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January 15, 2011 @ 9:41 am
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Pewter Report Mock Draft 1/15

Written by Pewter
Report Staff
Pewter Report Staff

Report Staff

Staff E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
PewterRepot.com issues our first mock draft of the year. Who is projected to go to Tampa Bay in the first round? Who will Panthers take number one overall? Find out here.
With the 2011 NFL Draft draft season getting started with the East-West Shrine Game and the Senior Bowl later this month, Pewter Report issues our first mock draft of the year. As the draft gets close the mocks will get updated and get longer. A * indicates an underclassman.

1. Carolina Panthers- Auburn DT Nick Fairley*
Ron Riveria and Marty Hurney are defense guys. Fairley is dominant.       

2. Denver Broncos- LSU CB Patrick Peterson*
It doesn’t look like Champ Bailey will return to the Broncos. Peterson is considered the top defensive prospect by some.

3. Buffalo Bills- Clemson DE Da’Quan Bowers*
With Aaron Maybin looking like a bust, the Bills need a pass rusher.

4. Cincinnati Bengals- Georgia WR A.J. Green*         
Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco might not return to the Bengals next year, A.J. Green is a cant miss wide receiver prospect.

5. Arizona Cardinals- North Carolina DE Robert Quinn*
The Cardinals need a lot, but Quinn is a dominant pass rusher that will improve the Cardinals defense.

6. Cleveland Browns- Alabama DT Marcel Dareus*               
The Browns need a run-stopper that can also get after the passer. Dareus can play in the 3-4 as a five-technique defensive end.

7. San Francisco 49ers- Nebraska CB Prince Amukamara
The 49ers could go anywhere with this pick. Amukamara would be an upgrade in the secondary.

8. Tennessee Titans- Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett                    
With the looming release/trade of Vince Young, Jeff Fischer will be looking for a new quarterback.

9. Dallas Cowboys- Texas CB Aaron Williams*
A bit of stretch but they need corner help.

10. Washington Redskins- Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert*
The Redskins need a long-term quarterback and he fits the offense.

11. Houston Texans- Texas A&M OLB Von Miller
If Cushing is played at OLB than Miller may not be the pick. Right now they don't know where Cushing will play.        

12. Minnesota Vikings- Auburn QB Cam Newton*
The Vikings like elite athletes and that is what Newton is.

13. Detroit Lions- UCLA OLB Akeem Ayers*    
The Lions badly need help at outside linebacker and cornerback.

14. St. Louis Rams- Pittsburgh WR Jonathan Baldwin*        
The Rams need to get Sam Bradford some legitimate weapons.

15. Miami Dolphins- Alabama RB Mark Ingram*          
Sparano is on the hot seat. Rookie running backs help, quarterbacks typically don’t.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars- Purdue DE Ryan Kerrigan
Aaron Kampman gets a perfect disciple in Kerrigan. He fits the Jags mold.

17. New England Patriots- Miami DE Allen Bailey      
A Patriot kind of player, fits well as a five technique in their defense.

18. San Diego Chargers- USC OT Tyron Smith*
Smith fills a big need at right tackle. The Chargers could also look at a pass rusher.

19. New York Giants- Colorado OT Nate Solder
The Giants need help along the offensive line. Solder fits them well.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Iowa DE Adrian Clayborn
The Bucs like Clayborn and he fits their number one need.

21. Kansas City Chiefs- Missouri DE Aldon Smith*
Tamba Hali and Aldon Smith would be a fantastic pass rushing duo.

22. Indianapolis Colts- Alabama WR Julio Jones*      
Peyton Manning needs more weapons. Reggie Wayne could be out. Anthony Gonzalez can’t stay healthy.

23. Philadelphia Eagles- Wisconsin OT Gabe Carimi
Michael Vick can’t keep taking hit after hit. The Eagles need to keep him upright.

24. New Orleans Saints-    Mississippi State OT Derek Sherrod
The Saints have lots of offensive lineman about to hit free agency. They will need to find replacements.

25. Seattle Seahawks- Washington QB Jake Locker              
He has local ties and can be developed behind Matt Hasselbeck.  

26. Green Bay Packers- Wisconsin DE J.J. Watt*       
He fits as a five technique in their 3-4 defense. Cullen Jenkins is a free agent and he has a lot with injuries.

27. Baltimore Ravens- Miami CB Brandon Harris
The Ravens still need cornerback help. Ed Reed can’t do it alone.

28. New York Jets- California DE Cameron Jordan
The Jets need to pick up a 3-4 defensive end to stabilize their front seven.

