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April 30, 2011 @ 5:31 pm
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Dominik, Morris Recap Bucs' 2011 Draft

Written by Pewter
Report Staff
Pewter Report Staff

Report Staff

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Tampa Bay G.M. Mark Dominik and head coach Raheem Morris recapped a defensive-oriented draft with the local media following the conclusion of the 2011 NFL Draft. The Bucs feel they have upgraded the talent and playmaking ability on the defensive side of the ball.
After three days worth of selections, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers feel they have emerged from the 2011 NFL Draft with a plethora of talent on the defensive side of the ball. General manager Mark Dominik and head coach Raheem Morris spoke with the local media following the draft to recap the 2011 Draft class, focusing on the picks in rounds 4-7.

(Dominik’s opening statement)
“We just got through what I think is another successful draft for this organization. We added a lot of quality character to this football team, a lot of leaders, a lot of captains, and a lot of production from schools that we felt really could produce good players. We’re really excited about this draft class and for all the right reasons. I feel that we have a way to attack the quarterback. I think we’ve got some more weapons for Freeman and I think we’ve improved the quality of this team again, specifically on fourth down and special teams.”

(Dominik on moving up 12 spots in the fourth round to select TE Luke Stocker)
“We felt like he was certainly one of the best players left on the board. We felt like he was the best tight end left on the board at that time. Certainly there were some good tight ends that went in that round. I think three or four tight ends went at the end of the fourth round. He was a guy that we targeted last night. He was a guy that’s always been on our radar and in a good spot on my board in terms of where we thought the value was. For us it made sense to get a guy like that. He’s got great size, he’s a great worker, he can play special teams, and he catches the ball very well. He’s also a good in-line blocker and so for that point he really compliments what Kellen Winslow does. He’ll be a big asset to our football team and he’s a great guy off the field. I think that’s the one thing we really stressed in this draft again, which is building a team that this town falls in love with. As this town gets to meet this group of draft class members, I think they’re going to do that.”

(Dominik on six out of the eight players the team drafted being captains)
“Six out of eight of our guys are captains. The other two guys, I think, could be captains with their character if you got to know them. I feel really good about that. No, it’s not a requirement [to draft captains], but it is important to us. We look at that as a level of respect within a university, certainly within his team and certainly within the coaching staff. Anybody that’s got that kind of mentality and anybody that’s got that kind of tag to him deserves an extra bit of scrutiny in the right way.”

(Dominik on seventh round selection TE Daniel Hardy)
“He’s a productive player out of Idaho that really can run well. He ran in the 4.7’s. He’s got good hands, but he’s got a combination of good blocking skills and a thick lower body. For me, tight end is a spot where you need to play special teams. We also felt that he was a very productive special teams player and will be one at the next level. So there are a lot of traits that he has. He’s one of those guys that has over 80 catches and over 1,000 yards receiving at Idaho and we felt like he’s a guy that can come in here and fight for the number three spot [at tight end] and continue to work himself up to become a quality backup at the start and see where the ceiling is for him. The floor is his special teams ability and that he’s versatile in both the run and the passing game.”

(Dominik on the tight end position)
“We have depth at the position. [Nathan] Overbay obviously came to our team towards the middle of last year. [Ryan] Purvis has been one of those guys that has been on our practice squad for a couple of years and made it up to the 53 [man roster] last year and got to play a little bit. Again, I want to challenge this roster to be as good as it can be. If that’s adding two tight ends to really push Purvis and push Overbay than they understand. We’re going to continually make this a hard team to make and I think we did that today, making this a hard football team to make now.”

(Dominik if the team is able to talk to undrafted players and sell them on coming to the Bucs)
“No, there’s no communication going on upstairs between undrafted free agents and our coaching staff or our scouts whatsoever. We’re going to follow the rules that are in place and we’ll take advantage of the second draft when that day comes. We’ll certainly handle our business the way we’re going to handle it internally in terms of following whatever rules the league directs.”

(Dominik on if contact with draft picks cuts off when the draft ends)
“Yes, once the draft ends here shortly that will be the last time we’re speaking with these young men for now.”

