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February 15, 2011 @ 2:04 pm
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Bucs Defense Reduced Number Of Big Plays Allowed In 2010

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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The Buccaneers defense took some big steps in dramatically reducing the number of long runs and deep pass plays in 2010, and that undoubtedly helped play a role in Tampa Bay's surprising 10-6 record.
Statistically speaking, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense showed some marginal improvement in run defense in 2010 from a year ago when former defensive coordinator Jim Bates and head coach Raheem Morris split the play-calling duties. The Bucs’ run defense finished the 2009 season ranked dead last against the run, surrendering 158.2 yards per game.

Last year, Tampa Bay’s run defense improved statistically to 28th in the league, allowing 131.7 yards per game. That’s an average of 27 less yards per contest over the previous season.

Ironically, in both 2009 and 2010 the Buccaneers run defense allowed 70 long runs, which are deemed to be rushes of 10 yards or more. In each of the years with Morris as the head coach, Tampa Bay has given up five runs of 30 yards or more and four touchdowns of 10 yards or more.

Where the difference came last year was the runs between 20-29 yards. In 2009, the Bucs allowed 20 runs over that distance. Last season, Tampa Bay gave up just nine runs between 20-29 yards. Of course, the team surrendered 11 more runs between 10-19 yards, but that is far better than allowing between jaunts of 20-29 yards.

Tampa Bay also made some strides last year defending the pass. The Buccaneers finished the 2010 season ranked seventh, allowing an average of 201 yards per game, under new secondary coach Jimmy Lake, who took over the reins from Joe Baker after he was moved to linebackers coach last year. Tampa Bay had previously finished 10th in the league, allowing an average of 207.4 yards per game.

Yet at first glance there doesn’t seem like much improvement given that the Bucs surrendered 36 long passes, which are classified as 20 yards or more, in 2009 and wound up giving up 37 long passes in 2010. In fact, Tampa Bay allowed 21 throws between 20-29 yards, seven passes between 30-39 yards and eight passes between 40-49 yards last year. Compare that to 2009 when the Bucs gave up just 17 passes between 20-29 yards, eight throws between 30-39 yards and just four passes between 40-49 yards.

So where was the big improvement from Lake’s secondary last year? Defending the deep ball.

In 2010, the Bucs allowed just one pass of 50 yards or more, which was a 65-yard touchdown pass to tight end Todd Heap at Baltimore. The year before, Tampa Bay surrendered a whopping seven passes of 50 yards or more.

Dallas’ Roy Williams and Patrick Crayton caught touchdown passes of 66 and 80 yards, respectively, against Tampa Bay in the 2009 season opener. At Washington that year, Santana Moss hauled in a 59-yard touchdown pass. A week later, Jeremy Maclin snared a 51-yard TD strike at Philadelphia. Sam Aiken caught a 54-yard touchdown pass for New England over in London. The following week, James Jones hauled in a 74-yard touchdown against Green Bay. Carolina’s Steve Smith caught the last deep ball on the Bucs in 2009 – a 66-yard pass.

Not only had Tampa Bay improved over defending passes of 50 yards or more, the team also greatly reduced the number of touchdown passes covering 20 yards or more. In 2010, the Bucs allowed just seven compared to 16 from the 2009 campaign.

Morris’ defense has made some strides in reducing the amount of longer pass plays and runs, but more improvement is needed for the Buccaneers to reach the playoffs, which it failed to do in 2010. However, Tampa Bay capped off its 10-6 season on a high note with two victories over playoff teams Seattle and New Orleans, while not allowing a pass over 30 yards or a run over 23 yards in either contest.

With several starters ending the season on injured reserve, including defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, free safety Cody Grimm, cornerback Aqib Talib and strongside linebacker Quincy Black, Tampa Bay's defense should be even better in the future when they return to action.