29. Chicago Bears- LSU DT Drake Nevis         
I think the Bears will sign some offensive line free agents.   

30. Pittsburgh Steelers- Florida G Mike Pouncey
The Steelers need help at guard and Pouncey will fit perfectly next to his brother.

31. Atlanta Falcons- Virginia CB Ras-I Dowling          
The Falcons don’t find the DE they need here. Corner is the next need.

32. New England Patriots- Penn State C Stefen Wisniewski           
The Patriots don’t need much, but they might pick up a good interior offensive lineman.

For other excellent mock drafts and scouting reports be sure to check out WalterFootball.com and DraftCountdown.com.

~ by Charlie Campbell and Eric Dellaratta.
Last modified on Tuesday, 15 March 2011 09:36

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  • avatar

    Well here is George hicks again- I see that tampa bay is finally going back to a 3-4 defense. Lets get on of those top 3 OLB to play in the new Tampa Bay 3-4 defense. Also Lets go out and get a new Def Line coach. GO Bucs
  • avatar

    Well here is what I see-Carolina can not make its mind up with pick no#1 If I was the GM and the New coach I would get that DE from Clemson Bowers just like Tampa did with the great Lee Roy Selmon. At No.2 DT Nick Fairley goes there from Auburn At No#3 Buffalo Get CB Prince Amukukama at #5 Arizona selects DT-Marcus Dareus from Bama, at No#7 SF goes after QB Blaine Gabbet the best Pro-Passer in the draft. At #10 Wash gets QB from Ark-Ryan Mallett. I think that Jake Locker could slide down to the 2nd round because of his so so performance in 2010. Now I love wher Tampa Bay is at. Why not trade down and get more picks or just stand pat and see what develops. If I was to jump up I would bet that OLB from UCLA or DE Ryan Kerrigan from Purdue or DE Cameron Jordan from Cal. Or get one od those massive OL from Boston College or Wisc. Wha do you guys thinks GO Bucs
  • avatar

    The way I see it, whoever the Bucs and Raheem pick up will be a good if not great young player. All they have done thus far is hit home runs in the draft and I expect that to be the case again. I would like to see a linebacker, defensive end, corner and offensive lineman taken in the draft or free agency. I have no doubt Raheem is going to do the right thing and pick the right players and sign a few other players from free agency.
  • avatar

    scubog--Your hypocrisy is laughable. Dom and team did a great job last year so I believe they are going to get the right players for the team. Couldn't agree more with Pinkstob on run stopping, great point
  • avatar

    I agree i dont like the Clayborn pick either. If youre not an absolute stud at the college level with double digit sacks, that makes you about a 50/50 chance to be good in the NFL. I say we had like 300 rookies this year and have the youngest team in the league, lets give up a 2nd or 3rd round pick to move up and get somebody like Kerrigan, Bowers, Quinn, or Miller!
  • avatar

    bicdiezel90, I see where you are coming from; but they could also be a flop too. I'm for highest rated player that is not a QB, WR or DT; or trade down.
  • avatar

    Come on man! I was watching the play-offs and you pull me off the couch for a mid-January mock draft? PR makes like 10 of these things and then points to the most accurate one in May. BTW I sure hope the Bucs' are built more like the Packers than the Falcons'...Yeesh.
  • avatar

    This is a fairly deep DE draft and our first round pick may not be a DE. Frankly, I would not be shocked if it was a T, Safety, or LB.
  • avatar

    Oy! Too early! Okay, in short, best player available (well, best defensive player available anyway). I really don't get the impression that Dom will pick exclusively for "impact now" due to his contract, I really don't think he nor Raheem are thinking that way (they appear to have broken the old "high ego, self preservation" mold a bit).
  • avatar

    My goodness you people take these senseless January mock drafts seriously. My philosophy on the draft in the early rounds is that you simply take the best player (other than franchise QB if the team already has one as do our Bucs). While Clayborn may be a good player, if he is not at least the 20th best, regardless of the need for DE's, you move on and take the best player on the board. That said, there will no doubt be players with similar rankings at different positions that are also needed by our young Bucs. To me that means any position other than QB, DT and WR. We didn't have any Pro-Bowl players guys. We could use upgrades in more places than DE. If Blount goes down, who do we have to be the feature back? Please don't tell me Kareem Higgins JDouble. After the job Dominik, Hickey and their staff have done the past two years, I'm confident that they will, as Spike Lee says, " Do the Right Thing."
  • avatar

