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May 10, 2011 @ 1:00 pm
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Price Rehab Update, Not Running Yet

Written by Bucs
News Roundup
Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Brian Price and his rehab is updated in a story on NFL.com by Steve Wyche. Price and Wyche ran into each other at the airport. Here is a portion of Wyche's interesting piece on Price.
Price is moving very well for someone who had surgery to put four screws into fractures in his pelvis, a good sign that he'll contribute to the aforementioned next season.

"I'm just lifting weights, not running yet, but I might be able to start," Price said. "It just depends on how I feel."

Price's desire to get going could trump his rehabilitation, which is why he's trying to be cautious during a lockout in which he's not under the care of Tampa Bay's trainers and doctors. He is rehabilitating in Tampa, a decision he made on the day the lockout was lifted and players could have contact with team employees.

Price had left his native Los Angeles and met with team officials and coaches before the lockout was reinstated. He is working out at a facility that works in conjunction with the Bucs so his status can be monitored. During that fleeting moment Price was able to meet with the team, Tampa Bay drafted defensive ends Adrian Clayborn and Da'Quan Bowers to team with Price, a second-round pick last season, and fellow defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, the No. 3 overall pick in 2010.

"I'm excited about that," Price said of the players added to the defensive front. "I was so happy. They had plans to get them, and they were pumped up when they got them. So was I. We can get pressure on the inside and outside. We just need to get this lockout lifted so we can get together and get some chemistry."

Additional Info

    PewterReport.com's Take: The Bucs and Price find themselves in a difficult position. For starters, Price's injury is very unique and that makes it much more difficult to guide his rehab and project when he will be 100 percent healthy. Basically, Price had to have his hamstrings reattached to his pelvis with the screws inserted in the top of the rear. Seasoned experienced staff with the Buccaneers have said they've never heard of this being done to a football player before. Publically and privately the team has believed that Price would be ready to compete in spring OTAs (organized team activities) and training camp. Considering that Price can't work with the Bucs training staff it may be wise that he is not pushing his rehab to start running again. Running, exploding out of his stance, and building his stamina are the next challenges for Price. The Buccaneers could definitely use a healthy Price. At the beginning of training camp Price was dominating practice. Head coach Raheem Morris proclaimed that Price wrecked practice for the offense, and sources in the front office said he looked like the best player on the team in the first few days of training camp. If Tampa Bay can get that player back, the same star that dominated the Pac 10 for UCLA, the Bucs defense will get a big boost and Price will make Gerald McCoy, Adrian Clayborn, and Da'Quan Bowers even better. 

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Bucs News Roundup

Bucs News Roundup

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    Lots of guys on the margin with these injuries, suspensions, etc... Need breaks to go our way...
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    I gotta bad feeling about Price. Something tells me that the surgery didn't help him. He was the most explosive guy in camp last yr, but now he isn't even running yet. This would be a huge bust if he does not play. We need some luck on our injury front. It is curious that we are not seeing any pictures of Price or Bowers in Tampa.
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    Cheer up guys. Nobody thought when Caddy went down for the second time that he would ever play again either, but he turned out to be a very productive third down back last year and took plenty of hits without any new injury. Also Caddie has not gotten the full praise that he deserves for his special help he gave our rookie sensation who went on to pile up over a 1,000 yards with a changing make-shift offensive line every week, and to do it in only 6 games was phenomenol. I don't believe that would have happened without Caddie giving him the mental outlook and coaching him on the plays. Very unselfish dedication to the Bucs!!! We owe him for that.
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    owlykat, so Caddy is being recognized for all his efforts by signing a contract with the Bucs? What if he sat out an extra year and got much better? Maybe he would be signing a much bigger contract now? The point I am making is that Players be fully healthy before committing.
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    We owe Caddy nothing thats the nature of this business players get hurt and if they don't produce they are expendable. Caddy sucked last yr ave 3.3 yds a carry so thats why we gave Blount carries and he took over with the same make shift line you say Caddy had and wasn''t able to produce. Bucs Fans need to stop making excuses for Caddy and except the reality HE's DONE. Don't give me how good of a blocker and pass catcher he was, running backs are all about being successful running the ball if you can't do that then you won't be around period. BYE CADDY, do you hear that screaching noise the stadium makes when he runs well now that noise is Caddy leaving Tampa.
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    Looking at this team without the injured (or likely to be injured) players suiting up, Jackson and Talib gone from the back end - not to mention a serious shortage of experienced linebackers, and we best hope this coaching staff has another bag of tricks on hand. We're going to need it.
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    Well so long as things are continuing to progess with his rehab I'll keep my optimism. Based on what I've read I think both Price and Bowers have a 50/50 chance of overcoming their injuries and getting back to the players they once were. They were both dominant prior to their injuries, so even if only one of them makes it long term 3 out of 4 players on our front line will be awesome. We are closing up a lot of the holes on our team so it's no biggie if we have to use another high draft pick 2 years from now at DT or DE. But here's to hoping they both turn out great. Go Bucs!!
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    I hope Price will take his time in the rehab world. I am sure that he is following the Bucs directions. this appears to be a very long rehab and getting in football shape without injurying other parts of the body. He could miss this season, but could be ready to go full power in 2012. Bowers is a totally different thing as we do not know what his medical condition is at this point in May.
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    FLBoy - If we can get 3-5 years out of him and his assumed positive impact and for only 2nd round pick money, I'll take it.
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    So if clayborn, bowers, mccoy, talib, and grim come back from serious injury and a long lay off and play like 5 year vets then our D is in good shape right.
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    Price's injury is more serious than a torn miniscus. Re-attaching hamstrings makes you wonder if he could be done or just come back and only be half the player he could have been.
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    Not to add to the gloomy prospects but I just read the following online today from Kevin Acee, a Chargers beat writer: "There is concern by most teams that he (Da'Quan Bowers) might be essentially finished," Acee wrote. "On some level, you have to applaud Tampa Bay for taking him. But there is a large number of people who have seen the medical report from when he was re-checked in April that believe he is done. That's sort of been the unspoken reality behind Bowers and why he fell. Even if a team could get five or six good years out of Bowers, he probably would have still been a first-round pick. But to fall into the second could mean there is far more going on with Bowers' knee than has been reported."
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    I remember thinking/seeing the same thing at last season's training camp about Price dominating. Literally, he was moving everyone they put on him off the line. Even on double-teams he was pretty disruptive. He's got fantastic hands and really knows how to get leverage on his man. I also remember thinking (and seeing written) that he was much more like Sapp than was McCoy, even though McCoy was drawing those comparisons (body style, moves, explosiveness, etc). He's got the focus of a veteran player in that he zeros in on the ball and doesn't look at the obstacle (the O-lineman) in front of him.
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    Way more serious of an injury than I could have imagined.
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