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April 14, 2011 @ 2:15 pm
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McShay Talks About Bucs Mid-Round Options

Written by Charlie
Charlie Campbell


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ESPN’s NFL draft pundit Todd McShay discussed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers options in the mid-rounds presuming the Bucs take a defensive end with their first-round pick. McShay believes that the Buccaneers need to focus on their inside and outside linebackers.

“You look at their needs and what they are trying to accomplish, and when you get in the second and third rounds you can go in so many different directions, but when I look at Tampa Bay I think finding linebacker help. Upgrading their linebacker situation inside and outside,” said McShay. “Then cornerback is a possibility, down the line maybe running back if you get the right value maybe in the third round. When you start to look at the linebackers, to me if you can find an impact middle linebacker for your 4-3 defense a guy that can run and cover and do all those things. If that is late in the second or someone falls to you in the third I think that would be ideal.

“Quan Sturdivant from North Carolina, great speed, he’s not the strongest inside linebacker and certainly he has some athletic limitations, but as linebackers go with his size he can flat out run. Mason Foster from Washington is another one I think would be a really good fit in their defense. 6-foot-1 and half, 245 (pounds) it is funny because he doesn’t run great times in the 40, but when I see him he plays faster than so many other guys that I evaluate who have better 40 times from the combine or their pro days. I think Mason Foster would be another guy in that second or third round range who would fit very well. When you start to talk about corners, I’d mention Ras-I Dowling in the second round. I think they are starting to look for guys who can turn and run and cover. Guys who have that speed and athleticism. I think that Josh Thomas is a guy to keep an eye on from Buffalo. He has that speed, 4.49 in the 40, at 5-10 and 191 pounds is a playmaker, and also Curtis Brown in that third-round range from Texas. He’s six feet, 185 pounds. He’s allergic to defending the run but he’s quick and he can cover. It’ll be interesting to see but I think those are some of the corners and linebackers that fit what Tampa is looking for in day two.”
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    I am more inclined to go with McShay over Kiper but you must remember they are only analysts. The draft is always a crap shoot and there has to be a lot of luck go your way . Lets face it the Bucs need agressive, hard hitting, fast, sure tackling and good cover ability in this years draft class. Hopefully Raheem and Mark have done their homework this year the same as they did last year. I am afraid of Bowers and Cayborn with the first pick. Either one could possibly be another Gaines Adams, may he rest in peace. Please get some impact starters on defense this year. it is probably one of the most important drafts the Bucs have ever had. They can not afford to miss on the picks this year after coming off of such a successful year last year. I hope the draft gods are with the Bucs. No clunkers please.
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    I hope we get Mason Foster...he a beast
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    I still contend that they stick with the plan of going after DEs and LBs. I don't see them taking a CB this year. They have Barber and Biggers and Lewis is emerging. Talib maybe can play most the season or half. Next year is a strong CB draft and that is why i think they go after CB then. I agree though, they would never draft a CB "allergic" to the run. My guess is they take 2 DEs and 2 LBs in the first 4 rounds
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    Bucs would never take a corner that is "allergic to the run"...get a clue.
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    I'd be perfectly content with Bruce Carter (if he gets to us in Rd. 2) or Mason Foster, and Dowling in the 2nd & 3rd rds. With the Talib questions, picking up a very good corner in Dowling wouldn't be a bad thing by any means.
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    Donte Moch 6'1' 240# 4.4 40 42 vertical. Watch his film on the PR Draft issue. What an upgrade at will LB.
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    Ras-l Dowling? Sounds like a Batman villian.
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    If Tampa in Rd-2 forget the RB or TE until the late rounds and get ILB & OLB in 2 &3 and pick a DE/OLB in Rd-1 then Tampa will be set to go after some risks players from 4 thru 7. I think that those three players in Rd-1 thru Rd-3 can be some more of the future building blocks for Tampa Bay to get back to great defenses of the past besides Tampa now will have an offensive to go with the defenses. Can tyou Imagine what Tampa would do to other teams if they are strong on both sides of the lines and that Firepower. all I can say is WOW.
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    Anyone know how good of a prospect Casey Matthews is? Too geared towards a 3-4, or Just not a good LB prospect?
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    Matthews is a "good" prospect, but not great. I watched him alot this year hoping to see glimpses of his brother, but hes just flat out not as good. He'll be an average mike IMO. Strong against the run, but not overly fast. Cant drop into coverage too well. He would be a stark difference from Ruud, but not necessarily an improvement.
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    If I had to take a 4-3 LB from this draft class (and we do) whether it be inside or outside, I'd choose Foster. He's the only 4-3 LB that nobody has any negative things to say about on the field and they always have plenty of positive. I think his timed speed is what lands him in the later rounds, but again that's off the football field. I actually like him better than B. Carter, but only slightly. Carter is more athletic but Foster is better at shedding blocks in my opinion.
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