    #1. Panthers, A.j Green, WR. ( Rivera and Hurney are defensive guys, if they can't get the guys they have to play to thier pontential then their no better then the last group. Then it be bone headed not to take the best defensive player to come along in +10 yrs, Pat Peterson. Exactly why they build on their weakness, O.) #2. Bronco's, Pat Peterson, CB. ( Agreed ) #3. Bill's, Bowers, DE. ( Agreed ) #4. Cinci, BPA. ( Maybe, a QB like Cam because its a new sheriff in town. Best team on paper like the cowboys and 49ers, they need coaching and QB's ) #5. Cards, Von Miller, OLB. ( No way Cards gamble on Quinn when he's not a 3-4 fit an he's not even proven to be great in open space. Miller is hands down the most dynamic 3-4 scheme OLB ready to play now in this class. Imagine him and Darnell Dockett pursuing from the QBs blind side.) SORRY PRS, NOT BUYING WHAT YOUR SELLING! Although Clayborne is a great addition, we land our guy again this year. ( Quinn/Kerrigan )
  • avatar

    If all the top rated DE's had been drafted and Clayborn was still there at #20, I wouldn't die if we took him. I believe him to be a quality 4-3 LDE and the top one in the draft. We have absolutely, positively got to stop the run. Scheme alone won't get it done. We have to have players built for shedding blocks and making tackles. I remember saying to myself after the draft where we took Gaines, Piscitelli and Black "We should be better against the pass because these guys are fast and athletic, but who's gonna tackle ball carriers?" Just as I suspected it's 3 or 4 years later and we're like 28th against the run. Right now the only players we have that do it consistently are Barber, Talib, Grimm and the jury is still out on our new DT's. We not only need to concentrate on defense in this draft, but concentrate on players that are instinctive, block shedding tacklers. Even our new RDE needs to be able to tackle as well as rush the passer. Our run D has reached embarrassing levels and I'm sick of it.
  • avatar

    Regardless of what any of us fans think, Mark Dominik will make the right decision. He did a pretty incredible job in his first draft so I believe he will do the dame this year.
  • avatar

    This mock is heavily weighted towards defense, I have to believe some of the teams will go offense in the top 20. I don't know PR, I think this mock is way off. I wouldn't be surprised to have a good selection of DEs available at 20, maybe one of the DBs as well. I'd love to know what the bucs think of sands out of WV. LB would be another option at 20, probably could get the highest rated 4-3 LB there. I think the bucs should go with their highest rated player no matter what round after doing so well in the last draft. Sidenote: for a paid site I feel like PRs number of articles have steadily decreased please provide us with more guys as some of the free bucs blogs frequently report news before you and have almost the same inside info...
  • avatar

    I heard of all the hipe on this guy and watched him in a couple of games and I'm not sure he was even in the game because you never heard his name. Can you say Gains Adams?
  • avatar

    I agree with the others; Clayborn plays a position of need but doesnt address the need- sacks. He is more of a bullrusher and doesnt have the array of moves and quick twitch that Miller and Kerrigan have. I think the Bucs need to address the DE position in free agency (Ray Edwards on Vikings or Charles Johnson on Carolina) or trade up to 16 and leap above Jags, Pats, Chargers, and Giants. The Pats and Chargers need pass rushing edge LBs and thus would take Miller if he was on board. Jags could take Kerrigan. The other spot to trade up to is 10 as the Redskins might be set on Jake Locker. He would be there at 20 and the Skins have given up multiple draft picks over the years (inlcuding their 3rd rounder this year if I remember correctly) so would be looking to recoup picks. Locker will also be there at 20 and dropping down 10 spots would save their free spending owner some money as well. Moving up to 16 would probably cost us a 3rd while 10 would cost us a 2nd. The fact that we took so many players off of other people's practice squads (McKenzie, Asante) and signed such rookie free agents as Blount, Larsen, and Briscoe could give Dominik comfort that we could go with one less roookie this year to get the player that addresses the NEED not just fills the position. I dont think anyone would argue that Blount is worthy of our 2nd or 3rd round pick this year. I am confident that Dominik will do the right thing as DE is a glaring weakness that needs to be addressed and the 5th best DE is a big drop off from 4th best. At 20, getting one of top 4 isnt a possibility unfortunately, so we need to consider the alternatives listed above. Fortunately, I really believe Dominik is aware of this as well and he will maneuver accordingly.
  • avatar

