dl coach ,please go out and grab a Lb coach and DC to many young guys not enough experience and leadership and no one who plays with alot of fire and emotion. to many lead by example guys and u know what that means if one player plays bad then the others follow and play bad too
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    We need a new S&C coach, LB coach and it does seem a DLcoach. Wash just isn't getting it done after 3 years. Its time for a change. Vikes have had a good line even before Allen so Dunbar has been doing something right. Its a plus if hiring him helps us pick up a quality end. This line hasn't been good since Marinelli and Rice left.
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    Does this mean we get Ray Edwards if he becomes a FA. That would be great but it would be even better if we can get Charles Johnson too. Charles Johnson at RE and Ray Edwards at LE. Both keep there positions for there former teams and we would then get one of the best D-Line in the NFL. Then we would need a Thumper at MLB.
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    Dunbar has improved DLs at every level, everywhere he has coached. The Bucs would appear to be the perfect opportunity to add to his resume. The talent is here on both sides of the line. Great facilities and no state taxes, plus an established QB and HC. It should be a slam dunk.
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    Sounds good to me. I liked this guy and had an eye out for him even when he was with the Vikings all these years. I don't hate Wash, but by the players own admission he is not great at teaching a variety of pass rushing moves. If Morris wants his D-linemen to use an array of moves then it's time to go in a different direction. It can work either way. M. Strahan really only used 2 moves and was an effective pass rusher. However, I think the ones that have the most success rushing from the 4-3 DE position use at least 3 moves.
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    I believe this would be very good for everyone. I hope it happens.
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    not saying Dunbar wouldn't be an upgrade, but doesn't he look good because he is coaching very talented players. Jared Allen and Ray Edwards are a lot higher up the food chain as defensive lineman then Stylez and the rest of the platooning defensive ends here in Tampa. By no way am I condoning keeping Wash, but we aren't really comparing apples to oranges here. If Dunbar comes and gets our Dline to play decently like the Vikes, or if he's a tool to get Edwards here, then hooray for us.
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    Makes sense.. Obviously they see him as an upgrade to Wash and a better developer of talent. We'll come away with at least 2 DE's in the draft to go along with McCoy/Price/Miller et al. Very high ceiling with this talent and best to make sure it gets cultivated the right way
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    I would piss myself if this deal goes through....please sign!
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    Edwards is 26, he's young enough to make a 3-5 year impact with the team and he'd be much easier to get if we had Dunbar. As much as this team took heat for players NOT wanting to come here in the past due to coaching, who WOULDN'T want to come play for this team now? This is of course above and beyond that fact that Dunbar actually appears to have done a fantastic job with the Vike's D-line. For Wash's part, I'm not sure it is "fair" to label him a failure with a combination of rookies and underperformers..... but it is what it is. Go Bucs!
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    He may be a great coach, but the other aspect is possibly positioning themselves to entice Ray Edwards to Tampa. Seems like a smart move.
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    He gets to avoid that horrible weather and will be coaching a handful of young, high draft picks next year. Sounds like a move that makes sense.
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    Dunbar would be a great choice for our new DL coach. He's a young guy with lots of experience working with talented DLs in Minnesota, Chicago, and LSU.
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