(Dominik on fifth-round pick Ahmad Black)
“Ahmad should be a popular player within our Buccaneer family, certainly in the Tampa community. His parents are from Lakeland. He’s a captain and he’s a productive player. He’s a great kid on and off the field. He had a very big game in the bowl game also, so he’s always produced. He’s always been able to battle above some of the limitations that people have always thought he had. For him to be there in the fifth round, that’s the kind of guy we want to bring on this football team. What’s refreshing is when they get on the phone with coach [Morris], they are so excited. You won’t know if they were taken in the first or seventh round. They’re so happy to be part of this football team. I appreciate that these young men are excited about being members of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and I think they all believe in what’s going on here as well. Ahmad Black was one of the loudest ones on the phone today.”

(Dominik on if Ahmad Black is a candidate to replace Ronde Barber due to similar instincts)
“I’m going to leave that question more for coach Morris. He’s got those kind of traits as far as being an instinctive football player. He has obviously over 10 turnovers in college, so he’s got all those traits, short area quickness all those things that made Ronde such a special player. I hope he works as hard as Ronde does. I believe he will. I think he has that type of mind and personality to put all he can on to the football field. Again another beautiful thing about Ahmad is he can play some corner. We know he can play some safety, but he also is going to help a lot on special teams for this football team which is important to me.”

(Dominik on selecting USC running back Allen Bradford)
“We like big backs. I told you guys last year I went big back hunting. We went out and we got Kregg Lumpkin and LeGarrette Blount. We went big back hunting again today and we brought home another one that we are really fired up about. This guy has got great strength and great power, and for us in this National Football League it has become a big man’s game, and we are going to bring big backs at other opponents and we’re going to do that here.”

(Dominik on if the organization has had internal discussions about Aqib Talib)
“I think right now as that matter is back under sealed oath with the league office rules and everything, we obviously will handle that matter when it is deemed necessary.”

(Morris opening statement regarding the draft)
“Obviously I’m excited from a head coach standpoint, from a fan’s standpoint, and from a overall general feel of the draft. To do what we did on the first day in picking up a right end like Clayborn, and to do what we did on the second day getting another complimentary type guy that could’ve been a first-rounder with the first pick in the draft, and on and on and on. Mark continued to push the envelope. The nervous head coach sat there and he wants to go up there and get guys and Mark and his staff was right on the details of where they should go, where they could, and try and wait until the last minute to take some of those guys. When you get a Luke Stocker in the fourth round, you can easily give him the grade of a second-round pick. Arguably a first-round pick, late first, that’s a phenomenal day. It is a phenomenal job by our scouting department. With that I’ll open it up to questions.”

(Morris on Ahmad Black)
“Ahmad Black is one of those guys that once you meet him you fall in love with him. You watch his tape, you see the ball skills, and you see all those things he’s able to do. He is a safety that has ability to go inside and play corner, some of the things we’ve been getting into here lately with Cody [Grimm] and Ronde Barber and some of their flop stuff. Some of the stuff you see with Tanard Jackson when he was playing, some of those different options that you are able to do with him. He provides a lot of fun and a lot of excitement, really similar to a guy like Cody. Really similar to a guy like Tanard. A hybrid athlete that can do a bunch of multiple things because of their instincts and there awareness, I’d probably compare him more to those guys than Ronde, just because of how similar some of their traits are and things they can do for us on the defense and across the board and especially on special teams like Mark mentioned.”

(Morris on Anthony Gaitor)
“Well Gaitor man if you guys could’ve been on the phone call to call him right there, I thought we had another first round selection, and with him and his family. I thought it was the first pick in the draft. Like Von Miller, the second pick in the draft coming out with the emotion, the excitement, bringing that guy into our building he was electric. I asked him what round his agent was telling him he was going in. He said I don’t care I just want to come here coach. He showed me that when we called him on the phone today. It makes you more excited when you get off the phone and you go back to Mark and you tell him the reaction when you call these guys. That’s the kind of player I think you are going to get.”

