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January 21, 2011 @ 10:39 am
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Buccaneers Fire O-Line Coach Mangurian

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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Due to his personality not meshing with the players and some of the coaches, the Buccaneers have fired offensive line coach Pete Mangurian after two seasons in Tampa Bay.
Tampa Bay has fired offensive line coach Pete Mangurian. This comes just days after Buccaneers head coach Raheem Morris told PewterReport.com that the entire coaching staff would be back in 2011 with the exception of defensive line coach Todd Wash, who is expected to be reunited with Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley in Seattle, and special teams coordinator Rich Bisaccia, who left to go to San Diego.

Mangurian's hard-nosed, old-school coaching style came across as abrasive and didn't mesh well with the players and some of the other coaches on the staff. The Buccaneers are believed to be looking for more positive, energetic coaches in the mold of Morris, wide receivers coach Eric Yarber, quarterbacks coach Alex Van Pelt, secondary coach Jimmy Lake, etc.

Mangurian, who joined Raheem Morris' staff in 2009, went through two difficult years in Tampa Bay. In 2009, the offensive line play was sub-par, largely due a switch to a zone blocking scheme that former offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski implemented before he was fired. The unit underachieved and Mangurian's personality rubbed his offensive linemen the wrong way and didn't help.

In 2010, the Bucs offensive line played better and produced a 1,000-yard runner in LeGarrette Blount and a 3,000-yard passer in Josh Freeman despite a litany of injuries that saw starting center Jeff Faine and starting right guard Davin Joseph wind up on injured reserve. Joseph and former starting right tackle Jeremy Trueblood will both be free agents in 2011 and each have clashed with Mangurian in the past.

Only veteran left tackle Donald Penn started all 16 games for the Bucs last year.

Tampa Bay started nine different offensive linemen due to injuries, and Mangurian deserves credit for getting rookies like Ted Larsen and Derek Hardman, who finished the season as the starting guards for the Buccaneers, ready to play in addition to improving the play of linemen Jeremy Zuttah and James Lee, who finished the year at center and right tackle, respectively.

The Bucs will travel to Mobile, Ala. for the Senior Bowl on Sunday looking to fill three coaching vacancies – offensive line, defensive line and a quality control coaching position.

Last modified on Tuesday, 15 March 2011 10:15

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    This was overdue in my opinion. He should have been fired last year. His specialty was zone blocking which did not match his personnel. We need a power blocking and pass blocking specialist and Raheem should be able to find a good one with his success this year.
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    I thought the O-line performed fairly well last season; but I'm not sure how much of the modest success can be attributed solely to the coach. It always cracks me up when something like this happens and some of you people, who wouldn't recognize Pete Mangurian if he was standing next to you in the grocery store and know nothing about his personality, can criticize the move without facts.Haven't any of you ever worked at an organization where someone just didn't mesh in spite of doing his job reasonably well? Those types just don't blend in with the others. Kinda like good old BF47 on the Pewter Report board.
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    Hmm. I am wondering if this move may partially be part of the effort to resign Davin Joseph. Not the only reason, but partially.
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    I understand wanting a cohesive coaching unit that all agree and work with the team the same way, but every now and then you need someone to stir the pot a bit. I think what Mangurian did with all of the injuries that plagued our OL was simply immaculate coaching. He may be a bit rough, he may cuss and pitch a fit and get under the players' skin but he had them ready to play week-in and week-out and helped Coach Morris look like a genius with his "next man up" philosophy. I'm sure we'll find a suitable replacement, but I don't think Mangurian should have lost his job. He did the opposite of what lost Wash his job...succeed.
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    This is a little bizarre but I can see how Ollie might want to install someone more in line with his coaching philosophy. Remember, Mangurian was a guy brought in to be on Jagdozinski's offensive staff. The Bucs have found some outstanding position coaches as of late (Yarber and Van Pelt being the prime examples), so I'm not incredibly concerned.
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    as far as I know the coach should not be rubbing his players the right way no rubbing allowed
  • avatar

    Yeah Kinderrt... Olson and Van Pelt are next because they are white guys too...and the Grimm kid, just holding a spot for Tenard Jackson. Give it a break...this has nothing to do with race. He probably didn't get along with Olson which is his immediate boss and Dominic was the one that laid the hammer.
  • avatar

    Is it me or is Morris just playing the race card.It seems that everyone that has left just don't fit or seems to be good at their positions. Maybe we need to have everyone go to the Blue Martini and hang out. Don't agree with this firing at all.
  • avatar

    "Is it me or is Morris just playing the race card" -Kinderrt. WHAT? Your kidding right? Give us a break. So let me get this right ... your calling Rah a RACIST??? That is what your saying, right? He fired him only because he's white and had nothing to do with his coaching style??? hmmm WHATEVA!
  • avatar

    I don't like this fire at all, Mangurian did great with a make shift offensive line that had two undrafted rookies and a back up guard playing center. Who cares if the guy is an *censored* he got the best out of what he had, you can't have bunch of nice guys all the time sometimes you need that guy to come in and light a fire like my name sake did when we won the bowl.
  • avatar

    Based on the timing of this, it sounds like the O-line coach didn't like the way he was being appraised for his year end review....
  • avatar

    As usual its all part of the plan. A couple of days ago the plan was to keep all the coaches. Today the plan is too fire the Oline coach. But the plan is working so its a good plan. Not sure that firing the coach that took a bunch of backups, etc and produced a pretty solid O-line makes sense but thats ok, nobody at One Buc consults me on any other decisions either :)
  • avatar

    I think people missed the point of him not meshing well with other coaches. That is just as important as his work with players. Dungy fired Les Steckel for the same reason if my memory is correct.
  • avatar

    There is a difference between someone who is a hard *censored* coach and someone who is just a dick. If Ollie and Pete didn't see eye to eye then I have no problem with letting Pete go.....I'd keep Ollie over him anyday.
  • avatar

    Koombayah my Lord, Koombayah... come on now, everyone together. I'm thankful that we're looking to have the kindest and happiest o-line in the league. Let's do a community service project together!
  • avatar

    Yeah so what so he cussed and raised hell he is a offensive line coach, where else to better use your new offensive lines!! :) I hope we look at a few of the college ranks best running game teams O-line coaches
  • avatar

    @RustyRhino, I think Mangurian cussed and raised hell all the time, it was his nature.
  • avatar

    Is it just me or do we not want a coach who holds his players responsible on the practice field and on the game field? Coach Mangurian cussed and raised hell with the players and this rubbed them the wrong way.... Do we have a bunch of thin skinned babies on O-line? We had several "starters" get injured this season and we had players who stepped up and where able to become a very good cohesive O-line unit. This did not happen by accident, from quotes I have read on PR and other BUC news sites, from Larson & Hardman & Lee it was Coach Mangurian who got them up to speed and ready to play on Sunday's. I wonder where we will go as an O-line now as it will take some time for the "new" O-line coach to get an understanding of the depth of the players we have. This could be a MAJOR issue next season.... if we have a season.... Just my thoughts on the firing of our O-line coach...
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