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    C'Mon!!!!!!! I get so tired of hearing about how we should have traded for Suh. How stupid would that have been!!?? The Lions got Suh and our defense ranked higher in scoring defense than theirs did. One man does NOT make a team. Get that through your thick beanies and you'll feel a lot better about McCoy. We got to keep all of our picks and we had an AWESOME draft. If we get Suh it screws the whole draft up. Suh is a great talent but he is only one man and TEAMS win games not one guy. If Suh were the tipping point for any team than the Lions should have made it to the Super Bowl according to your logic. McCoy is going to be better than Sapp if he stays healthy. We just need to get some edge pass rushers. Once the DE's start to force the QB back to middle McCoy and Price will gobble then up. That will be the difference maker.
  • avatar

    I am going to Laugh my ##@! off when we get an edge rush and McCoy starts to swallow up all the plays collapsing in the middle. Then all the nay sayers will be saying they always knew he'd be a beast and they never said he'd be a bust..blah, blah, blah. McCoy will be better than Sapp. Yep, I said it.
  • avatar

    did anyone see the Fox sports power rankings for the end of the entire season? this just got posted last week http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/powerRankings Got us in the top 10 heading into the offseason. another smart draft and theres no reasons we shouldnt have some prime time games and some national recognition! I lived up north all season and I would have to get creative to watch bucs games on sundays. the general consensus everywhere i went to watch a game was usually "why on earth would you want us to turn THEM on" but it was michigan and they were all lions fans.
  • avatar

    Horse: You obviously still don't understand the term. I doubt anyone was paying attention to the Horse Tales of draft prospects in which you had McCoy graded as a mid-first round choice. But every other draft publication and expert including JDouble's Beasts and Busts and Pewter Report had McCoy in the top five. Taking him at 3 was not a "reach" when you understand the meaning of the term. You thinking he "wasn't that good" might prove to be correct but it didn't make him a reach at the time. Drafting DL Tyson Alualu at # 10 was considered a "reach" because most "experts" had him graded as a late first round or second round pick. He may well turn out to be a great player to justify his draft position; but at the time it was a reach. Jason Pierre-Paul was drafted at 15 by the Giants. Did you hear much about his play as he sat the bench? I thought that was a "reach" since JPP didn't do much except a back-flip to warrant that status. Maybe someone else can explain it to you better.
  • avatar

    did it occur to anyone that getting pressure up the front is much easier when you can collapse the edges with a strong DE or blizting back? mccoy did not have half of the edge support that suh had. why call the man a reach or a bust? i was pretty sure van den bosch had a nice season too. big dividends come from teamwork and more times than not in football, if you have a DT with a bunch of sacks, pressures, whatever, you likely are going to have a pretty solid DE to generate similar stats. did we not just go through this with freeman? just because you buy a nice new engine its not going to do you much good without putting the correct corresponding pieces around it. duh
  • avatar

    Thanks SR for the stats and the breakdown. I can't remember exactly what game I thought the Kiffen era was done, but I keep thinking about the Giants playoff game at RJS. After 1 quarter the Giants were -2 rushing and very few passing, but then they diagnosed Monte's game plan and beat the Tampa 2. I wanted a change and I got Bates; just awful. I haven't felt that sorry for our defense since Bruce Gradkowski ran out onto the field as a starter, and screwed up the possibility of sharing the record with the Cowboys as the only 2 teams in NFL history with a decade of top 10 defenses. So now I have Morris and the Tampa 2.5. I know the numbers are similar, and I know I'm watching offense now with a little defense sprinkled in--and it was by no means great in 2010. But for the first time in several years I'm excited about the defense. I cheered the 2nd half shut outs, the INT's, the few sacks and some pressure. The McCoy bashing of 2010, reminds me of the Freeman bashing of 2009, and will probably sound a lot like the bashing of the Bucs' new DE in 2011--all meeting with the same results; I hope. Seriously, did you not hear Yoda? He said you must learn some patients. This defense has a long way to go; this team has a long way to go. Sorry, but no the Bucs could not have done what GB did. Maybe Philly, but not Chicago. You can see the scheme and some of the pieces. Lewis & Biggers / McCoy & Price / Grimm & Lynch all with another year has to be somewhat encouraging; & Okam impressed the hell out of me. Names I haven't seen yet like G. Johnson, McKenzie, Asante, D. Harris, Gilbeaux and 7 or 8 new rookies have me at least curious. My very long point is I see that this D is not ready to win the game yet, and I don't know what to expect out of them. But that's a good thing for me as a fan because for the last couple of years I knew exactly what I was going to get, and so did everybody else.
  • avatar

