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April 29, 2011 @ 8:42 pm
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Bowers Thrilled To Be A Buc

Written by Pewter
Report Staff
Pewter Report Staff

Report Staff

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Clemson DE Da’Quan Bowers is thrilled to be a Buccaneer. Bowers reacted to falling in the draft, his knee injury, and the influence of the late Gaines Adams.
The long wait is finally over for Clemson defensive end Da’Quan Bowers. After being considered a candidate to be the number one overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, Bowers fell to the Bucs second-round pick, the 51st overall, before having his draft slide halted. 

“The last twenty-four hours has been crazy long. You know,” said Bowers. “It’s been grueling just looking for that one phone call. I’m just glad for the opportunity that Tampa Bay gave me. I just want to show them that they made a great pick and it wasn’t a mistake picking me.

“I didn’t expect the wait to be this long at all. You know, I was expecting to go off the board in the first round, but, you know, I’m just glad that Tampa Bay liked me enough to pick me where they picked me at, and I’m just grateful for the opportunity that they’ve given me.”

The 6-foot-3, 280-pound Bowers slid in the draft due to concerns about a knee injury and the potential impact it could have on his long-term NFL career. Some teams were said to believe that Bowers needed mircro-fracture surgery and other teams were said to think that he had a degenerative condition that would cause him to last only one contract in the NFL. The Buccaneers believe that Bowers does not need further surgery.

“The knee is fine,” said Bowers. “You know, it’s getting better every day. I’m just ready to come to Tampa, get with the rest of my teammates, and get ready to win this championship. It’s all about teammates and teamwork. I’m just ready to start building a relationship with them, with those guys. 

“I haven’t talked to any doctors since my medical recheck. I haven’t been dealing with doctors since because there was no need to.”

Bowers discussed the status of his knee, and when he feels he will be ready to play football again. 

“I’ll be ready to get on the field whenever they need me to,” said Bowers. “You know, whenever they say ‘Da’Quan you’re ready to hit the field’ I’m going to hit the field running. You know, it may not be in two weeks, it may not be in two months. Whenever they get me to go, I’m going.”

After notching four sacks in his first two years at Clemson, Bowers broke out with 15.5 sacks to lead the nation as junior. Bowers also had 67 tackles with 26 tackles for a loss, one interception, and one forced fumble. After the season Bowers had meniscus knee surgery that was characterized as minor. Bowers was not able to work out at the NFL Scouting Combine, and was not 100 percent healthy at his pro day when he ran a 4.84 time in the 40-yard dash. Bowers said his slide in the draft has him motivated to reward Tampa Bay and prove the skeptics wrong.

“I’m definitely motivated,” said Bowers. “I’m just ready to get to Tampa and show everybody what I’m capable of doing, and show them that they picked a great athlete and a great guy. I’m just ready to get down there and go to work.” 

Bowers follows in the footsteps of former Clemson defensive end and former Buccaneer Gaines Adams. Tampa Bay selected Adams with the fourth-overall pick in the 2007 NFL Draft. Adams was traded to Chicago partway through his third season. Adams tragically passed away in January of 2010. Adams served as a mentor to Bowers, and Bowers wore Adams number 93 jersey at Clemson.

“[Adams] and my father was the only two faces I could see when I answered that phone,” said Bowers. “You know, the two guys that helped me to be the man that I am, you know. And how ironic that him playing at Tampa and me getting drafted by Tampa just like him, coming from the same school and being so close. I would have never thought that that would happen in a million years.

“I definitely wore his number to keep up the traditions of defensive ends, and he was like a big brother to me, I thought the world of him.”

Not only did Bowers lose Adams pre-maturely, he also suffered the death of his father, Dennis, in the summer before his junior season. Bowers said his father and good friend were on his mind immediately after he received the good news from the Buccaneers. 

