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May 3, 2011 @ 8:05 am
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Moore Discusses Bucs' Drafting Two DEs, Losing His Number

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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What does the drafting of Adrian Clayborn and Da'Quan Bowers mean for the future of DE Kyle Moore in Tampa Bay? How did Moore feel about losing his number 94 jersey to Clayborn? Get the answers in this article.
With the drafting of two defensive ends – Adrian Clayborn and Da’Quan Bowers – in the first two rounds of the 2011 NFL Draft, the Buccaneers essentially put several defensive ends on notice that their roster spots are in jeopardy this season. Two of those defensive ends, Tim Crowder and Stylez G. White, were tendered offers prior to the NFL lockout, but they may not be on the training camp roster or the final roster once the season starts due to the addition of Clayborn and Bowers.

Another defensive end whose career with the Buccaneers is in jeopardy is Kyle Moore, the team’s fourth-round pick out of Southern California in 2009. Due to various injuries, Moore has only played in 15 games over his first two NFL seasons and produced just 43 tackles, two fumble recoveries and two pass breakups – but no sacks. And that’s why the Buccaneers, who ranked second-to-last in the NFL in sacks with 26 QB captures in 2010, spent two draft picks that produced a collective 38.5 sacks in their college careers.

Moore, who was the starting left defensive end for the Buccaneers before a rotator cuff injury limited him to just 29 tackles in eight games in 2010, said he did not take offense to the team drafting Clayborn and Bowers, who figures to be the starting left defensive end once he fully recovers from offseason knee surgery.

“I don’t take offense,” Moore said. “This is a business. I’ve had some starts and stops in my career and rightly so – they should have gone ahead and drafted two defensive ends. Da’Quan Bowers was a great pick. I can’t believe he slipped to the Bucs.

“As for me, and my career, they’ve brought in two defensive ends and I was hurt last year and the year before. It’s a business. It’s a dog-eat-dog business. If one guy can’t do it, they’ll bring in another guy to do it. You can’t take offense to that because that’s how the league works. It was the same way in college. [Former USC] Coach [Pete] Carroll would do the same thing. His motto was the same way they do things in the NFL. If you didn’t want to do it or you couldn’t do it, he would bring in the next freshman to take your position. It’s the same thing in the NFL. You just have to stand up to the challenge and get ready to compete when the pads come on. At the end of the day, it’s all about production.”

Moore’s NFL career began with a some serious production during the 2009 preseason in which he recorded six tackles, three tackles for loss and two sacks before a groin injury and a torn meniscus limited him to the final seven games of his rookie season. But since his first preseason, Moore has struggled to get to the quarterback and stay healthy.

The 6-foot-4, 272-pound defensive end said that he has fully healed from in-season shoulder surgery that repaired his torn rotator cuff.

“I’ve been done with my protocols with my shoulder a month and a half ago. I’ve just been getting back to lifting heavy and building up my upper body strength. Everything else has been going smoothly. If OTAs would start I could go today. I’ve had plenty of time to rehab my shoulder.”

Moore will have to stay healthy to prove to new defensive line coaches Keith Millard and Grady Stretz and head coach and defensive coordinator Raheem Morris that he deserves a place in Tampa Bay’s defensive line rotation in 2011 and beyond.

“It’s great because those new guys makes our D-line room more interesting and a lot more competitive,” Moore said. “That’s what we all came here to do – compete. It’s our livelihood. We have to compete to make this team. The only way you can do that is showing up to work every day and producing and showing the coaches you can do it. Adding those two guys to our room will add depth and it’s definitely going to help us.”

A key indicator that Moore’s stock at One Buccaneer Place may be on the decline was when Clayborn was given Moore’s number 94 jersey at his introductory press conference on Friday. Clayborn wore the number 94 at Iowa and general manager Mark Dominik will allow him to keep that number in the NFL.

Moore wasn’t too thrilled to lose his number, but sounds like he is looking for the customary pay day that comes when new high-priced rookies or veterans come to teams and want the jersey numbers of established players.

“Mr. Dominik called me on Friday and said he pretty much promises the first-rounder their own number,” Moore said. “He called me to make sure that was okay. Well, obviously, he already did it, but he wanted to call and make sure it was okay and what was going to happen with my number. I told him that was fine, and I would just tell the rookie to be ready to pay up. A number doesn’t make a player, though.

