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April 14, 2011 @ 2:13 pm
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McShay Doesn't Think Bucs Should Trade Up

Written by Charlie
Charlie Campbell


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ESPN’s NFL draft pundit Todd McShay discussed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the possibility of the Bucs trading up in the first round to land a pass rushing defensive end. In 2009 Tampa Bay general manager Mark Dominik traded up for quarterback Josh Freeman in the first round. Last year Tampa Bay traded up in the second round to select Arrelious Benn. With the Bucs sitting at the 20th overall pick, many believe their top targets like Cal’s Cameron Jordan and Purdue’s Ryan Kerrigan won’t fall to the Buccaneers’ first selection.

With that in mind McShay answered what it would take for the Bucs to trade up with a team like the Miami Dolphins who have the 15th overall pick and are believed to be looking to move down in order to cover some mid-round picks that Miami traded away.

“I understand the theory there, and it makes some sense,” said McShay. “I don’t have the trade chart in front of me but if you are talking about five spots you’re probably talking about a third-round pick, something in that range. They could. The history is there. From Robert Quinn, to Da’Quan Bowers, J.J. Watt, I still think he is a better fit as a five technique inside, Aldon Smith from Missouri, Muhammed Wilkerson from Temple, Cam Jordan, Ryan Kerrigan, and then even Adrian Clayborn from Iowa and Ohio State’s Cameron Heyward, there are just so many defensive ends in this class. Maybe if you see the run on it and you’ve targeted one player then yes you make the move up and go get him because you are nervous he’s going to be off the board. When you start to look at it, one of those, if not more has to fall to 20. That’s why I’m not so sure of it. The way they’ve drafted and as successful as they’ve been in the middle rounds this past year. I would keep as many picks as I could get, hope one of the defensive ends falls to me, and go find some good players in the middle rounds.”
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    I have laid out many scenarios over the months but truth be told, I think the absolute best player in this draft is DE Robert Quinn. I am all about quantity in draft picks and don't like moving up that much, especially with Dominicks record the last 2 years of finding quality players in the mid rounds. BUT......... Robert Quinn is a phenom. He is the one DE universally agreed upon to go top 10. Tell you what, If pick 9 happens and he is still there I would have no problem with Dominick sending the 2nd round pick and a 4th to go up and get him. (In that scenario though, I am also assuming they could get a couple 4ths or a 4th and a 3rd for Ruud and Josh Johnson) They could still snag DE Greg Romeus in round 3 and MLB Nate Irving in round 4 IF one of those trades happen. If both do, then they could grab another LB as well. REALITY: They stand pat or move a couple spots for Kerrigan I know I am contradicting my early statements, just trying to be clear that QUINN is the player I would covet most. I think he could be a 10 sack his rookie year and he is good against the run
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    I agree on the run at QB. They all know a rookie cap will be in place so taking a QB won't cost as much in the past. Alot of good QBs with potential usually tempts teams, especially with so many needing a QB and fast.
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    I agree with McShay on this one. There is too much talent at the DE spot to trade picks away. If they stand pat they will get one of theose guys and not lose any picks. Heck, if their top 6 DEs are gone they could trade down (steelers want Pouncey) and get another 3rd rounder. Then they get a DE and DE Romeus in the 3rd, plus an OLB and MLB and still have another 3rd for OT or CB. That seems the more likely scenario to me unless they have 2-3 guys they are absolutely in love with. Either way, I trust in what Dominick plans to do because the last 2 drafts have shown he deserves that for this draft.
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    Yeah if some team offers the Bucs a ton to move then great, otherwise take the guy with the best motor that falls to 20.
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    bfarbs why don't you go be A coach???????????????????????
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    So George hicks, you say trade back with NE and then dont select a DE. DE is our biggest need. Why would we trade down and then go after OL?
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    Would love to see a trade up to grab Kerrigan. A 3rd rounder to Miami to move to 15 sounds about right.
