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May 26, 2011 @ 9:05 am
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Bucs Employees To Be Sent Home Without Pay Next Week

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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The NFL lockout hasn't just impacted the Buccaneers players' ability to work out and train at One Buccaneer Place. It has now affected the entire staff at the team's headquarters. The Bucs announced that the staff will be sent home without pay the week of Memorial Day. 

The NFL lockout, which has spanned nearly three months, has not only affected the Tampa Bay players’ ability to work out at One Buccaneer Place, but it has also impacted the entire staff at the team’s headquarters. On Thursday, the Bucs announced that the team’s employees would be sent home next week without pay after the Memorial Day holiday on Monday. The following statement was made on Buccaneers.com:

Due to the current NFL labor situation, the Buccaneers’ offices will be closed Memorial Day week. If the work stoppage continues into the fall, additional office closures during the week of Labor Day and in the winter have been conditionally added to the calendar. However, if the labor situation is resolved without the loss of any regular-season games, any lost wages will be fully reimbursed to Buccaneer employees.

“The Buccaneers remain hopeful that the 2011 season will be played without interruption; presuming this occurs, the plan will essentially provide the team’s entire staff with an extra week of paid vacation,” said team spokesman Jonathan Grella. “And more importantly, this plan preserves jobs and does not ask employees to work for less or no pay.”

The contingency plan was introduced in March in order to cause as little disruption as possible, and to allow the advance planning of vacations at a spot on the calendar when Buccaneers employees often take time off.

The key for Buccaneers employees to be reimbursed of course is an end to the lockout and a new collective bargaining agreement prior to the start of the 2011 regular season – and does not include the possibility of missed preseason games due to a work stoppage. Should that happen, this week off without pay could turn into two or three more weeks off around the Labor Day holiday and the winter, presumably around Christmas and/or New Year's Day.

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    Have a nice vacation...I expect this is happening to all in the NFL...OBD
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    When the Rays were in first place not that long ago, it was sad to see ball games with such low turn out. The recession has hurt owners' incomes too from what they should be earning. However, when the Glazers had such poor attendance at the Bucs' stadium, they still had to pay all their coaches and staff and players the contract prices they were owed. If the players had come to the bargaining table this year and said: at the end of the year if your owner's revenue is off 25%, then each player's contract will be renegotiated at 75% of what they were paid the year before, and the same will be done each year until the economy is back to the stadium attendance seen before the recession, then, friends, there would be no lockout, there would be NFL football for certain next year, and no employees would be furloughed for even four days. Put yourselves in the owner's shoes for a second before you blast them, please. I am retired and on a fixed income with no cost of living raises while struggling with high gas prices and inflation at the grocery store, and I wish I owned a small company, but I don't. We need NFL Football back!!!
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    I'm surprised it took the Glazers this long to do something like this. Fact is most teams started doing this 3 months ago when the lock out began. These people didn't become Billionairs by being nice guys.One thing this lock out should teach us is the owners don't care about football,players, coaches, all their employees, and their families,the only thing they worship above all else, the almighty dollar.
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    Guys, it's a mere four days off. Big deal. At least they have jobs when they return next Monday. The fact that a business can afford to pay someone to sit and do nothing doesn't mean they should. How about the highly paid players who filed the lawsuit contribute to the office staff relief fund. It's just amazing the mentality of people who believe so strongly in the Robin Hood philosophy. Unless it's their own had-earned money being distributed.
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    Last year the ownership made no attempts to fill their stadium. No new campaigns or marketing ideas. No lower prices on concessions or ticket sales. Just blackouts. The nfl has been planning this lockout for years as they have negotiated TV deals that will pay them with or without football. How many products do you know that will make money without delivering anything? They made the deal but it should be illegal and it is at the very least unethical. Smart, ethical, and fair businessmen or greedy? I am all for capitalism, and making as much money as you can, but never unethically. They will use whatever excuse they can to to try to take money away from the players or their own staff. These are billionaires that own these teams. Not millionaires, but billionaires. With guaranteed TV revenue they can't afford to keep their small staff of people paid? I'm sure the staff member who is supporting a family of 4 can go a couple of weeks without pay a few more times than the Glazers. The NFL owners have seen their product become the most profitable sports brand in the US under the old CBA with a customer base that is hooked to football like cocaine. This is not like baseball where they must support a minor league system. They have the local cities build their places of employment (stadiums). They hide their books and profits even though they have agreed to pay the players under the old CBA. The players are under immense pressure to try to play now as some of them are near the end of their careers. I am a small business owner. I normally would side with owners but the owners are killing the golden goose. Maybe its time that the players form their own league. I have never gone to a Bucs game to see Joel Glazer run for a touchdown. Remember that. I don't want to hear that risk reward crap anymore either. The Glazers have seen their investment dollar increase quite a bit since they bought the team. I doubt that owning an NFL team involves that much real risk. How about risking your lively hood on your knee for 16 Sundays a year. That is risk.
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    Well Here it comes football fans. Just when I though that the Fans was coming back after manny years of some of the owners just don't get it. We will see this summer when some of the fans will cause problems around the cities that have NFL Teams. If will effect all the little guy who is trying to make a living. I don't blame the players at all. The Greedy Owners all they want to do is make a large amount of money. The players play the game, the fans come to support the players. The problem is these owners are Primma Donnas who haven't work a day of their life. The are in the high pay bracket, So they don't really get it the little man again works for minimual wage I again agree with the players why don't they get part of the pie. There really playing for the minimual when the owners call all the shots. Sometimes I think when I watch the games the same teams makes the same mistake like it was done on schedule, I hope not. GUYS AND GALS WHAT ARE WE GONNA TO DO IF THERE IS NO NFL GAMES. I WOULD SAY LETS BOYCOTT THE ENTIRE SEASON WHEN THE OWNERS DECIDE TO BRING THE TEAMS BACK! I WOULD THEN WRITE THE MAJOR COLLEGE TEAMS TO PLAY A SINGLE ELIMINATION TOP 32TEAMS IN THE COUNTRY AND THE FANS AND COACHES WOULD VOTE ON THE TEAMS. WHEN THE FINALE TWO TEAMS PLAY THEN IT WOULD BE THE BEST OF 3 GAMES ON NEUTRAL SITES. EXAMPLE THE TOP 8 BOWL GAMES AROUND THE COUNTRY WILL PLAY TWO GAMES EACH. THEN TWO TOP TEAMS WILL PLAY BEST OF 3 SERIES AT THE ROSE BOWL. IF WE DON'T HAVE NFL TEAMS PLAY. USED ALL THE NFL STADIUMS FOR THE COLLEGE PLAYOFFS. AND GUES WHAT THE SEATS FOR THE GAMES WILL NOT BE FOR THE NFL FANS THAT HAVE SEATS ALREADY. FOR THESE SEATS 1/2 OF THE STADIUM WILL BE DIVIDED FOR THE TWO TEAMS PLAYING THE GAME AND THE OTHER 1/2 STADIUM IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. WHAT DO YOU THINK! go fans
  • avatar