“Roy [Miller] did the same thing for Gerald [McCoy] last year, but Roy only had 93 for one year. I had my number for two, so it’s going to cost [Clayborn] a little bit more.”

While the draft was going, the drafting of Clayborn, Bowers and other defensive players like Washington linebacker Mason Foster caught Moore’s attention and he began to do some YouTube research on his new teammates.

“I’ve been watching some stuff online on all of our draft picks, and Foster looks like he can add a lot to our linebacking corps with just the way he plays,” Moore said. “I don’t know which linebacker position he plays at Washington and what he’ll play for us, but they see something there they like. I usually don’t pay attention to guys from other Pac-10 teams other than USC, but he looks good. We’ll see.”

The addition of Clayborn and Bowers could mean the departure of White and Crowder, who are the oldest veterans in the defensive line room at One Buccaneer Place. Despite playing in just 15 games at the NFL, the 24-year old Moore would ironically become one of the elder statesmen along Tampa Bay’s defensive line.

“I was talking to Mike Bennett about different scenarios and he would be the oldest guys in the defensive line room [along with Frank Okam] if Stylez and Tim Crowder aren’t back,” Moore said. “I don’t know what’s going on with all this lockout stuff, if they will be back or not. Mike is 25 [along with Frank]. I’m 24 and Roy will be 24 soon. We’re going to have a young D-line room, and I’ll be one of the old guys on the team. It’s crazy. Hopefully the two new coaches they brought in will guide us to where we need to be. Our D-line will have a lot of depth and a lot of skill. It’s going to be a fun year.”

In order for it to be a fun year for Moore in Tampa Bay he will have to take advantage of the time it will take for Bowers to completely rehab his knee and produce by consistently getting after the quarterback. Otherwise Moore could be playing elsewhere in 2011.

“I had some of my teammates call me and ask how I’m doing with the team drafting two defensive ends,” Moore said. “I’m cool with it. Hey, competing is what it’s all about. Being from USC, I’m ready for that. That’s all I know how to do.”
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  • avatar

    i was never a believer or fan of moore as a starting DE for this team, but i have no doubt he's capable of being a #3 or 4 DE and special teams guy for the bucs. he needs to worry more about the guys below him on the depth chart than the new guys above him. as long as he's putting on a bucs helmet, i'm rooting for him to succeed
  • avatar

    Scubog, I agree. Injuries play a big part in a persons performance. Moore can't afford anymore.
  • avatar

    Moore, Buy some high grade parchment and get your resume together...I heard Mickey D's is hiring.
  • avatar

    Thats funny! Maybe he'll pull a Kurt Warner and be bagging a Kids meal, come back and be a the league leader in sacks for years. Ha ha ha! Yeah right!
  • avatar

    i would really like to see kyle moore stay.. i did a lot of youtubing myself of him in his college days and it looks like with a little more help, he could really produce in the depth that we have in D-LINE now, and RA's defensive coaching statagy and blitz packages... this could be fun to watch .. the bucs, lions, and rams now have a young, exciting D-line to watch
  • avatar

    He almost looks like he's waving goodbye in the picture. What a coincidence..... Can't wait to see these guys play, super stoked over our pics. I bet a few teams will be wondering why they passed on Mr. Bowers pretty soon. Of course that's if we even have football this year. :(
  • avatar

    I think he's raising his hand in response to the question "who has no sacks for their career?"
  • avatar

    I never understood why they drafted him in the first place. He had some of the worst production for a DE that I have ever seen. Didn't make sense with the serious lack of production.
  • avatar

    George Johnson WILL be the biggest surprise at DE. JMO.
  • avatar

    Well with all these new players coming to make this 2011 team, has put on notice and the team will get down to business like everyone else. This also gives the players that were hurt to get healed and ready from day one to be ready. I can't wait to see what other rookies that didnot get drafted. I believe that Tampa knows what player will help them espically if they are offensive line men, GO Bucs
  • avatar

