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April 29, 2011 @ 8:23 pm
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Dominik Addresses Bowers' Knee Injury

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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Tampa Bay general manager Mark Dominik believed the risk-reward ratio for Clemson DE Da'Quan Bowers was too good to pass up in the second round of the 2011 draft. Dominik discussed the specifics of Bowers' injured knee with the media after making the pick.
Buccaneers general manager Mark Dominik addressed the right knee injury of the team’s second-round pick, Clemson junior defensive end Da’Quan Bowers, after selecting him with the 51st overall pick. Questions and concerns about Bowers’ knee injury caused him to slide from a top 10 spot in the 2011 NFL Draft to the bottom of the second round where Tampa Bay will pair him with its first-round pick, Iowa defensive end Adrian Clayborn, in an effort to boost its sack total, which was ranked 31st last year in the league with 26.

Bowers had knee surgery for a torn meniscus after the end of the 2010 season and was unable to run at the combine. The nation's leading sacker with 15.5 QB captures could not run at the combine, but did run a 4.84 in the 40-yard dash at his pro day prior to the draft. Reports surfaced that Bowers' knee may need additional surgery and that he may have a degenerative knee condition, which could limit his effectiveness and the length of his NFL career. There is also speculation that Bowers may need the controversial microfracture surgery, which has ended some players' career.

On Bowers’ knee condition
“He had a torn meniscus, that’s what it was. It’s a knee issue in terms of how the meniscus will heal and how it’s healing, so we just have to continue to manage that.”

On if there are any degenerative qualities of the injury
“There’s nothing degenerative about his knee as we sit here today. Obviously, his knee has taken some pounding, which is part of the problem, but at the same point, rest and rehab are the best things he can do right now. We’re going to continue to monitor that until we get to training camp.”

On if he will need additional surgery

“No. We don’t see that. What we will do, obviously, again, we’re going to do everything we can to get him on the field when it’s appropriate to get him on the football field. Obviously, our intentions are to provide the package for him in terms of medically to give him a chance to get back on the football field. But I’m not going to rush him back onto the football field, either. We want to get him as healthy as we can and then we want him to play here for as long as he can.”

On when he expects him to be on football field
“Well right now, the idea behind it is ideally rehabbing and continuing to rehab, like he’s been doing. That’s what he’s done since he had his surgery and he had his pro day. He’s been rehabbing since then and is going to continue the rehab process until we’re comfortable putting him on the football field. When that day comes, we will absolutely put him on the football field.”

On if he will be able to play in 2011
“As long as we’re having football this year. I mean, that’s the mindset. Now, I won’t put a time date or template on when that date’s going to be. We’re going to do what’s in his best interest. But at the same point, we feel like he’s going to be on the football field this year.”

On if he had Bowers in for a visit at One Buc Place for the team’s doctors to test the knee
“He had been to the re-check, so it wasn’t purposeful for us to bring him in. He obviously went through the combine and went back through the medical combine to re-check. To bring him in one week later we would be looking at the same thing, so we didn’t need to bring him in on a re-check. The other part we would need to bring him in for a re-check is either a medical or a character concern or something you really want to get answered. Obviously his character is impeccable for us.”

On if Bowers’ knee condition is similar to Antonio Bryant’s condition
“I would love to comment on Antonio Bryant’s [condition], but that one is still [being settled] in the National Football League right now.”

On being comfortable with this pick from a medical standpoint
“We go back and we sit down with our doctors and trainers and talk about what the process would be. [We talk about] where’s he’s at, what’s the rehab schedule, and how long it would take to get this man healthy and 100 percent so he can get back out on the field and be the best player that he can possibly be. We took that all into count. Certainly that’s one of the benefits of having a Thursday night and Friday night draft. We have a little more time to do the reconnaissance and do the research into our selections. Last night before I left the facility, which was late, I said to a few people in the organization that if Da’Quan is there at 51, we’re going to take him and we stuck to that.”

On some of Bowers’ attributes as a football player
“[Bowers has a good combination of] speed to power, natural strength and length, and he’s physical. He’s the kind of guy that was obviously voted as team captain, so leadership was part of it. I know we’ve had a lot of texts the last five to ten minutes from former guys and players that we have on this football team that are fired up. I’m glad that John Lynch got to name the name Da’Quan Bowers up on stage for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as well. We feel that the value of this pick is too strong for me and this organization to pass up.”

On where Bowers would have went if he didn’t have a knee injury
“I think everybody felt the same way. Everybody thought that he was obviously a top 10 talent.”

