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May 10, 2011 @ 2:28 pm
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NFL Experts Rank Bucs Highly

Written by Bucs
News Roundup
At NFL.com experts Gil Brandt, Pat Kirwin, and Steve Wyche have released their NFL power rankings. All three have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the top 13 of the NFL.

Brandt- 13th overall

Kirwan- 11th overall

Wyche- 9th overall

Additional Info

    PewterReport.com's Take: It is interesting that Wyche has the Buccaneers not only in the top 10 in the league, but ahead of the Atlanta Falcons. Wyche has the reigning NFC South Champions ranked 12th in the league with the Saints in the top slot. Both Brandt and Kirwan have Atlanta and New Orleans ranked ahead of Tampa Bay. Brandt makes a shocking selection with the Detroit Lions ninth overall in his rankings and ahead of Tampa Bay. It makes sense not to keep Atlanta as the top team in the division because no team in the history of the NFC South has repeated as division champions. In 2010, the Bucs were the first team in division history not to go from last place in the season before to the playoffs the next year. Tampa Bay came close to extending the streak with a 10 win season, but did not get the help it needed to secure a wild card spot. If history in the division proves anything, no team can be counted out the next season. 
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Bucs News Roundup

Bucs News Roundup

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    Blount doesn't need breakaway speed. 5-7 yards per carry is just fine with me. This may be the first year in forever that the offense really clicks and carries the defense on it's back. The Bucs an offensive powerhouse, who would have thunk it?
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    I just want to see what kind of undrafted FAs we pick up. Last year we did very well with the like of Preston Parker and such. I really hope we pick up a scat back/return man like RB Noel Devine from WVU . Huggins hasnt done crap! We need a shifty back to go with all of the big bruiser type backs we already have. I love Blount but even after he would break tackles he would still get run down from behind because he doesnt have break away speed.
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    Freeman makes this Team a contender. IF the Defense gets better who knows what we will have. I look forward to seeing Bowers and Clayborn get their first sacks.
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    For the life of me I just don't get the accolades for the drafts of Detroit and Atlanta. Every comment about the Lions is that they will have DT Nick Fairley next to Suh. OK, that's nice but Suh was drafted LAST year. Then Atlanta gives up all of those choices both this year and next, for one wide receiver to take the place of WR Michael Jenkins who himself was a first round draft pick in 2004 and I thought a descent player. But they did little to think about their sputtering defense and finding a successor to 33 year old DE John Abraham.
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    I think that Tampa will win the NFL South this year, because look at the schedule and I really think that if the Bucs play in London versus the Bears, That Tampa Bay will surprise Chicago and the rest of the league. I'll put QB Frremen against anybody, That Includes Rivers, Manning TEBOW, Bradford, Sanchez,Brees, Ryan, also the other Manning brother. I really think that with another year underneath their belt. That the talk around the league how in the world are we gonna stop that Running and the Air Assault Attack. I hope that They will play ball. ONE THING ELSE. I FORGOT ABOUT COWBOYS ROMEO QB, He is just an Average with some talent around him. I just don't understand why the owner of the cowboys didn't draft one of those QB. I think Dallas could have traded down and picked up more picks to get those offensive and defensive lineman. I just love that qb Dalton, that will really blossom behind ROMO IN A COUPLE OF YEARS. I hope that my input is not far reaching, One more think what is Dallas going to do if PRIMA DONNA ROMEO GOES DOWN-I say Dallas will be lucky to win 5 without ROMO. But that is Dallas. IAM LOOKING FORWARD TO THE DALLAS VS BUCS IN DEC AN THIS 66 YR OLD BUC FAN WILL BE AT RJ STADIUM WHAE TAMPA BAY WILL BEAT DALLAS IN ALL PHASE OF THE GAME AND SECURE A PLAYOFF GAME. GO BUCS
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    We have alot of question marks? Talib, Jackson, Price, Bower's, Rudd, Trueblood, Joseph, Caddy, Graham, hayes, No. 3 spot in 2010 draft because Scubog forbids me to say his name. Overall we are going o be a 9-7 0r 10-6 team. Hey I am excited! Go Bucs!
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    If you like these rankings, just wait til the Bucs go deep in the playoffs!!!!
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    I don't necessarily agree that these "experts" ranked us highly, relatively speaking. We drafted 20th out of 32 teams which is equal to the #13 ranking out of all the teams. I would have considered being a consensus top 10 team to be highly ranked, but that's just me. Once again, we've got a heck of a lot to prove to these know-it-all's this year. Go Bucs!!
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    Freeman and our past few drafts make a big impact...the writing is on the wall and now the defense gets a nice infusion of talent. Look out NFC South, we may linger at the top for quite some time!!!
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    PR- I know what history says but you can count Carolina out, there is no way in hells bells they win the divsion.
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    LoL, thats what they said about the Bucs last year...So I wouldnt say never! Yes it is a very slim chance though.
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    Dont look now, but someone just noticed we drafted Freeman
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