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January 21, 2011 @ 11:42 am
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Freeman Named NFC South MVP

Written by Wolf
ESPN NFC South blogger Pat Yasinskas handed out his last award for the 2010 season and he has named Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman as the NFC South MVP.
There are lots of ways you can give out MVP awards. But if you put the emphasis solely on the value a player had to his team, Freeman wins in a landslide.

More than anything, Freeman used his back to carry the Buccaneers. Tampa Bay had the league's lowest payroll and had the youngest roster in the league and, if you really look at that roster, it wasn't all that good. Yes, some bright spots (running back LeGarrette Blount and receiver Mike Williams) emerged, but part of the reason they emerged was because they were playing with Freeman.

Additional Info

    PewterReport.com's Take: Yasinskas is absolutely right in his assessment. Too many times an MVP award is given to someone based on stats alone and not on what that player means to his team. Yes, Freeman had an excellent season – his first has a starter – by completing 61.4 percent of his passes for 3,451 yards and 25 touchdowns to just six interceptions. He also was a big time rusher and had 364 yards on the ground. But it is more than just stats with the 22-year-old Freeman. He become a leader and the face of the Bucs in 2010, and he lead the youngest team in football to a 10-6 record, which almost had them in the post-season. Yasinskas is also right when he says if you take away Drew Brees and Matt Ryan from their respective teams they will still be fairly decent. If you take Freeman away from the Bucs then the team maybe wins one or two games at the most last season. Brees and Ryan get the recognition and are going to the Pro Bowl, but Freeman is the most valuable player in the NFC South.
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Wolf Heard

Wolf Heard

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    I think that the Tampa Bay Bucs players donot get any respects unless they go back to the playoffs and win, win, win. If Tampa gets on the roll and win on the road and win at HOME. And the fans come back then I see Tampa going back to the Superbowl. Espically they the individuals that has helped them win in 2010 and all of the injured players return and Tampa gets a few new pieces of the puzzle. I would love for Tampa to Face the Steelers in next year Superbowl. And Tampa is clicking on everything. I have never see Tampa not only have a great defense but a great Offense as well. GO Bucs
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    Completely deserved, and most definitely he is the single most important player on this team and he is responisble for the incredible turnaround. Lots of people contributed, but without Freeman, it doesn't happen.
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    Guys and Gals: Josh Freeman Is the Number One QB. Not J Johnson, I really think that if Gruden was still here he wouldnot have traded for Freeman. He is a Veterans player man. But GM Domink and Head Coach Morris is showing the NFL League this is how you build a championship team by working together with Rookies,Veterans and players that are in between. Can you Imagine what Tampa is going to do this next year. They are going to be netter than the 2002 team that went to the superbowl. One thing Iam finally like is that Tampa Bay is going to have a Offensive along with a defense that is hungry and the league will be shocked when the 2011 season is over. I've love the schedule. I still remember like it was just yesterday when Tampa was 2 & 26. Remember Tampa has not had a qb like Freeman since the Doug Williams days, I'm Sorry I was not a Steve Young Man. He couldn't operated back them Tampa was very bad in the early years. As Iam getting older at 65 going on 66. I would love to see Tampa goes back to the NFC Championship game one more time then the Super Bowl! Why Not!
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    "Brees away from the Saints, they win 6ish games. Ryan is good, but overated, and is not super critical to his teams success. " Who are these people that say these stupid things? PR should not let kids ramble with clueless statements on this site it wastes our time
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    1sparkybuc-"No disrespect at all to Josh Freeman, but Josh Johnson wins 6-8 games with this team"- Oh god, I haven't laughed like that in quite some time thanks again that made my day
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    No disrespect at all to Josh Freeman, but Josh Johnson wins 6-8 games with this team. I fully well realize he lost all of his starts in 2009, but that was a team in turmoil that lacked talent. In his limited playing time in 2010, JJ performed like a starter. With the proper preparation and the weapons available, he would be a winner with this team. I hope we can keep him. When the league goes to 18 games, we just might be needing him.
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    freeman on his way to being the top qb of the nfc south
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    I agree with 1bucfanjeff. I'm not sure many starting QB's around the league could come into New Orleans and run the offense as effectively as Brees. That's some complicated stuff going on over there and it takes a special QB to make that train roll. Without Brees, the Saints fall...hard (and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't waiting for the day he retires). Matt Ryan is also a very talented guy...he may not have the flash that Brees and Freeman have, but he definitely makes his entire team better. Take him off of that team and the Falcons don't even sniff the playoffs. That being said, Freeman definitely deserved this award. He went in and put the entire team on his shoulders, carrying them to that 10-6 record. Some may say he benefited from additions of Mike Williams, LeGarrett Blount, Rejus Benn, etc etc...but I think they benefited from him more. His work ethic and ice-water-filled-veins give me some serious hope for the future. It's nice being a Bucs fan and having the ability to say "we have a franchise quarterback."
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    And to think there were people on this very board who bemoaned the selection of Freeman. Oh how they thought Dominik blew it by not picking DT Peria Jerry.
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    We still would have won plenty of games because Josh Jonson is the man.
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    Freeman is the lifeblood of the team. We need to build around him and prop up out defense and this will be a powerhouse in a couple of yrs.
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    If Freeman isn't quarterbacking the buccaneers they are competitive only against the Panthers. It really is that obvious
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    Win one or two games at the most? That's an incredible reverse homer statement to pump up Freeman's value. Is Freeman valuable? Definitely. The most valuable in the division? Probably. But the Bucs probably win three or four games even without him. Figure the two Carolina games, the Seattle game, maybe the San Francisco game, maybe the Cleveland game too. The Bucs would NOT have won the NO game without Freeman, certainly not the Arizona or Cincy or Washington games. Probably not the St. Louis game either although most of the Bucs played poorly in that one. Furthermore, to say the Bucs have little talent is exaggerated. Healthy Talib, healthy Grimm, healthy Benn and now Briscoe. KW or Penn aren't talented? Offensively Freeman is the cog, but young NEWLY discovered talent does NOT equal lack of talent. Lewis, McCoy, Black.... no, we have talent.
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    Freeman does mean the most to his team in the NFC South, but its not by a long shot. take Brees away from the Saints, they win 6ish games. Ryan is good, but overated, and is not super critical to his teams success. Any QB that is not turnover prone would succeed in Atlanta's offense. However i think Manning & Brady are still the "most important" to their teams, the colts wouldnt touch .500 w/o Manning, and the Pats would struggle mightily to go .500 w/o Brady
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    I disagree with the statement, "if you take away Drew Brees and Matt Ryan from their respective teams they will still be fairly decent". Saints go as Brees goes, same for Freeman. Ryan, well, he is above average, but he crumbles under pressure. Ryan didn't win that game against the Bucs and he failed in the playoffs. Put their backups in and see how they do. I bet not well.
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