    Some of you obviously don't understand the word "reach" as it relates to the draft. A "reach" is a player who is drafted much higher than projected by the so-called "experts". Whether McCoy is as good a player as Suh or not does not classify him a "reach". Prior to the draft McCoy was ranked as a top five player on virtually every draft board. Now, he might turn out to be a "bust" by never developing into the player we all want and get cut after three seasons; but he wasn't a "reach." Compare him to typical rookie DT's drafted in the first round over the history of the league and stop comparing him to Suh, who might just be one of the best ever. Farhadi28: The obvious was well stated. It doesn't take re-watching all of the games to see Ruuuuuuuud (I also have his jersey) get steamrolled or sidestep a runningback. I am glad that at least someone watched McCoy's disruptive play and not just see if he had a sack or not to grade him. It's only one play out of 60 each game. I'm more concerned about the other 59.
  • avatar

    scubog, I disagree about your thoughts on "reach". Just because McCoy name got caught up in the hype and whirwind with Suh didn't qualify him to be the 3rd best pick in the draft. From day one last year when there was talk that we would take Suh or McCoy if availalbe, I was adament not to take McCoy at the 3rd spot. Why, because his technique of rushing wouldn't be as effective and Warren Sapp said the same thing not once but twice as a commentator on TV. I want to make this very clear that I don't believe McCoy is a bust at all and he will get there probably after one more year of learning the NFL way, but that doesn't make him worth a No. 3 draft pick. To me he was a mid 1st round draft pick. Come on his stats show that from this past season. I'm more excited about Okam than McCoy. Okam proved he had something, McCoy is really yet to prove that he was worth the money. Again he might be in a year, but he didn't help us that much this year. Now I am saying this again, please Bucs, I know our needs are a MLB and a DE, but don't reach for one when much better players at different spots will be available at our 20th pick. That's all I am saying. I am excited about our defense. We are better and I expect for that to continue after this draft.
  • avatar

    Well Guys, Lasy year is last year. Look at all the positive things that Tampa came out ahead in 2010. First of all I like the 3rd place finish, and Tampa will play the superbowl champs, Indy and of course the Falcons twice and the Saints twice. So now lets look at the 2011 draft and what Tampa needs to Do to get not only back in the playoffs but go to the championship game. Do you really know how close that Tampa could have been in Green Bay Shoes if it wasn't for the Officials Goof of taking the TD back! But that is behind Tampa. I see that Ourlads has a new DE name to may drop to the Bucs at #20. The DE from Missouri name SMITH. Also have anybody got any reads on the two different sistutations with Kansas City and San Fransico. First of all, If we did get smith in Rd-1, Do you think that Tampa could shipped QB J Johnson to SF in Rd-2 two for Tampa and SF to switch picks in Rd-2 and maybe switch #4 pick to SF in the 5th Rd plus get a pick in Rd-4. Or something like that!
  • avatar

    Honestly i am just as excited about the big potential FA pickups the Bucs could get this offseason. Namdi Asomua or however u spell it would be awesome but i highly doubt theres a change we get him. But i think if we could somehow get ahold of Ray Edwards from the Vikings, we would be ballin with another DE in the draft! Edwards is barely 26 years old and a beast! He would immediately improve our D-Line and with McCoy n Price holding up the middle, Edwards would easily make double-digit sacks!!!!!
  • avatar

    tatmanfish - Pewter Report's draft issue last year and Scott's comparison of Suh and McCoy, was spot on that McCoy was a distant second. The Lions needed Okung to keep Stafford on the field, so have to wonder what deal could have been made, none was reported. Obviously Lions couldn't pass on Suh, but have to wonder if we made a run at him. I want to like McCoy, but at this point think he was a reach at #3. Eric Berry or Ronaldo McClain would have been good options at #3.
  • avatar

    Horse, We hear you and I think most of us agree with you. I know I do! I apologize in advance if I have taken your words out of context, but BPA is being used as a relative term meaning the best player available "that we need". You prove that point when you say "less QB,WR, or DT" - because we don't need those players, we already have them. The absolute BPA is the best player available regardless of your team's position. One other thing. Why do so many of us think we will picking at 20, when Dominik has moved up in the last two drafts to get his man - Freeman in 2009 and Benn in 2010? While I believe that Dominik will pick the BPA, I truly believe that BPA will be a DE.
  • avatar