“Well, actually, that was the first person I could think of,” said Bowers of his father. “Him, and Gaines Adams. You know, it’s ironic that when Gaines would call me, an 813 number would show up, and when I saw that number, you know, I just knew that it was Tampa Bay.” 

Bowers explained how he and Adams got to be good friends.

“When I was recruited by coach Tommy Bowden, Gaines was a junior there, and he came out to camp one day when I was 14 or 15 years old, and we kind of just built the relationship from there,” said Bowers. “We exchanged numbers and everything. Then, he would always call and check up on me. He’d come pick me up and take me back to Clemson or we’d hang out or whatever. He did the things that a big brother would do.”

After falling out of the first round, Bowers was not sure with which team he would land.

“Once I got bypassed by everyone, I had no idea who I’d be drafted by,” Bowers said. “You know, my agent and I had some thoughts, but you know, it was never a solid guess. You know, we could never tell who exactly was going to pick us. But I’m just glad for the opportunity that they gave me. I’m ready to just get down there.”

Bowers is a very religious young man that also was known as a high character teammate at Clemson. Like first-round pick Adrian Clayborn, Bowers was voted a team captain. Along with third-year veteran Roy Miller, Bowers and Clayborn will team up with 2010 first and second-round picks, Gerald McCoy and Brian Price, to form a revamped defensive line. Both Bowers and Price are expected to compete for starting spots.

“It’s going to be exciting; they have great guys there in Gerald McCoy, Adrian Clayborn who they just drafted, and myself,” Bowers said. “We are all going to combine and give them everything we got. We’re going to be the young guys that try to take their team to an NFL Championship.”

The Bamberg, South Carolina native plans on being a tenascious pass rusher for Tampa Bay. 

“I think I bring a great amount of talent to the front line,” Bowers said. “I was always known as a pretty decent pass rusher, so with the help of the coaches there, I can only get better. That’s what I’m looking forward to, getting with the staff and working on my craft, and being the best pass rusher I can be.”

~ by Charlie Campbell, James Cifu, and Bob Levine
Last modified on Friday, 29 April 2011 20:25

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    well, let me clarify something to a previous poster said.. "This reminds me of when Sapp entered the league. There were rumors about his private life and his stock dropped, but only a few picks. -" 1- Sapp was athletically superior pass rush and breaking down plays for rush support. 2- Sapp produced since the day he got there and commanded double teams his whole career and showed his true talent by beating them as well.. 3- Sapp produced pass rush in a position traditionally used in support. 4- Sapp never had any medical issues warranting long term effects 5- lastly but not least simply put, Sapp revolutionized the position, Bowers simple got 16 sacks as a pass rushing DE 6- watching Bowers pass rushing moves and motor looks the same as it did before the injury, he is not fast or "Peppers, Robert Quinn, or Mario Williams" explosive. He doesnt pick up his knees enough to accelerate and agility is not as elite as advertised before the "injury"... 7- Bowers is 6'3" 290 and people need to stop comparing him to Peppers just cuz he is big.. watch his pro day, watch his game tape , watch his drill work... HE IS NOT EXPLOSIVE. 8- dont get me wrong Im glad we drafted him in such a value position and hope we sign him to a 5 year contract to give him time to develop. I think he will be a good pro and starter material but we will see if he wants to push himself enough to be. He was the nations #1 recruit coming out of high school and in 3 years only produced 1 good year. I studied his high school tape and workouts coming into Clemsom and at 50 pounds lighter he never could run a 4.6 or have as much explosion as people label him as.. 9-make no mistake about it Terrel Suggs never had the Elite explosion either but he produced massive numbers every year in college and undersized.. and no nfl scout will tell you Bowers would have been a better draft pick than Peppers or M. Williams... 10- ok I think I just suicided my posting career lol..
  • avatar

    now sign a good cb in FA and then print up some sb tickets.
  • avatar

    Tampa bay fans we just got the four horseman watch out nfl
  • avatar

    Going into this draft I was all for trading up to get Kerrigan. I can't even fathom that the Bucs stood pat on their picks and still got Clayborn and Bowers. I'm still shaking my head on how that happened. Then in the 3rd we get the versatile Mason Foster at LB. Wow They say that hindsight is 20/20. If the Bucs had traded up they probably would have had to give up a 2nd or 3rd round selection minimum + another late rounder. Kerrigan was just one player, however good he is, and wouldn't have been worth losing the player or players we eventually got.
  • avatar