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    George, you and I must be sharing the same brain because I was think of this exact same scenario with us trading back with NE to 28 and picking up one of their 2 second round picks...lol! The only difference is the order because I think that there is a chance Brooks Reed is gone before our first second rd pick I would take him at 28.
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    I look at what McShane says! But as the draft goes forward. Some experts says that at least 8 Qb's goes between Rd-1 and 2. What so different why these QB's could move is because this year the FA Veterans won't be available until after the draft. I think another seniaro is this with 5 QB's could be on the board by the end of Rd-1 and now the OLB/DE Justin Houston from Ga would be available at number 20. But what if NE wanted to call Tampa and says Tampa what would it take for you to trade down to 28 (8slots) Tampa in turn ok if you select at No.20. I get no. 28, and i want #33 and swap#19 in Rd-2(51) to slotted #60. Then Tampa would be sitting pre darn in great shape. Then Tampa at #28 go after 3 Ot that could be available in Derek Sherrod-Miss St;Ot-Nate Solder-Colorado and also OLB Martez Wilson from Illinos would be available then at No#33get Olb 34 Brooks Reed-Arizona or CB Aaron Williams from Texas, Then @#60.OLB43 Quan Sturdivant-NC, or OG Rodney Hudson from FSU. This is what I would do and NE did the trade. Then Tampa would be set and go after the best players available at the rest of the draft.
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    God what a bunch of unbelievable crap. Has as much chance as of a tower of dominos being built to the moon.
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    McShay isnt taking into account that we cant afford to miss with our 1st round pick and that could easily happen if we stand pat. Clayborne doesnt put enough pressure on QB and Houston takes plays off and seems to have only 1 move- something we know isnt a recipe for succss from watching Gaines Adams. This is the deepest draft for DE in years and while we dont need the top 1 or 2 DE, we are selecting at a spot today where it is likely we will be in a position where we are drafting a player with significant risk. I (and hopefully Dominik agrees) believe that we MUST take a player with little risk of being a bust especially in light of fact that our secondary play will likely drop off in 2012 when we lose Talib to suspension or jail and Barber to retirement. Once Quinn, Jordan, Watt, and Kerrigan are taken the next group of DEs have much higher bust potential. I also think this is one of the weakest overall drafts in years and am ok giving up a 2nd or 3rd round pick this year to move up and get one of our guys. Now, if Dallas, Washington, Houston, Minnesota, Detroit, and St. Louis or the teams that pick in those slots dont take a DE then I see no reason to trade up. Unfortunately, I think that is highly unlikely. Therefore, we must be proactive and trade up. It is possible, that if teams are desperate to trade down and there arent many takers we might be able to move up to 10 or 12 and only have to give up a 3rd round pick. The trade chart says it would cost us more than a 3rd if we move up higher than 15 though.
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    Trading up or down is not something you plan to do in advance. This is a real-time decision that can only be made on April 28 as you watch players drafted that are on your draft board. This is where we benefit by having a Mark Dominik who is as good at this as anybody in the NFL.
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    I agree with McShay and he basically said the same thing I said at the end of the season when we started talking about the draft. There are so many blue chip 3-4 OLB's, DE's and 4-3 DE's in this class that I'm positive that one is going to fall to us. I'm usually nervous that we won't get the player I want (because we rarely do) but this year there are so many available at our highest position of need that I'm very relaxed. Actually, my biggest concern is that there are so many 4-3 DE's worth taking in the first round that it leaves impact players for the Saints and Falcons to scoop up. We better choose wisely or the player we pass up will be causing us fits twice a year for the next 10 years!
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    I agree with McShay. In fact, I say "take Bowers" if he falls. I tend to believe Bowers' agent when he refutes reports of continued knee problems and recovery. Sure, the agent could be lying, but to completely and so visibly destroy one's credibility as the founder of your sports agency for a draft prospect - I think that's unlikely. I think a quality DE worthy of #20 will be there. If anything, I think there is going to be a run on QB's this season, in picks 1-19.
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