    Dman, how were the Bucs supposed to get Suh? Trade the pick used on Price, Benn, get the Lions to believe they didnt want Suh through hypnosis or telepathy? Maybe tell the Rams they dont need a franchise QB? also, no one rationalized McCoy. McCoy played reasonably well for a rookie DT. Suh is the rare exception and the Lions knew that. They werent going to give him up or at least #2 pick they used to get him unless the offer was beyond rediculous.
  • avatar

    They could have traded with the Rams because they still would have gotten their man @ # 3 then we would have had Suh.There was no way the Lions would pass up on Suh so Dominik should have been more aggressive since we were only 2 spots behind the Rams.Suh was worth a 1st & 2nd. We could have gotten a recever just as good as Benn.
  • avatar

    Hello fellow bucs fans. let me start of by saying that I have been watching football for years now so I know a little something about football. during the course of the season I recorded most of the homes games. Well I went back and watched every single defensive play during the cincinnati game and analyzed them. i want to share with you what i observed from only the defensive side of the ball since we have a pretty solid offense as it is. - BOTH GERALD MCCOY AND BRIAN PRICE ARE STUDES hey constantly collapsed the pocket and where disruptive up front. I believe we are set for years to come with both of them and they make us dominant up front. however, as we all know, i cannot say the same about our DEs. they where almost non factors and made no real contributions. that position must be fixed. - THE MOST SURPRISING PLAYER WAS CODY GRIMM. not only did he have a pick six to help us win but he was also EXCELLENT in run support. he would constantly dominate their rb at the line and played frearlessly. I cannot believe we got this guy in the 7th round. he could become a really good player for us. as for the rest of the secondary, they played good with our top players be Talib and Barber. - THE MOST DISAPPOINTING PLAY WAS BARRET RUUD. let me start off by saying that i have always supported ruud and defended him. I even have his jersey for crying out loud. but what i noticed is that he continually gets dominated at the line of scrimmage and is TERRIBLE in run support. that hurts me to say that but it is true. he could not hold his own against offensive lineman and is below average at best in coverage. we need a more physical linebaker who is not afraid to explode through the line of scrimmage. We should not resign him. - CONLUSION. for a young defense we played pretty well and show alot of promise. I believe that is we get a dominant MLB and DE in the draft or free agency we will have a GREAT GREAT DEFENSE that will shut down any offense. thanks for reading and please comment.
  • avatar

    farhadi28, Good job! One can't really disagree with your statements. I agree with what you have said. How do you feel about how we pick at the No. 20 spot? I'm for BPA less QB. WR, DT. I agree that more talent is required at MLB and DE; the question is who is available at various spots especially rounds 1-3.
  • avatar

    Thanks, horse. I believe that if one of the six really good defensive ends falls to us we should take them. my favorite out of that gourp would have to be Kerrigan, however i dont think we will be there when we pick. Clayborn is not a bad option either even though he had a down year. he would definatly be an upgrade. the two DEs i dont want us picking is Cameron Jordan and Aldon smith. Jordan has BUST written all over him and Smith reminds me of alot of Gaines Adams, God rest his soul. other than that i think your right about taking the best player available in terms of our draft board.
  • avatar

    Good read, Scoot. I couldn't agree more with you conclusion. The Bucs defense has mad strides. But more improvement is needed for the Bucs to reach the playoffs. I have confidence in Mr. Dominik and Coach Morris to get it done.
  • avatar

    Not buying improvement in 2010. Can get stats to say what you want - not good Scott. The long ball plays in 2009 were first half when Bates had people all over the place and Sabby was starting. Getting rid of those two account for the only real improvement. Don't necessarily reach - draft a guy high that isn't right, but find the guys we need and go get 'em. Should have done that with Suh last year and now we're rationalizing McCoy. Still thinking he was a reach last year.
  • avatar

    Thanks Scott for the stats; all the more reason not to reach at the 20th Spot in the 1st Round for a 5th or more DE. I am for BPA less QB, WR, DT at the 20th Spot. Go Bucs!
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