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May 26, 2011 @ 10:53 am
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Report: Talib Expected To Be Indicted

Written by Bucs
News Roundup
According to Rick Stroud of the St. Petersburg Times, Buccaneers cornerback Aqib Talib is expected to be indicted by a grand jury in Texas on Friday.

A Dallas County grand jury is expected to return an indictment of Bucs cornerback Aqib Talib for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, according to Texas law enforcement authorities.

However, the indictment is not expected to officially be reported until Friday. Earlier this week, an examining trial determined there was enough evidence in the shooting case involving Talib to be heard by the the grand jury Wednesday.

"Official results don't come out until tomorrow,'' Frank Perez, Talib's Dallas-based attorney said an a text to the Times Thursday.

Talib is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a second degree felony which carries a punishment of 2-20 years in prison, for his role in a March 21 shooting in Garland, Texas.

Additional Info

    PewterReport.com's Take: It is not surprising that the grand jury is expected to return indictment of Talib. It still will be a challenge for the prosection to convict Talib of his charged crimes. As for Talib's future in the NFL that is up in the air. With or without a conviction of any charges even if charges are reduced as part of a deal, Talib could face a lengthy suspension from the NFL. The Buccaneers stance is to wait and see the results of the legal process. Their inclination is not to cut Talib. A previous report from Stroud said Talib was all but cut, but that was refuted publically by head coach Raheem Morris and privately by numerous team sources to Pewter Report. Right now Talib, the Bucs, and the NFL have to see the results of his trial before making any determinations about Talib's future.
Last modified on Friday, 27 May 2011 10:45

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Bucs News Roundup

Bucs News Roundup

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    I would imagine a minimum suspension of 1 year will be coming form the commish. Considering smoking pot will get you 4 games on the first offense, shooting at someone would have to get you much longer. JMVHO but I believe we better prepare for life without Aqib.
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    Horse: Let me explain my position. You know you're one of my favorite posters; but you and many of us believe what has been reported about the incident is already true before it has been proven. If it turns out the way it's been told then he will likely spend some time in jail and I too believe he should be released immediately. I also think that IF somehow Talib avoids jail time he will surely be suspended by the NFL for probably the entire 2011 season; in which case the Bucs should release him. But IF somehow he avoids jail and a suspension then all I'm saying is let him play out his contract and not re-sign him. My best guess is that he goes to jail like he deserves. Didn't Jon Gruden say, "You get what you deserve"? I guess Talib wasn't listening.
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    Horse, I understand and respect your passion for the game and your desire as a Bucs fan to expect the best, on and off the field, from both players and personnel. I share that passion and believe the fellowship of other PR posters feel the same way. The only opinion that I offered in my previous post was that I would support whatever decision the Bucs made regarding Talib. The remainder of my post was simply fact - the on-record position of the Bucs today and the court process unfolding in Texas. Nobody can support what Talib has done. We all, including you, respect the American democratic process upholding the rule of law. People make mistakes and we have a process to set matters straight. I'm saying, like Morris, let's let that process take it's course.
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    macabee, sorry but I disagree. Justice is not fair and just about any good attorney can get plea downs as long as it wasn't a murder. The guy arrived at the scene with gun in hand. My point is that whatever the minor slap he eventually gets, why do we have to accept his ways on this team? That's what I am talking about. Let him go someplace else to play ball and be rid of him. He lacks, character, common sense, he has a large ego and thus will not be able to control his anger. He chooses to behave this way. I am not rewarding him for his actions. He is not worthy of being a Buc. Just my opinion. Sorry about the slap about "your client Talib". I'm sure you don't represent him and I understand what you were defending. I just don't agree with it anymore. Too many thugs get away with things and then they just come back again and do it again because they feel like they can.
  • avatar