    Clayborn is a fat ash run stopper that might avetage four or five sacks a year. He would be a waste of a first round pick imo. If we were to draft a left defensive end in the first id hope it would be jj watt. A quick twitch *censored* rushing right defensive end like justin houston would be a better option though. Im super high on rad I dowling and hope we can get him in the second round. This is the first mock I've seen that has him in the first round. I think he's first round talent, but I hoe PR is wrong and his injury riddled senior season makes him drop.
  • avatar

    well since we use so much 3-4, Von Miller is the likely target
  • avatar

    I find this pick would be good, IF....this was paired with a signing of a legitimate RDE. Clayborn is NOT a clear answer to a problem. This guy is known for run stopping and being great at tackles for a loss. While he has been targeted for alot of double teams this past season, 4 is ridiculous. He would play LDE for us and be a solid contributor to an improving run game with our DT's, but to assume this guy is really gopnna be anymore than a 6.5 sack guy in the NFL is ridiculous. Guy had some issues as well.If Dom had gotten an extention further than this year than maybe clayborn. But dom needs a pass rusher NOW!! Not three years from now. I would like to go on to remind everyone who thinks the bucs should draft a defensive end to solve this problem that draft status does not lead to sacks. The last good 4-3 RDE was Mario Williams and that was 2006. It's 2011. Dom and rah arent stupid. Unless you get Quinn, your settling in the draft at defensive end. LDE is not a huge need as RDE is. I'd rather see the aaron kampman clone in ryan kerrigan instead of Clayborn. That guy fits the bucs mold more than any defensive end available. Notes on clayborn you may not know: A three-year starter and team captain for the Hawkeyes --- Named 1st Team All-Big Ten in 2009 and 2010 --- Was considered to be a potential first round pick in the 2010 NFL Draft but opted to return for his senior season --- MVP of the FedEx Orange Bowl as a junior after notching nine tackles and two sacks against Georgia Tech --- Born with Erb's Palsy, a condition that caused nerve damage to his right shoulder and leads to weakness and restriction of motion --- Finished college career with 30 consecutive starts --- Arrested in January of 2009 and eventually pled guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge stemming from an altercation with a taxicab driver --- Was the target of a female stalker, who was ultimately found guilty of third degree harassment --- Could project to defensive end in either a 4-3 or 3-4 scheme at the next level --- Also kicked inside to defensive tackle at times during college career --- A solid all-around, versatile player with a nice blend of physical tools and intangibles who is effective against both the run and the pass --- Doesn't profile as an elite pass rusher in the NFL but should be a dependable, consistent starter for a long time.
  • avatar

    The good news is that the Glazers are about $60-70 million under the would-be salary cap. It is almost certain that the Bucs will sign a prolific LB or RDE. In that case, Clayborn would be a good fit in Tampa's D. Though I would rather see Dom tade up and land Kerrigan or trade back down into the 2nd round.
  • avatar

    What about the #1 safety? Is there anyone worth a 1st round pick there? Also, looking at this I seem to like JJ Watt a little better. He stats were better last year. I'm going to watch the combine broadcast on these guys on NFLN for sure. But what do I know. I thought Freeman was a smokescreen and Luke McCown would be our QB in 2009. So if they listened to me we would be 0-16. In Dom I trust.
  • avatar

    Not my first choice but if that's what is left and if they get a good D line coach the pick is ok.
  • avatar

    I must admit that at the moment I have a hard time using a 1st round pick on a DE who had 1 good year, and that 2 years ago. His career is 2,2,11,4 sacks. That would indicate to me the 11 is the exception and not the rule. I know stats are very misleading but his are very underwhelming IMO, can't see how everybody is so impressed.
  • avatar

    well said spartan
  • avatar

    Clayborn is not the player I would take at #20 (while sitting here in my ManCave on January 15th), anyway even though he's list as a 3-4 DE, I'd take Cameron Jordan or go CB and take Brandon Harris
  • avatar

    The season is over, you guys got to be looking for some content for your site. How about maybe 2 or 3 rounds of mock? cmon man
  • avatar

    I was under the impression Clayborn was a top 10 prospect...
  • avatar

    I'm sorry, but I don't think picking the 5th DE of the draft is the way to go here. I know we need a DE and LB, but why reach? Pick the highest rated player we have on the draft board or trade out of the first round. We can afford to do it this year. Give the Bronco's our first rounder for their 2nd rounder this year and their 2nd rounder next year.
  • avatar

    dom only got a one yr ext...cant wait that long
  • avatar

    worst. logic. ever. I dont like clayborn, but you reasoning has no consequence on any decision that the team will make in their selection.
  • avatar

    I would perfer for them to get ryan kerrigan. But seeing clayborn's videos I think he will be a good pass rusher. He just needs to make those tackles!
  • avatar

    And so it begins....
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