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March 10, 2011 @ 1:38 pm
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Morris Believes Bucs Are Super Bowl Contenders

Written by Charlie
Charlie Campbell


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Coming off of a 10-win season and a seven-game improvement, Bucs head coach Raheem Morris believes that Tampa Bay is a legitimate Super Bowl contender heading into the 2011 season.
Buccaneers head coach Raheem Morris has never been short of confidence since becoming the eighth head coach in franchise history. After going 10-6 in his second year as the team’s head coach with the youngest team in football, Morris believes that Tampa Bay is a contender for the Super Bowl this year.

“All those things about Super Bowl contenders really is a belief. Every year you go into the year believing you are a Super Bowl contender,” said Morris. “We play in the best league in professional sports. Any time you go out there all the teams are ready to go and be Super Bowl contenders, and we are no different. Right now we are focused on the draft. We are focused on improving from last year and making ourselves better.”

Two phases of the game that Morris is looking to see improvement in 2011 is the Buccaneers run defense and pass rush. Since taking over the team, the Bucs have ranked 32nd and 28th in run defense over the past two seasons. Last year, Tampa Bay was last in the NFC in sacks with 26. The Bucs have not had a defender reach double digits in sacks since Simeon Rice did so in the 2005 season. No player has reached nine sacks in a season in that time. Due to those weaknesses, the Buccaneers are projected to draft a defensive end in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft.

“You know how I am with that stuff. It is all about wins, so whatever can help you get wins is what we are going to try and do,” said Morris. “We are going to try and improve our team to the best of our ability, and try and make us a contender for a long time. That’s all the stuff we talk about, so whatever falls to us, whatever we can go collect and get, whatever moves we can make, is what myself and Mark Dominik, and our owners are going to do.”

While the players could be forced to deal with being locked out of the team facility, Morris is confident that the team will stay united. The Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers were one of the youngest teams in the NFL last season, and that fact isn’t lost on the Buccaneers. Tampa Bay is eager to get back to work on improving for next season.

“We got are a very excited team. Our young men, they can’t get enough,” said Morris. “Like I’ve told you guys, we've got a college football team. Those guys are all bonded together. They want to be around each other. They hang out together. I’d like to sit back and enjoy it.”

If Morris and the Bucs are able to follow in Green Bay’s footsteps there will be plenty for Morris to sit back and enjoy.
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    Draft all defensive ends one or two is bound too be superstar material 8 new defensive ends :)
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    If this season doesn't happen it will set this franchise back. an already weak fan base will take another hit, and the teams progress will be stopped in its tracks. If we can have a season and two more productive drafts I think we can compete for the NFC crown. If the owners decide to sit it out, forget it.
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    How nice to see a poster admit he judged Morris too early and to read the enthusiasm from fans as we look forward to the coming season. Where is BF47 to bring us "casual fans" back to reality? When his doom and gloom predictions of the 2010 season proved to be............wrong after the sixth game; he showed his true colors (not red and pewter) and disappeared from this board. My guess is he became a Titans fan since their season was quickly melting away behind their"experienced" head coach and GM, giving him an opportunity to write "articles" that were sure to create an even greater sense of despair. I sure miss him, don't you?
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    It's all about the injuries and especially the key ones. If we stay injury free, we have a chance so I am defintely with Coach Morris on this. We have a shot. Go Bucs!
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    He's right. Everything's going according to plan. This season and the next are what I knew would be in store for us while the 2009 season was going on. We as fans had to go through that to get to this point. I like to be in from the ground floor when I see something about to happen, and I think our chances of winning the superbowl next year are as good as Green Bay, Pittsburgh, New England and San Diego. Those are the teams you will see listed as contenders next year.
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    I agree we need a pass rush. I love Rah but I think the Bucs go to the super Bowl in 2012. the CBA is a big problem right now. If last to long the season will be cut in half and we might not get the FA we want. I'm looking forward to the draft and who we pick with our first pick. I believe we need to go DE in the first round and LB in the second.I hope things gets worked out soon. GO BUCS
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    Give us a pass rush, I'll show you a SuperBowl contender.
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    I want to be excited about Buccaneers' football but I've hit the wall. The CBA is now affecting the season. FA is past due. Who are the Bucs going to get under contract? What are their actual needs after the beginning FA period pick up? Who goes early in the draft? I bet the list is a lot longer if the 1st pick isn't guaranteed $50 million. Are there trades? How are the guys on rehab doing? Think about how far Bowers could fall with a medical problem in his surgically repaired knee and no team resources to address it. We have crossed the line of business as usual. They are trying to throw up stories ahead of the CBA negotiations, (the networks, not PR) and pretend that as long as there's a draft everything is normal. It's not. I'm a fan, and I believe the Bucs have a solid shot at the playoffs. I can't wait to see them take another swing at the Falcons, and knock the "Play 60" right out off the bus. But I feel like the league is hurting my team and in football jargon: It’s a distraction.
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    All we need is a pass rush and a run stuffing LB in the middle and we are superbowl contenders. I believe with a goraft this year that we are strong contenders in 2012
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