    Thank you macabee. I hope your piece explains the legal situation to people who seem to think arrest, indictment and conviction are one and the same. Let's sit back and let the legal system run its' course. Now that said, I think there is little chance that Talib gets off without a multi-game suspension from the NFL. The Bucs organization is in a difficult position because of Talib's on-field ability. They are no doubt livid and would like to throw him out the door for his behavior. BUT, as the saying goes, "don't cut off your nose to spite your face." If I were in their shoes I would let the legal system and the NFL exercise their authority in determining Talib's fate. If by some chance Talib is permitted to play a few games this season; I would be inclined to just let him remain with the team and play out his contract until he becomes a free-agent. Sad situation.
  • avatar

    scubog, sorry to disagree with you. In my lifetime Ihave had unfortunately many experiences with angry young men with guns in their hands and most of the out comes were not good. I owned a property management company for years and some of the properties i managed were not in good areas. I will give our police a lot of credit that whenever a person has a gun at a scene they will be arrested. Most poor people go to jail, but Talib has lots of money and an attorney can get anyone out of a lot of trouble and justice will not prevail. He will somehow get a minor slap on his hand. That doesn't stop the fact that he arrived on the scene with gun in hand. I don't want players on the Bucs team with that kind of uncontrolled anger. This is just my opinion and I have earned that right like you to have a opinion and express it. We should release Talib as soon as we can. The NFL Commissioner is going to suspend him for the year if he is found guilty of something.
  • avatar

    Surprise, surprise, surprise. We all knew this was going to happen. Cya Talib. Don't let the cell door hit ya when it slams shut.
  • avatar

    I provided the excerpt from Morris on Talib to set the record straight on the Bucs current position on Talib. Talib will be indicted, but that is just the beginning of the process - all that has been decided is that he can be tried in a court of law. Talib and his attorney did not even attend, it is where the Trier-of-Fact (Prosecutor) presents his evidence and a panel decides whether the weight of the evidence merits a trial by law. What follows next is Discovery, where Talib and his legal team gets to see the prosecutors evidence and formulate a legal strategy. If the evidence is weak, a motion-to- dismiss will be filed, pleas will be offered and on and on. Don't get rattled because the indictment came down. It is just a legal proceeding that gets the ball rolling. Now the Bucs may tire of this circus and pull the plug on Talib, It's their right to do so. If they do, I will support their position and root for the next man up!
  • avatar

    macabee, so glad you agree with what Talib is all about. Yea, he is just an a bye stander. He just happen to arrive at the scene with gun in hand. Good luck with that. I hope that your client Talib and you are good to go.
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    In speaking with Shaun King and Toby David while appearing on the all-too Jewish-sounding “King David Show” on WQYK-AM 1010 this afternoon , Morris strongly shot down any suggestion that Talib has already been sentenced by the Bucs. Shaun King: On the Aqib Talib issue, have you heard from Roger Goodell about this? Raheem Morris: No. We have our own discipline policy for our players and we do extra things in addition to what the NFL may do, and it’s all within the CBA. We sometimes fine people or have them sit out games or not participate in certain things. Right now the guy [Talib] has not been judged. Once he is judged, I am sure the NFL will step into play. The reports that we have already determined Talib’s future are completely false.
  • avatar

    Talib you are an amazing waste of talent. I hope you finally learned from your mistakes and gets some f'n help. I don't know about anyone else but I knew that he would get into trouble when the lockout started. What I find pathetic is that his mom rolled up ready to unload on the guy Talib was supposidly shooting at as well, no wonder he is soo f'd up. How's that ol' saying...You can take the boy out of the hood but you cant take the hood out of the boy. Whatever happens I hope he can turn his life around. I hate seeing guys waste their careers over stuff like this bc I know I'd give anything to be playing pro sports. PS sign ASUMOGHA !!!!
  • avatar

    bucdiezel90- Asomungha is not the best in the league its Reavis but I get what your saying Bye Talib, you moron good luck getting a big contract now they will not be guaranteed and maybe yr to yr from now on.
  • avatar

    It's to bad about Talib. When officially the indictment comes down and when officially the owners and players have resolved their issues, Talib will no longer be a Buc. The bucs will release him.
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    I hope Rah and Dominik read this in the paper today. We need to spend any amount of money to get Nhamdi Asomugha to the Bucs. Talibs career at least with the Bucs is over, and this is most likely Barber's last year. It makes way too much sense to sign a CB that happens to be the best in the league and in his prime!
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