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June 3, 2011 @ 10:17 am
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Ronde Believes In Redemption For Tiki

Written by Charlie
Charlie Campbell


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Bucs CB Ronde Barber believes his brother, Tiki, can mount a successful NFL comeback and achieve some redemption in the eyes of the public.
Many stars in the NFL have had roller coaster careers. Players like wide receiver Randy Moss, linebacker Ray Lewis and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger are some recent NFL stars that have had controversy off the field that was mitigated by finding success on the field. Buccaneers cornerback Ronde Barber believes that his twin brother, Tiki, is the next player to follow that trend. Ronde thinks that Tiki can find redemption in the eyes of the public in a similar manner as Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.

“Absolutely. I’m sure it will work for Plaxico [Burress] when someone gives Tiki a chance. He’ll come back dominant, and [his off-field problems] will be a side story,” said Barber. “In some people’s minds you are always going to be that (a pariah), but at least in your mind you can find some redemption.”

In his career with the New York Giants, Tiki Barber ran for 10,449 yards, averaging 4.7 yards per carry with 55 touchdowns. He also caught 586 passes for 5,183 yards and 12 touchdowns. Barber had at least 50 receptions in eight of his 10 seasons. He ran for over 1,500 yards in his final three seasons as well with 1,860 yards in 2005 and 1,662 yards in his last year in 2006. After playing 10 seasons in the NFL, Tiki retired to start a television career with NBC.

Over the past four years, Barber’s TV career has stalled. He went through a high-profile divorce. After all that Tiki became inclined to come back to football this year. Seeing the success of Ronde, who played at a very high level at age 35 last year, inspired Tiki to make a comeback. Ronde was third on the Bucs in tackles with 102 in 2010. He also had nine tackles for a loss, one sack, seven quarterback pressures, 16 passes broken up, three interceptions and one forced fumble. Tiki has been working out hard and is back to his playing weight of 200 pounds.

Still, Ronde acknowledges that thee NFL lockout has made it a bad year for Tiki to return to the league. Like all players, Tiki was deprived of the free agency marketplace to find a new team. He also would have had the benefit of OTAs (organized team activities) to learn the team’s offense in any other year.

“No free agent market, and he’s still under contract with the Giants, technically,” said Ronde Barber. “They still have to release him but they can’t right now. The one positive is prior to last week he can get back into the swing of things under the radar. He can get back to working with the guy that made his career – Joe Carini, a guy in Jersey that he worked all those years with – without having to be obligated to a team. That’s a positive for him.”

Last week, Tiki had a quote in which he likened himself to Anne Frank in a story in Sports Illustrated that once again put the former Giants running back in a negative light.

“The SI article,” said Barber. “The whole Anne Frank deal and all that BS. It is what it is. It was completely taken out of context but it’s another hit. It was a one-day story but still…”

Ronde’s comments illustrate that Tiki’s physical strides are an example of his dedication.

“He looks the part now. He’s working at it, but he’s really got no other direction right now,” said Barber. “He left NBC. He wasn’t really doing much with Yahoo even though he was working with them. It makes sense for him in his head to come back and try to rebuild something. He’s taken a lot of hits – a lot of negative hits the past three years. The one way you can re-endear yourself to people is to do what you do best. People are waiting for Tiger Woods to start playing good again so people can stop talking about all the negative stuff. Tiki wants to do something positive with his life so people can stop talking about all the negative stuff.”

The harsh media spotlight in New York has been steadily increasing on Tiki since he retired. Tiki became a villain to Giants fans after some public criticism of quarterback Eli Manning and coach Tom Coughlin. As his TV career slowed down, Tiki's public divorce with his wife, Ginny, who was pregnant with twins at the time, took center stage. The steady stream of negative attacks in the media on Tiki have been difficult for Ronde to watch.