On if Bowers is just a one-contract player
“I would say it’s premature to say he’s just a one contract player. I do feel that way and at the same point we’ll manage him as well as possible to prolong his career as long as he can be in the National Football League and I’m hoping that we’re going to be talking about him for a long time in Tampa Bay.”
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    A meniscus tear clean up is probably the least invasive knee surgery you can have, eventually as an old man he will have aches and pain as the knees shock absorber was damaged. His knee should be structurally sound as long as he had no damage to the heads of the femur or tibia, he should be fine in a few months, and banging the qbs and rbs with evil intent!
  • avatar

    Got this from the web. seems like if taken care of soon, it may not be that bad. Surgery for meniscus tears includes meniscus removal (meniscectomy), meniscus repair, or in meniscus replacement. For most patients meniscus repair is successful and there are very low rates of complications. Arthroscopic meniscus repair surgery is an elective procedure so it can be scheduled based upon the patient’s needs, but is best performed within two months after the injury. Patients should use this time tp get a second opinion and talk with orthopedic surgeons who work with athletes and have performed meniscus repairs with good results.
  • avatar

    I love this pick and am pleased DOM is willing to take this gamble to put the Bucs defense back at the top for many years to come. In fact the first three picks and drafting Ahmad Black were all genius. I am not so convinced we did as well in the latter part of the draft as we did last year, but luck plays a part too and some of the players we were hoping for there got snatched before we could get them and I am sure DOM did as well as he could. Go BUCS!
  • avatar

    Look at it this way...our training staff has rehabbed Caddy twice, and keep K2 on the field. They know how to handle knee problems/injuries. If anyone can get this young man on the field, it's this medical staff. When that happens, we walk away with the steal of the draft!
  • avatar

    Seriously, watch the highlight video PR put a link to for Da'Quan... This guy is amazing! This guy just doesn't quit! There are a number of times that he gets a great jump and spins and dives but falls to the ground and he gets up and makes the sack or tackle... He gets of the ground faster than anyone I've ever seen, it's like he just jumps straight up... This guy looks amazing and looks like the kind of guy that will never take plays off and fight until 30 seconds after the whistle blows... If his knee holds up and he has as great of a character as they are saying, this guy will be our sack leader that will finally help us move on from these past few pitiful years for the D-line... With Bowers and Clayborn surrounding them and McCoy and Price comin straight for them, QB's and RB's are gonna have nightmares about playing us and a long day ahead of them when they do... This is absolutely amazing... Our line should be a force that is set for years!!! GO BUCS!!!
  • avatar

    Folks, I played college ball and had exactly this problem. I ended up getting the micro-fracture surgery about 4 years ago and it worked wonders for me. But let's not kid ourselves, it's a big deal. We just don't know how much of the meniscus they had to shave off or cut out. We don't know if any arthritis has started in the knee which happened in my case. I was never the same player but he's obviously a billion times more talented than i am. The care and rehab for this issue is so good now that i think he's got a decent chance of salvaging a 5-7 NFL career. Then he can join me in line for a knee replacement that the docs say is fairly inevitable for guys like us who shred that meniscus earl in life. I'll be praying for this kid. And as always, go Bucs.
  • avatar

    Worth the risk? Apparently so. I thiink we could have gone in to camp (?) with the people we had on the D line. He's demonstrated he's the real deal so if that knee comes back we stole him. If not, still a good roll of the dice, IMO. Word the contract to protec the team, place him on the PUP to hold a roster spot and see what happens. Sure, there's a 'waste' potential here for a second rounder, but I like the bet ...
  • avatar

    A torn meniscus is no big deal. They just make two small holes and cut off the frayed part. You walk out afterward.
  • avatar

    This reminds me of last yr. Price slid down further and further. I wonder if Bucs knew that Price had medical issues when they took him ? Bowers is a dominant player, and if he works out, The Bucs could turn this defense around almost as quickly as they did the offense. On the upside, this is going to be a young big strong defensive line. On the downside we have at least three players with medical issues. Luck has gone our way the last two yrs, lets hope it continues as this draft is turning out pretty good so far at least on paper.
  • avatar

    Jared Allen had this problem how did that work out?
  • avatar

    Dominik and Morris will make sure this kid is as healthy as he possibly can be before he hits the field...and when he does...everyone needs to look out. Going from potential #1 overall a few months ago to the middle of the second round should give him PLENTY of reason to play with a massive chip on his shoulder. If he stays healthy, I think this guy could be the next Julius Peppers. Adrian Clayborn will immediately shore up our run defense and Bowers will have free reign to get after the QB all day long. Ugh! I haven't been this excited for a season to start in a while.
  • avatar

    torn meniscus isnt too serious. the dude played the entire college season like that had the surgery after skipped the combine then ran his 40 at his pro day. if it was a serious injury/surgery he would not of ran the 40 nor been walking around on that knee that soon after surgery. we just got the steal of the draft....i wonder if roy miller will let him have the number 90 so he continue to represent his fallen friend Gaines Adams, would be a nice since he wore 93 at clemson in his honor
  • avatar

    It's worth the risk to take him in the 2nd. It sounds like Dominik isn't completely convinced the injury won' be a problem, but he couldn't pass up the opportunity to add a player once regarded as a top ten pick. If Bowers can rehab and play at a high level for 5+ years its a good pick.
  • avatar

    i am extremly worried about this injury. it seems like a very serious injury and ahuge problem for his career. hopefully the risk reward will pay off cause i am extremly happy we were able to land a player with his talent in the second round
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