(Morris on running two tight end sets with Kellen Winslow and Luke Stocker)
“The thing with Kellen and Jerramy [Stevens] it was kind of hard to do because then you are predictable. Hey look at us we are throwing the ball because you don’t want to necessarily run behind either one of the guys. You do it every once in a while. Kellen is capable of getting out there and doing it every once in a while. That is not necessarily an envelope we are going to live by and push, so having a guy like Stocker who has more of an in line ability. Have more of a stout guy to be on the point. Kellen can do more of the be on the move stuff, and also go over there and run power with those guys and do some things it is very exciting. Then you also add a late guy like Daniel Hardy that can come in and add some athleticism like Kellen, and also play special teams. Get out there and compete with [Ryan] Purvis and compete with [Nathan] Overbay. As these guys all do. A really exciting room for these tight ends. It is a very hard personal group to defend. A la the Saints. If they are in 11 personal groupings they can look like 21 personal groupings. Their 22 personal groupings because of their ability to do those things. That’s why offenses generally like them and generally like tight ends so we are going to go out there and get the best ones that we can get.”

(Morris on why the Bucs didn’t draft any offensive linemen)
“Last year, I think Mark did a great job of going out there and finding some secret gems for us. Last year, we saw the ability that we had from [James] Lee to go out there and be able to play productive [football]. We’ve seen the ability from [Jeremy] Trueblood to play productive [football] and go out there and win football games for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We added a bunch of inside guys – the [Derek] Hardmans, the [Brandon] Carters – the guys that we got to see play a little bit down the stretch. We got a chance to go see [Ted] Larsen go out there and be a full-time starter. We got a chance to go out there and see Davin Joseph and these guys throughout the years. We are getting [Jeff] Faine back. We felt like we have some draft picks coming back on our football team that we lost due to injury. We felt pretty good then. With the way it fell, we got special players at special needs that we really desired and really liked to fall.”

(Morris on what it’s going to be like without a rookie mini-camp to get the draft picks up to speed with the playbook)
“It’s like I told ESPN, we are all going to start with the same rules. And if we all start with the same rules whatever that ruling is when the NFL decides to rule on that it’s going to be an equal playing field. Then we’ll get these guys ready as quickly as we can. As you guys know we had the Rosetta teaching style last year and it will be no different this year when these guys come into our programs.”

(Morris on whether the defensive-oriented draft was an example of Morris exerting his influence on the drafting process)
“No way. It’s the fact that you kept telling everybody in the league I was 32nd against the rush. You kept saying it over and over every week. No, I’m just kidding. It’s just where we are as an organization. We talk about getting bigger and we talk about being like the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers with the homegrown football team that continually competes for championships. They do. They draft well. They draft big people. They grow up together and they win championships. Hopefully we can get them to do that.”

On what made the Bucs decide to become a big-back football team
“When you have to tackle Jonathan Stewart every week and you have Mark Ingram now coming into our division and you have to tackle Pierre Thomas. You have to tackle all these giant guys coming into your league. You have to tackle the guy (Michael Turner) in Atlanta. They come to your league and it’s a tough deal. To watch [LeGarrette] Blount go for 1,000 yards being a bigger guy, a more physical, structurally thick guy. It’s a big man’s league. We started doing it last year. We’ve become big-back collectors – big backs that are athletic. It’s fun to go get those guys.”

(Morris on whether Allen Bradford could work into a rotation and take some of the pressure of Blount)
“I was kidding Mark but I said I was just as excited about Bradford as I was Bowers. It’s kind of that same kind of feel. We got a guy that we got late that could come in and be productive for us. He’s from that ‘I’m from the bottom’ mentality. He wasn’t a full-time starter at USC. He was very productive when he did play. He played on special teams and was very productive there. From what we hear from all our research, he took everything the right way and was able to fight back and still become a draft pick. He’s from a tough background and he’s kind of who we’re made of and what we’re about. Those kind of these are good. To answer your question, yes. He’ll get some good carries and some snaps.”
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    Overall it looks like a good draft. Time will tell if Clayborn was a better pick over Jordan and if Bowers knee will hold up. Can't blame Dominik for adding pass rushing ends to the roster. The best overall value may have been Black in the 5th. He's an instinctive football player, which makes up for a lack of size and timed speed.Now if the league would stop jerking around and come up with a resolution to the CBA we can get these young guys in the facility and start the offseason camps/workouts.
  • avatar