“That’s the reason I haven’t been to New York as much as I used to,” said Ronde. “It is a city that loves to love their stars, but it loves to hate them even more. It is what it is. It is hard to hear about anybody that you love and care about. It is hard for me to hear about Aqib [Talib]. It breaks my heart every time I have to read something negative about him. I know him to be a good guy, just like I know my brother. People’s perceptions ... and Tony [Dungy] used to say it all the time: you have perception and reality. In our business, perception is reality. Having to deal with that reality, and people’s reality of you, is hard for people that care about somebody to deal with.”
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    I say this time and when rumors were flying that Tiki next stop would be unite with his brother. Since Tampa didn't go after that RB from Bame. I say bring him and make him work for it. Play him in pre-season and really see if he does or doesn't fit in before someone else decides to resign barber. I really believe with the roster going to be expand a few more players Tiki would be a veteran that could be used in certain sistutation. I say Bucs Management bring him on board. Look at other Veterans that came in was a bust. But give Tiki a chance. I believe that I heard that the numbers of new slots available would go from 53 to 58 plus a 3rd QB. Is this right!
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    he made his bed, and now must sleep in it...nobody "caused" him to say what he did(manning/coughlan/female tv "cu$&") of do what he did with his preg. wife...have NO sympathy!
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    What else would he say? "my brother sucks and i dont think he should play" haha obviously hes gonna endorse his own brother. I like our rbs as they are. The only only reason to bring in tiki would be if Williams isnt resigned. He could possibly come in and help with pass protection, but i dont see him taking carries away from blount or bradford.
  • avatar

    It's a real shame that Tiki's life took such an abrupt downturn when he made the choice to have an extramarital affair.One weak moment and his life changed forever. It's real easy to sit back and condemn him for it. I often have said the difference between a man who has an indiscretion and one who doesn't might just be opportunity and timing. As Jimmy Carter would, "lust in your heart." It's not Tiki's fault. It's a poor design of our reproductive system to blame. Blood is the source of the erection. Where does the blood come from? Our brain. What engineer designed that? So the blood leaves our cranial cavity causing rational brain function to cease. Why not get the blood from our feet? We aren't going to run anywhere when our antenna is up. I'm reminded of a skit where a guy looks down at his erect penis and it looks back and says, "I'm in charge now!"
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    Scubog, really who cares about Tiki and his affair? It was about him bad mouthing the Head Coach and some other Coaches, some players and New York. Besides even that; the man hasn't played football for almost 5 years and he's 35. There's really no story here except Ronde brought it all up for his brother.
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    The lack of any news of substance is killing me. We have to read about a has-been like Tiki Barber, that will be very lucky to be picked up as a back up, after a team has too many RB's injured. End the lockout now, you miserable miserly owners! How about as a sign of goodwill, the owners put a 2 week moratorium on the lockout, so something can get accomplished? If talks don't progress they can re-enforce it. Oh no, they have to maintain the leverage. Crap, they probably would put a double arm bar on their grandmothers to get them to make more cookies.
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    Well it was Tiki's big mouth that got him in trouble in New York. The guy is 35 and way past his prime. End of story. Rhonde, please stay focus on yourself. You've done a very good job on this in the past. Please do not defend Talib. Just like many of us have said in different ways; the law will take care of it. Again Talib went to the scene with gun in hand and ready to do some shooting. That's way different than Ray Lewis, Michael vick, T-Jac, Rothenburger situations were. When guns are involved it's a whole new level of seriousness.
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    while i agree Tiki's personal life isn't our business and shouldn't be part of perception on the field, it's the natural way of a professional athlete. We view them as stars, we put too much love/respect/emotional and financial commitment into our "heroes". When we find out they are thugs/murderers/rapists/felons/idiots and even cheaters, alleged or proven, it dings the "star mentality" and we view them as tarnished people. But on the flip side, if they don't want the criticism, go work a normal 9-5 job where you are out of the limelight, or simply stay clear of the bad things. As Charles Barkley would say, "he's a knucklehead"
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