    georgehicks, too many games to play. I'd say take the top four bowls and play past January for a championship. That would be an addittional 3 games each college team plays and will extend football way into late February.
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    That sucks! Owners you op out to make more money; at least pay your employees. I was going to buy some tickets for the 2012 season, but I am holding off unless whatever I buy now goes into a pool to pay for your layed off employees based on a 4 pre season game and 16 regular game season. I'm switching to the side of the emploees. Go employees! Hang in there.
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    The glazers just cannot help themselves. With all the negative "cheap" PR they decide to make another move that furthers the argument....
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    Sorry to see this happen to anyone. I don't know anyone this recession hasn't affected anymore.
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    Its absolutely ridiculous! I knew our chump owners would jump on board with this crap!
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    It is unfortunate that the cheapo Bucs are doing this. However, after being laid off for a year and a half myself before I found another job, it is hard to pull out the wah-wah-wambulance for people losing just 4 days of pay, that they may yet be compensated for in the future. Sounds like a vacation to me. In fact if I could buy more vacation days I would. Sounds like a great deal to me.
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    I think both players and owners are full of ***, but come one Glazers, really! With all the hundreds of millions of dollars everyone knows you have made, you can't afford to pay employees now. Sad, just sad.
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    welcom to the real world Bucs Employees after the millions of americans that are getting laid off can't say I feel sorry for you.
  • avatar

    That's a little harsh the jg don't you think. You're talking about ordinary people here for the most part, not the players or the owners. I feel sorry for anyone, depending on a paycheck, that is forced to take unpaid time off or loses their job.
  • avatar

    palmbaybuc- Your right in the fact these are ordinary people but the point I was trying to make is they aren't unemployed they still have their jobs unlike 30% of americans today who have lost their job permanately and can't find new ones. So no, I do not feel for these people Ifeel for the unemployed who can't find work..
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