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February 17, 2011 @ 11:01 am
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Mariotti Needlessly Condemns Blount

Written by Bucs
News Roundup
Speaking on a podcast with Jason Whitlock disgraced columnist Jay Mariotti repeated a pervious claim that Bucs running back LeGarrette Blount should have gone to jail after punching a Boise State player while Blount was playing in his senior season at Oregon.

Whitlock asked Mariotti whether he feels any differently about an old column where he said LeGarrette Blount should have gone to jail for his post-game punch while at the University of Oregon.

“He hit him.  It’s on videotape.  He hit him with a punch.  Period.  End of story,” Mariotti said.  “If that had happened on the street, somebody would be hauled in.”

Mariotti’s time as a TMZ subject showed him what it’s like to be on the other side.  It doesn’t sound like he learned much from the experience.

Additional Info

    PewterReport.com's Take: Having met Jay Mariotti a few times it is not surprising that he stands by a stupid statement. It is also not surprising that Mariotti is a complete hypocrite considering his domestic violence legal issues. Mariotti does not know the whole story about Blount’s incident and Mariotti hasn’t acknowledged that Blount was called a racial name first. Boise State head coach Chris Peterson was at the seen of the incident and was quick to blame his own player for starting the fight. If Mariotti thinks Blount should go to jail then multiple NFL players from this last season should go to jail for throwing punches. That group includes: Oakland’s Richard Seymour, Tennessee’s Cortland Finnegan, and Houston’s Andre Johnson. Mariotti made a living by making statements that crossed the line and voicing an opinion devoid of reason. That became clear and he was dropped by multiple media outlets in a short period of time. If you have time here is a fabulous article with a collection of Mariotti’s ridiculous statements and changing tune when he covered the 2005 World Series Champion Chicago White Sox.
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Bucs News Roundup

Bucs News Roundup

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    Princess Jim...there was nothing inaccurate about either of my posts. If you're going to call people out for no reason, expect to be exposed for the tulip you appear to be. A creative writing/fantasy land website may be more your speed.
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    I'm not excusing Hout. Good God, people. I'm merely pointing out the factual errors in both Charlie's and JonBuc's accounts of the matter, and saying they're no better than Mariotti if they don't get the facts right. And JonBuc, my feelings weren't hurt by your inaccurate diatribe. Why would they be? I'm not Blount or Hout or Mariotti. By the way, the name is a play on the book Lord Jim, by Joseph Conrad. It's considered one of the finest works of English literature. Familiarity with it allows people to come up with more creative insults than the ones you have.
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    I you sent Blount to jail, you would have to lock up half the NHL.
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    I think it is killing some people that Morris has been so successful in his 2nd yr. we found so many great players this year, several who never were drafted, and we have built a potent offense. Give Blount a break. THe guy has proven to be problem free since he has been here and he is an amazing talent.
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    Hot air bag... proven. So who cares.
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    "at the seen of the incident" ? really? You guys seriously need someone to read and edit your articles.
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    Also, the Boise St. player made contact with Blount first. Watch the film, he pokes him on his helmet just before he says what he said to Blount. None of us were there in that moment so it's very easy to sit here a more than a year later and say it was wrong. It's obvious that Blount was provoked.
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    Oh "Good" Lord...the only thing I assert is that people who call themselves "Lord" most likely have only played Dungeons and Dragons. People who have actually played sports know that certain things go down in the heat of the moment, however offensive they may seem to fans of The Hobbit. Take it easy, sister...don't get your feelings hurt.
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    Some people would rather lie than just tell the simple truth. I can only guess that they are starved for attention. Everybody has seen the film. It wasn't right and it wasn't smart, but it wasn't a sucker punch either. If it happened in street clothes later on, there might be some reason to talk about jail. They weren't and there were still high emotions. There were no lasting injuries and worse things happened during the game. All in all, I believe the coach overreacted. A one game suspension would have been more appropriate. People that label any football player a thug whenever the violence extends past the whistle, aren't thinking this thing through. Violence is a requirement and sometimes there is more than is actually needed.
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    the right side is cut off...pr whats up w/ all these "layout problems". seems as these should not happen or be corrected, however they happen often?
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    Why dig up this worn-out story?
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    First of all, I am second to none in my admiration of Blount and the way he has handled this situation. Kudos to the front office for finding him, giving him a second chance and giving him the ball. If he can stay healthy he's going to be a mainstay of this team for the next decade and I couldn't be happier about it. That being said, whoever wrote this needs to do some research, and I'm guessing it's Charlie. There was NOTHING racial in what Hout said. Blount had fired up the Broncos by saying Oregon owed them an *censored*-whupping, and after the game, Hout found him and said, "How about THAT *censored*-whupping?!" And contrary to Jonbuc's assertion, Blount waited until he turned his back and then sucker-punched him. http://www.idahostatesman.com/2010/08/07/1295073/hout-ready-to-put-punch-in-his.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+IdahostatesmancomBSUFootball+%28IdahoStatesman.com+Boise+State+Football%29 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGTYiCqzpcw Both young men have handled themselves admirably since the incident, which is more than anyone can say for the industry in general or the people who write about it, so let's not fabricate anything. That's how reputations get ruined and people like Mariotti get work.
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    "Everybody else besides him was laughing," junior tailback D.J. Harper said. ROFL that sh#t was hilarious
  • avatar

    Who cares what Marotti says? he is a nut who gets payed to talk out of his behind. I could do that and look less like a fool.
  • avatar

    Mariotti is a washed-up clown. Blount was provoked after a tense game where his national title hopes were dashed. I thought it was damn funny at the time watching the look on the BSU's players face as his smile turned to a scared, surprised look as he wilted toward the blue turf. I remember yelling at the tv as ESPN draft coverage was speeding through the 7th round"pick Blount, pick Blount!" We got Grimm, Lorig and Blount after the fact...not too shabby.
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    I respect Blount because he took responsibility for his mistake. Something Mariotti has yet to do.
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    Another hypocritical statement from the king himself. I suppose every hockey player should be in jail then.
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