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January 17, 2011 @ 1:43 pm
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Blount, Williams Lose Out On Performance Pay

Written by Bucs
News Roundup
Due to the dissolution of the collective bargainning agreement, the performance-based pay system to reward rookies with low salaries is no longer in place. That means players that are close to or are making the league minimum like Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Williams and running back LeGarrette Blount will not be rewarded for their outstanding rookie seasons.

Under the performance-based pay system, a player obtains an index, based on the total number of plays in which he participated, divided by his total compensation.  The players having the highest index numbers (i.e., those who worked the most for the least) received the largest slice of each team’s allocation under the program.

Last year, Vikings center John Sullivan picked up an extra $397,555, based on the fact that his salary was $385,000 and he started every game.

Additional Info

    PewterReport.com's Take: It is unfortunate that players like Williams and Blount are penalized due to the labor disagreement between the players' union and the league's owners. Considering that Williams started all 16 games and was very productive he also could have made an extra $400,000 in the system that was in place last year. Blount was an undrafted free agent so he made even less money than the fourth-round pick Williams did in 2010. Blount topped 1,000 yards rushing and he too would have been in line to get an extra six figures worth of income. Hopefully the players and owners will soon realize that nobody completely wins a long labor dispute. Staff with the Buccaneers say the labor dispute has hurt ticket sales for 2011. It also has hurt corporate sponorship deals. All sides will lose money if there isn't football or a shortened season in 2011. 
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Bucs News Roundup

Bucs News Roundup

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    You people who keep saying the Glazers should compensate them anyways do not understand the labor laws. The only way to do that technically is to give them a new deal. At this point that would be dumb. They are under contract. They have proven it for only one year. After two succesful years, fine, do another contract and pay them OR if they have to increase payroll due to a salary floor, they are two prime candidates for increased contracts. Remember though, Clayton was great for one year also.
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    Glazers should just pay 'em and not hide behind the CBA crap. Pay the people that get you to the top. If they can't afford it, sell the team.
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    Don't understand how the team fined him for that! He was under the legal limit. He was being responsible by waiting to drive at a legal limit. How can he be fined and turn around and not pay him the Performance Pay??? I don't agree with the front office on this at all! That could mess up the development and drive of a man that worked hard for us ALL year. I have been a die hard fan since a child but with the ticket & concession priced being so much. It's crap!! I still love Tampa! The Glazers need to step back and look at the big picture!
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    @savinlife4alivin13 - He was fined because he was out late the night before a practice. Williams himself said that was stupid.
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    I would hope that once the new collective bargaining agreement is in place that they are taken care of appropriately. With regard to tickets and pricing and people in Tampa bemoaning the lack of fan support (for football, baseball, whatever), the owners need to change their mindset. We live in a different world than it was 50 years ago. I'm a bit older than most of you and as a young 5 year old, watched baseball with my father on my black and white 12 inch Admiral TV. When I went to my first baseball game and walked out of the tunnel to see the field for the first time, my father said I shook like I had been hit with a cattle prod -- I still remember the vivid colors of the field, the stadium, the uniforms... I expected a grey field and small figures in a snowy background -- hey I was 5!) But that is how dfferent it was going to a game vs. watching it on TV. Times have definitely changed. The simple truth of the matter is that attending a game can no longer compete with watching a game in high-def with instant replay, excellent commentary, the ability to pause and replay, etc. Heck, I use replay to show my wife things she missed (or things the refs missed that pissed me off). For every reason you can give me to go to the game, I can give you 10 for staying home and watching it on TV. Am I a fan? Some would argue no. However, I like to see the game in its entirety and not miss plays because a drunk got up in front of me to go for his sixth beer. I believe I am more of a fan than the obnoxious inebriated guy with his back to the game yelling at people to stand and cheer. The long and short of it is the NFL needs to plan for smaller stadius, not larger. They need to plan now to make more revenue from TV and less from game attendance and concessions.
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    It's never surprising how many people show up to help someone else spend THEIR money. Williams and Blount played well this year and should re-dedicate themselves to haveing an even better2nd season. The Glaziers should reward those players who are free agents and have proven their commitment to win through their performance with smart and fair deals. The Glaziers show that they are willing to invest in thier own. That should be the only incentive Williams and Blount need. That process also helps to cement Williams and Blount into the offense for an additional year, which gives them more leverage if and when they need to hold out to get the renegotiated deal they will deserve.
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    The tickets and concessions have been high priced since 1976 and are no different around the league. While price certainly has an effect, it's more that going to the games to see an up and down team with no stars became less of a priority. The team now has a few up and coming players on offense that are fun to watch. If the lack of a CBA wasn't hanging out there, I believe season ticket sales would increase significantly.
  • avatar

    Tickets are over priced. Concession items are over priced. Parking is over priced. If times were good there would be empty seats. Get real on the price of a seat and it won't be empty. Same is true on concession items. Over charge the fans and under pay as many players as you can does not seem like a great way to do business to me. The next damn thing may be pay per view. Then the NFL will be History for millions of fans. Nice going. Just keep telling yourself how smart you are and keep letting Goodell be a Horses Back side. The results may not be great.
  • avatar

    What a shame. I would like to think the "team" (Glazers) would make sure they get something. Most likely not going to happen. Time to get the contracts settled and move on to football. I would hate to see a lockout just when things are looking so bright. GO BUCS!!!!!
  • avatar

    But it's not like they can give them néw deals. Can't renegotiate until atleast 2nd year of a rookie deal from what I've read so far. Sad, because they deserve way more than they got
  • avatar

    luckbox11, anybody can give their money to anybody; the Glazers just won't be able to take a tax write off. There really are no excuses here.
  • avatar

    You would like these guys to feel dedicated to the organization when and if they become superstars. Put up a little incentive, give it to them! Players like Blount and Williams will help put asses in the seats if they continue to rise. Would really be stupid to take some kind of hard line stance and not give them anything. Not to say what it looks like to other guys on the roster or potential players they might try to lure here.
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    It's called greed plain and simple if you do not compensate these two guys no matter what. Life is not all about profits. Have you ever seen a Brinks Truck in a Funeral Pocession? You can't take it with you. Glazer's, due the right thing.
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    The Glazers should do the right thing and pay them anyway.
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