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January 22, 2011 @ 3:54 pm
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Bucs Hire Morris As Offensive Line Coach

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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The Buccaneers moved quickly to replace offensive line coach Pete Mangurian, who was fired on Friday, by hiring former Vikings O-line coach Pat Morris, who has worked with offensive coordinator Greg Olson before.

A day after firing offensive line coach Pete Mangurian, the Buccaneers have hired former Minnesota Vikings offensive line coach Pat Morris to replace him. Morris, who was with Minnesota for the last five years, has been an NFL coach for 14 years and has been in coaching for over 30 years.

While in Minnesota, Morris' offensive line has paved the way for the NFL's top rushing attack on three occasions (1998, 1999 and 2007), and the Vikings have ranked in the top 10 a total of nine times. The Vikings had two Pro Bowl linemen in 2009 and one in both 2008 and 2007. Morris coached offensive tackle Donald Penn in 2006 when he was on the Vikings' practice squad.

Morris has a history of working with Bucs offensive coordinator Greg Olson in both San Francisco and Detroit. While with the 49ers from 1997-2003 serving as the team's tight ends/assistant offensive line coach (1997-98) and the offensive line coach (1999-2003) while Olson was the team's quarterbacks coach for a brief duration.

With the 49ers, his offensive line had the second-highest rushing total in the league, averaging 135.5 yards per game over seven years and placing four San Francisco linemen in the Pro Bowl.

Morris served as the Lions offensive line coach for two seasons (2004-05) where he worked with Olson, who was the quarterbacks coach/offensive coordinator at that time.

Due to Morris' hire, Tampa Bay's coaching staff and scouts head to Mobile, Ala. on Sunday with just two coaching positions left to fill – defensive line and quality control.

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  • avatar

    Well I think with this veteran OL Coach. This means one thing that Tampa Offensive line is going to improve. I like Sherrod from Mississippi State. I understand he is doing a great job showing his taklent at the senior bowl. If Tampa selects Sherrod in Rd-1 I would trade up to 17 with NE and throw in QB JJohnson. Then Tampa OL problem has just got better, and Rd-2 GET a OG/OC player, Then there are alot of players on the Defense side of the line that can play. When have or have Tampa ever traded in Rd-1 &Rd-2 OT and OG/C as 1 or 2. OR REVERSE the selection OG/C in Rd-1 and OT in Rd-2. This is what I like about the NFL Draft its like Christmas time all over again. What Goodies will be there.
  • avatar

    So this guy was fired according to the startribune once they brought on new head coach Leslie Frazier. Reading some of the comments, their fans are glad to see him gone. Just funny how that works out. Both fans, Bucs and Vikings, are happy about the hiring/firing of this O-Line coach. Obviously new situation and players can make a huge difference, but just a few of the comments I read: "Thats AWESOME the OL coach is gone. Maybe the new coach can motivate the OL to keep the QB alive!" "Changing offensive line coaches is long overdue. I can't think of a single O-lineman that developed under those two guys." "Are you telling us that the vikings actually HAD a offensive line coach this past season?" "Pat Morris fired!!! There is a God. I could not believe Childress didn't fire him years ago. " Those are all actual post. Unfortunately I couldn't find a single positive comment about the guy. I'll reserve judgment but it's not like he was a coach highly sought after. He was fired back on January 5th. If he was really desired I think someone would have picked him up already. I guess the Bucs just needed someone who could get along with the rest of the coaches. Rumor has it Pete was a horrible poker player and would ruin the games between the coaches with his slow play and terrible dip (joking)
  • avatar

    is that Jerry from The Community?
  • avatar

    Coach Morrs here are some helpful hints to start out with, Trueblood sucks so start Lee and Zuttah cannot snap out of the shot gun he can't hear the qb and always snaps erraitc.
  • avatar

    Now that is what I was talking about. I knew Rahem with his success this year would be able to bring in a top knotch line coach to build on what has been accomplished this year with the offensive line. Pick up a good guard in the third round of the draft that can play right or left side and just watch the offensive fireworks this coming year. Here is hoping Rahem will have as good luck picking up a great defensive line coach.
  • avatar

    Sounds like a good hire to me. Yes I've worked for a company that did the same thing as the BUCS with this hire. so It does happen jcarruth. I just hope the D-line coach has the same pedigree. GO BUCS
  • avatar

    Guess, Raheem isn't a racist after-all as some posters inferred when Mangurian was fired. I doubt this can be called a move to save money for the cheap Glazers either since Morris probably has a higher salary commensurate with his resume'.
  • avatar

    Is he bringing any rbs, fbs, te's, our o line players? does he have a preference in players he likes or style of play?
  • avatar

    Looks like a great hire based on credentials. Lets hope he can take out patch work line and rising RB and turn it into a top flight attack.
  • avatar

    Gotta love the interview/hiring process in the NFL. Early in the week: "We plan to bring back all the coaches" Middle of the week: "oops, except this guy" End of the week: "And here's the replacement" Any of you ever work at a company that goes from being all set, to firing someone, findind their replacement and hiring them in under a week ?
  • avatar

    Good Hire , We need a DL Coach
  • avatar

    Ha Ha thats really funny. He does kind of look like him. God signing. Now if we can get a DL coach with same pedigree!
  • avatar

    What a coup...stealing Rex Ryan from the Jets! Resume looks good...welcome to a team on the rise!
  • avatar

    Welcome aboard, buddy.
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