    Awesome Awsome Draft IMO,,,Come on PR,Im Syked,I need more articles to read........LOL....GO BUCS!!!
  • avatar

  • avatar

    Once we are allowed to I will like the buccs to grab some of the guys from the UFA list below. Darvin Adams WR, Armon Binns WR, Derrick Locke RB, Noel Devine RB, Mario Harvey ILB, Bryant Browning OG (Team captain), Joseph Lefeged S (Team captain), Mario Addison OLB Kendric Burney CB, Ryan Jones CB, David Mims OT, Willie Smith OT, Josh Davis OT, Adam Grant
  • avatar

    Once we are allowed to I will like to grab some of the guys from the UFA list below. Darvin Adams WR, Armon Binns WR, Derrick Locke RB, Noel Devine RB, Mario Harvey ILB, Bryant Browning OG (Team captain), Joseph Lefeged S (Team captain), Mario Addison OLB Kendric Burney CB, Ryan Jones CB, David Mims OT, Willie Smith OT, Josh Davis OT, Adam Grant OT Most of then wont make the team but we should sign them and take a look.
  • avatar

    I'd at least like to know what their numbers will be entering camp but Moore can't be too pleased to see his number being held up by his replacement.
  • avatar

    Bucdiezel90: Who cares what number a player dons? No one will get # 63, # 99, # 55 or # 47 and no one has worn # 42 since Ricky Bell. I believe Stovall, Williams, Joseph, Trueblood, Gilmore, Ruud, Black, Koutouvides, Hayward, White and Crowder are already unrestricted and not even technically on the team until they are re-signed. The team goes to training camp (assuming there is one) with 80 players so I doubt if Moore or Woods will be cut before then.
  • avatar

    scubog - Just think its something fun to think about. KICK ROCKS
  • avatar

    Great to be a Bucs fan today!!! You never know how a kid will pan out, but can see what the boys are trying to do - draft captains, high motor, high production, high character guys with football instincts and a passion for the game. In two years new QB, RB, WR's, revamped O line, on D, new front 4 and possibly front 7. Love Bradford - watched video and impressed by size, strength and speed, though runs a little upright. Everyone expected us to go small speed guy. Great pick. Black is always around the ball and just hits. Obvious downside is he's Bob Sanders and can't take the pounding. Same with Gaitor, but he's quick to the ball, very good tackler and hits hard for guy his size. After thinking about it warming up to the TE trio of Winslow, Stocker and Hardy. And really like that we are getting bigger both sides of the ball, hopefully adding guys with a mean streak. Go Bucs!!!!
  • avatar

    Am I the only one excited to see what jersey #s the rookies will get?! I hope we cut White, Moore, Woods, and Crowder on the D Line. So Clayborn should get #94 and Bowers should get #91. Then if we get rid of Ruud, Mason Foster should get #51. I like Stocker to get his college #88 after Gilmore leaves. For Ahmad Black i like #21 since Harris wont make the team anyway.Then we should give Bradford #28 after we cut Lumpkin. Give Gaitor either #41 or #22 depending on which other safety we cut.
  • avatar

    Great draft, proud to be a bucs fan
  • avatar

    This is one of the best drafts we have had after thinking about it over night. I do believe that Jackson will not be playing for us. The same thing for Talib. We just drafted mostly good character guys. I do not see the Bucs putting up with problem children anymore. They can be a cancer for a team. I can see us signing Trueblood, Rudd, Joseph, Black. Now all we need is for Price to have healed and McCoy to improve and we then will have a top five define.dive team. Fired up! Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    This is one of the best drafts we have had after thinking about it over night. I do not believe that Jackson will not be playing for us. The same thing for Talib. We just drafted mostly good character guys. I do not see the Bucs putting up with problem children anymore. They can be a cancer for a team. I can see us signing Trueblood, Rudd, Joseph, Black. Now all we need is for Price to have healed and McCoy to improve and we then will have a top five define.dive team. Fired up! Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    Overall I thought it was a very good draft. My concerns are of course Da'quan Bowers knee. Adrian Clayborns arm, Ahmad Blacks size, but you have to realize thats football. On any given Sunday you can lose a Francise QB. Injury and who you have in reserve to step up is a big part of the game. I think all the players drafted showed good charater (6 team captains.) There will be a scramble for UDFA's at some point and other "Gems" may be available. I don't think we will be big in Free agency, but you never know. A Top CB may just fall to us if in fact we need one. It is all a dynamic, risky, unpredictable process and thats why we all enjoy the intrique. Good Draft...Now lets put this CBA crap behind us and play some football. Go Bucs.......
  • avatar