    This Young man should show the rest of the NFL teams that it was a very terrible and painful experience. That the revamp Tampa bay defense line will show everyone that Tampa Defense is back and they will stop the run period. May Mr Bowers be bless with many many years In Tampa Bay Red and Pewter.GO Bucs
  • avatar

    Our d line just got BUC WILD! Lets hope the trainers can get all these guys healthy and strong ...if so our team got better in a hurry!
  • avatar

    What a change two years can make in the weakest link on the team!
  • avatar

    In January i was thinking what if the bucs got Bowers who was the best DE in the draft. I said if we got him our line would be stacked. Then I thought we would get another DE in the 3rd... but instead we got an even better situation. We got one of the best (If not the BEST) players in the draft and another great defensive end in Clayborn. We got two first round picks with out having to trade up. Awsome job by the Bucs coaches and scouters.
  • avatar

    This reminds me of when Sapp entered the league. There were rumors about his private life and his stock dropped, but only a few picks. Da’Quan Bowers may have suffered from the same. Medical rumors are worse than drugs usually. When the words degenerative disease are used, everyone is going to run. If Dominick is right about this guy we just got the steal of the Draft. Let me be the first to say : Welcome to the Team Mr Bowers. I am very happy you are here. Happy QB hunting.
  • avatar

    I hope that all is well as time goes by with his knee also. No comparison to Gaines because he plays the run also and he is bigger with more moves. Take your time Bowers and get your body right first. Thurman Thomas was supposed to have a bum knee and you see where he ended. Pray to the Father and let the journey begin.
  • avatar

    In all my years as a Buccaneer fan, we've never had such a potentially great and unbelievably young D-line as this one. I realize the group hasn't even lined up together, but I can't wait to see it in action. I've never been a fan of the so-called "sack artist" because sacks are less than 1% of the plays. What the guy is doing the other 99% of the time is what really counts. With both Bowers and Clayborn being over 280 they certainly should be able to both penetrate and hold up against the run unlike the 250 pound stand-up DE's. And don't forget, we still have Al Woods, Frank Okam and Michael Bennett developing. Gregory White's career as a Buc just ended and Kyle Moore's is on life support.
  • avatar

    If this knee works out we very well may have gotten the best player in the draft with this one. When healthy I think he's better than M. Dareus. Before this draft I routinely said I was giddy about the state of this team. It'll be months before I find to word to describe how I feel about it now. On top of that, the draft's not even over. Go Bucs!!
  • avatar

    So many QB's and Corners went early in the first two rounds that other players got pushed down. I think we got lucky on both of our first two picks. Hopefully, medical issues on both of these guys will not mess it up.
  • avatar

    I'm just trying to imagine that we got Bowers in the first and Clayborne in the second and then I won'tbe so mad. It all worked out in the end so 'm Happy "Go Bucs"
  • avatar

    Bowers is going to be awesome we got a name brand player lets hope he stay healthy
  • avatar

    wouldn't be surprised if bowers plays better then clayborn, there all gonna go together and be the best dline.
  • avatar

    Damn skippy he's worth the risk at #2. I can't believe he slipped that far.... way to NOT panic and just let the players you're looking for to simply be there when your pick is on. Along with Foster, I'm pretty stoked so far!
  • avatar

    Very good chance we just got the steal of the draft - again! Fingers crossed xxxx
  • avatar

    Thoroughly impressed, I must say... Hope the knee is ok
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