    My goodness you guys are brutal. I'll throw in my little bit of humor and point out that since Moore's game jersey is barely worn, the "cheap" Glazers made Clayborn wear number 94 to save money. But seriously, We all know Gregory White will not be re-signed. Thus I fully expect Moore to be in training camp (if there is one) to compete. Given his no-name challengers, I think he has as much chance as any of the others to make the team. Last season five DE's were on the final 53 man roster. Baring injury, we have Bowers and Clayborn as locks. That leaves three more to choose from the group of Tim Crowder, Alex Magee, Michael Bennett, George Johnson, Brandon Gilbeaux and E.J. Wilson. OK, lets take Michael Bennett since Morris talked him up a bit. That leaves two more. Who among the remaining candidates is any better than Moore for whom we at least invested a draft pick? Anyone see any of those guys play last season except Crowder and a cameo appearance by Magee? Let's see what happens after the pre-season games before calling for the turk.
  • avatar

    I'm pretty sure that PR had it listed that he lookes like Tarzan play like Jane in the draft issue a 3 years ago. I specifically remember looking at the DE's and Moore was one they said not to draft. Good call on him PR staff, I have seen nothing to make me impressed with the guy.
  • avatar

    Looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane. I'm not sure he even makes the team. He will get a chance, but it depends on what Millard and Stretz can do with him. Like Dominik says "This is going to be a hard team to make". Good luck Kyle, but I'm not putting any money on you!
  • avatar

    They'll keep Bennett and likely Crowder, plus some other PS type guys. White and Moore are out.
  • avatar

    I think the Tarzan reference was used to describe pisspooratelli at one point?
  • avatar

    I'll tell you one thing, I'd rather Moore make the team next year than Stylez G. White. Neither are productive enough on the field from a pass rushing standpoint, but I think the difference is above the neck. When I read what Moore has to say it just seems like he gets it, but he just hasn't been able to translate it to the field in terms of pass rushing. He's also a pretty good run defender. Stylez just comes off as a clown to me. I've heard him say things like, "I get paid to make sacks, not make tackles". He doesn't do either but he obviously doesn't even try to play the run. If Moore is healthy and takes to these new coaches he may be a solid backup. I don't think Stylez has what it takes physically or mentally to ever be an asset to this team again.
  • avatar

    pinkstob, your comments are exactly why fans dont run teams. Stylez was by far the most disciplined player along the d-line. Try watching some film and you might notice that he was the only d-lineman that could cover tightends or halfbacks on 3rd downs when the defense shifted to the 3 - 4. Or you might want to notice that Stylez wasn't in on typical running downs like first down. Moore actually got more attempts to sack the QB than Stylez however Stylez led the team in QB hurries (another stat noticed by coaches but not fans). Stylez will get signed by a team looking for veteran player who buys into a team concept and doesnt focus on personal stats. Moore sucks and everyone knows that who knows football.
  • avatar

    I wouldn't count Moore out yet. We need more than two DEs. I am guessing he is a reserve unless his injuries are lingering.
  • avatar

    Moore is a bust and needs to go. Whatever Clayborn pays for the jersey # should be the last money he earns as part of the organizaton. And yes, Clayborne should pay up. Not because Moore deserves anything, but because its a common practice and courtesy around the league. We dont want Clayborn being the next Dez Bryant. Also Whites career should be over, notjust here but throughout the league. What kinda sorry SOB "doesnt like to practice." We need to keep guys like that as far away from these impressionable rookies as possible.
  • avatar

    Hahahahahaha I agree with yall, who cares how Moore feels?? He'll be lucky to make the team as a back up and the only way he'll have a chance to do that is that all of our back-ups suck just as bad and he's one of the youngest.
  • avatar

    Moore sucks who cares how he feels
  • avatar

    Boy, this was a lame article Scott. I mean really, do you honestly expect Moore to give a true answer? He hasn't produced in 2 seasons. The writing was on the wall before the Bucs picked up 2 DEs. He's not going to get anything from Clayborn for his #94, because he probably won't make the team. How about an article on some of the players who WILL be Buccaneers in 2011? Or, perhaps an article on focussing on why the Bucs (and all other 31 teams) passed on Mark Herzlich, who was considered to be a Top 10 pick prior to his cancer, which is now completely gone?
  • avatar

    I'm guessing the latter for Mr. Moore this year....
  • avatar

    Produce or be cut. It's that simple.
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