    Phan2phear.... 2 out of the 3 players you mentioned, Black and Bradford your dead wrong about... Black will be a day 1 starter and he is instantly the best Safety we have unless Tanard comes back, you obviously have NEVER seen this kid play... just watch, i guarantee your going to fall in love with him when you actually do get to see him play. Morris has said with his own mouth that Bradford will see significant action and snaps this year, he will be our 3 and short/goal line back... those 2 will definatetly NOT be on the practice squad and well see lots of action this year... mark it down!!... as far as the 2rd TE goes (Hardy), that made me scratch my head also but Dom and Rah have done there homework so i have to think they have a plan for him.... give these guys a chance before writing them off... and btw how in the world do you know that Gaitor is not who they wanted?... if they didnt want him i would think they wouldnt of drafted him when there were so many other talents on the board... thats nonsense. GO BUCS!!
  • avatar

    At first, I thought good draft through five rounds, but the rest look like shots in the dark and there's a lot of good talent left out there as undrafted free agents. But I remember one of PR's articles saying that they might draft some people that they would have tried to pick up later as UFAs because of the current rules. As it stands now, it's been a very good draft, but there will be a real dogfight for those quality UFAs left out there when we get a new CBA or whatever. The problem for us, however, is that we've raised the quality level of our own players such that it will be harder to pick up someone who can make this team becquse of the competitiobn at every position.
  • avatar

    Todd McShay stated on ESPN that the Bucs had the best draft of any team. The FO & Coach Morris have done a fantastic job...I should never have doubted them. I'm thrilled with the players we selected and look forward to the competition among them. Through the draft, the Bucs got significantly better than last year (at least on paper) and should be shooting for a 12 - 4 season. However, both Atlanta and New Orleans got better (at least on paper)...by mortgaging the future. The NFC South is gonna be a REAL dogfight this year.
  • avatar

    B+..liked everything up until the 4th rd...While it was a great pick i the fourth, we gave too much. We should have just traded our 5th rd pick and 6th rd pick this yr instead of a pick in a stronger draft next year. Ahmad Black, Bradford, Hardy? All three of these guys could very likely end up on a practice squad or cut........ Black isnt gonna beat out Lynch, Grimm, Jackson or Jones. Might have a real hard time with Lary Asante....Bradford = Kregg Lumpkin...Excited? I didn't think so...Gaior will compete with Mack to never see the field. Gatior was not who they really wanted... Very different from what they have been drafting recently...Hardy might be the best of the three and snag the #3 tight end spot but doubt he is even active most games. ...So, while Clayborn is probably the best ft for what the bucs want to accomplish, and Bowers may end up being the steal of the draft, drafting Mason Fotser tells me that have concern that somebody in the linebacker room isn't coming back or heading to the bench and I believe it's probably NOT RUUD.for example, if the Bucs were really concerned that Joseph was gone, they would have drafted an offensive linemne... For Ruud, this is simply because they will likely replace him next year when the draft has great MLB and CB. Also, this is a contract year for Raheem and you dont trust that with a rookie MLB- or without your star cornerback. Did I mention Talib is coming back? lol -------------In conclusion we drafted some guys on the defensive line that have some medical concerns, a jack of all trades linebacker and tight end, and four reserve/practice squad players..Solid B+ nothing more
  • avatar

    Great draft, but moving on to UFAs. I'm going to get my preferred list in early: Zach Hurd (OG), Derrick Locke, Chad Spann, John Clay (RBs), David Mims (OT), Josh Portis (QB), Ricardo Lockette, Jarred Fayson,Raymond Webber (WRs), Alex Wujciak (ILB), Josh Gatlin (CB). Now I know they can't pick all of them, it's my preferred list to pick from.
  • avatar

    A phenomenal draft day! I agree with the posts below. I do want to plant a seed of thought that at some point down the line we'll have to draft more guys that aren't team captains. They can still be high character guys and of course talented, but you don't want to end up with a scenario three or four years from now where you have too many chiefs and not enough indians. The problem that is possibly created is some of your chiefs will want to leave when their rookie contracts are up and start a tribe of their own on another team. An example is Bart Scott when he left the Ravens to be a "Ray Lewis" in his own right for the Jets. The Ravens defense hasn't been as good since. All I'm saying is that some people have to be comfortable leading (we have those guys now), but some guys have also got to be comfortable just being a follower and staying with the Bucs. Again, this scenario won't play out for many years so we have time to make adjustments as needed. Go Bucs!!
  • avatar

    I love Raheem's shot at the Falcons and Saints Gm lol " The nervous head coach sat there and he wants to go up there and get guys and Mark and his staff was right on the details of where they should go, where they could, and try and wait until the last minute to take some of those guys. When you get a Luke Stocker in the fourth round, you can easily give him the grade of a second-round pick. Arguably a first-round pick, late first, that’s a phenomenal day" Teams better watch out for us this yr
  • avatar

    I remember the days when the likes of Ken Herrock, Phil Krueger and Ray Perkins would draft players who weren't even listed in the various draft publications. They always seemed to be trying to find that one obscure player who would make them look like geniuses for digging them up. Of course they ended up digging their own graves. And that's when we actually had draft picks; since much of the time we traded them for players like QB Jack Thompson who became Irving Fryar, QB Chris Chandler who became LB Quentin Coryatt, DE Wally Chambers who became DT Dan Hampton, DE Booker Reese who became WR Willie Gault and QB Steve Spurrier who became CB Eddie Lewis. Then there are the countless draft picks traded away or wasted like in 1978 when we traded the rights to RB Earl Campbell for TE Jimmy Giles and five draft picks, one of which was QB Doug Williams.But the others were complete flops like 2nd round pick OG Brett Moritz who didn't even start in college, RB Bo Jackson who refused to play here, a 2nd round pick to Buffalo who became CB Nate Odomes, a second round pick to Philadelphia who became CB Eric Allen, a second round pick to San Diego who became RB Eric Bieniemy and a second round pick to LA who became T Greg Skrepenak. Then there is the Conga Line of real 1st and 2nd round busts (pay attention Horse) like OG Brett Moritz, WR Gordon "Too Much" Jones, DE Booker Reese, CB Rod "Toast" Jones, LB Jackie Walker, RB Don Smith, RB Lars Tate, DT Dan Sileo (3rd Rd.) WR Danny Peebles, LB/DE Keith McCants, OT Charles McRae and DE Eric Curry and in recent years S Sabby Piscatelli and WR Dexter Jackson. And some of you want to call McCoy a bust and are poised to call Clayborn a bust. Speaking for McCoy and Clayborn, Froghorn Leghorn would say, I ain't no chicken (bust), now there's a chicken (bust)."
  • avatar

    Scubog, I am paying attention and thank you for the past history review. You know I would be very happy if I have pulled the bust word to soon. You and FLBOYinDALLAS will never let me off the hook for being on our 2010 No. 3 pick so much. I just have bad feeling about the guy. He reminds me of Matt Linert, all Hollywood, and not that much really there. Hey, I really hope I have read him wrong. Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    Scubog- you left out Reidel Anthony, Kenyatta Walker, and Jacquiz Green
  • avatar

    jonnyg: It wasn't a Freudian slip although they are all Gators. Thanks for pointing out some of Richie McKay's less than stellar choices. So far our "inexperienced" GM has done well but time will tell.
  • avatar

    My compliments to Morris and Dominik for a good job. A little "House Cleaning" and the Bucs are ready to roll. Fun to watch. Go Bucs!!!!!
  • avatar

    It's all about taking the best player available and still be able to address your needs. We did that. The first two guys will start, maybe even the next two. This Defensive line is going to be amazing if these guys work out. I am still in shock that Bowers fell to us in the 2nd. Give Dominick credit for having ice cool veins. The turn around of this team in such a short time is incredible. This draft is only on paper right now, But I think we may have had three successful drafts in a row. If the Economy ever comes around locally this stadium is going to rock. Because the talent is there.
  • avatar

    overall a good draft well done
  • avatar

    Solid draft with value throughout. The next thing I am looking forward to is the undrafted free agents. There is a good chance we may be the first choice for lots of these free agents. We are a team on the rise and our rookies got a chance to play last year including guys on the practice squad. (Next man up). Morris is a great coach to play for and they know if they are signed he will give them a fighting chance to make the squad.
  • avatar

    After seeing us beaten badly by the tandem of two big backs from Carolina a few years ago, I am glad we are drafting to have a great tandem of big backs ourselves. At the same time DOM was willing to take Black despite the fact he is not physically big--and Gaitor isn't either--but Black has proven he can produce depite his size and has all the traits that will put our most famous DB, Rhonde Barber, in the Hall of Fame one day. The jury is out on Gaitor. I have not heard anything about him from DOM or RAH that convinces me he has starter ability. None of the Draft magazines believed he was anything more than a player to look at after the draft was over. Hopefully he can play good special teams, but Black can play CB if needed and was a great CB at Lakelannd.
  • avatar

    The 3rd year is a common measuring stick and I think its great to read the comments from everyone compared to just a few short years ago. Overall there's nitpicking of 7th round picks vs. 1st round picks; I would call that improvement. Rah & Dom have earned some respect. I like the Bucs' draft. I like the size, the demeanor, the intensity, the character, and I agree that everyone selected is bringing new skills to the team. After 3 drafts the Bucs' are starting to get to the point where there's talent vs. talent in training camp. They were at a point where there was talent and an open spot. I think they got a lot better, and not just on D.
  • avatar

    The thing I like about this draft is everyone we drafted brings something to the table. Not that everyone was a home run, but I can see why we drafted who we drafted. Like most of the picks, love Bowers/Black/Gaitor picks.
  • avatar

    I hope that when the Bucs are able to sign some undrafted free agents they consider some of these lesser known players Derrick Locke RB Kentucky, Deunta Williams CB North Carolina, Kendrick Burney DB North Carolina, Noel Devine RB West Virginai, Joshua David OL Georgia, Zachary Hurd OL Connecticut, , Ian Williams DL Notre Dame, Pierre Allen DL Nebraska, Cedric Thronton DL Southern Arkansas, Jeron Johnson SS Boise State, Deandre McDaniel SS Clemson, Jeffrey Maehl WR Oregon,Dane Sanzenbacher WR Ohio State and Terrence Toliver WR LSU. It certainly would not hurt to have them in for a look.
  • avatar

    its kinda fun to hear that the defensive guys are excited about coming to Tampa's defensive scheme and for Rah. We should have one helluva of a D after this draft. Will be very interesting. Also, I'm assuming that Bowers contract will contain some wording about him being fit to play with knee etc. Or prob that is standard. I hope the kid's knee doean't give out. For everyone's sake.
  • avatar

    Lol we didnt land any of the players that PR thought we would in our mock. I wonder what they have to say about that
  • avatar

    You, obviuosly, no very little about the draft process!!! as to what they would say...look at the "Bucs best bets". Did you think Bowers would be there at 51? Maybe you should apply as a PR writer. Unbelievable...you are obviuosly more qualified than the PR staff.
  • avatar

    BTW.. who would you have taken in the 6th and 7th?
  • avatar

    This is a very good draft. Well done. I am very excited about the direction we are going.
  • avatar

    i love it...i love the way this new regime has been drafting and im very excited about the tampa bay buccaneers just in general...john gruden made me laugh when he said "i feel better about their draft now then when i was there" i think we have nothing but possitives to look forward to...i also love those that doubted raheem and dominik
  • avatar

    This only reinforces that they want to build a physical football team with size. A more appropriate team to compare what they are trying to mold this team into would be the Ravens (big, athletic players).
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