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June 8, 2011 @ 7:20 am
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Bucs 2006 NFL Draft Review

Written by Charlie
Charlie Campbell


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PewterReport.com reviews the Bucs’ 2006 draft class. Who could the Bucs have taken instead of Davin Joseph? What late-round gems did the Bucs pass over? Find out right here.
Obviously it is foolish to judge a draft immediately afterwards because nobody knows how the players are going to turn out at the NFL level. With that being the case Pewter Report looks back at the 2006 NFL Draft and how the Tampa Bay Buccaneers fared. Check back later this month as Pewter Report will review other previous drafts for Tampa Bay.  

The Buccaneers were coming off a 2005 season that featured a first-place finish in the NFC South with an 11-5 record. They had the 23rd overall pick in the first round. The draft was conducted by then general manager Bruce Allen and head coach Jon Gruden. Current director of college scouting Dennis Hickey was in his same role at the time.

First Round
Bucs pick: guard Davin Joseph- 23rd overall

Top Players the Bucs Passed On
Cincinnati CB Jonathan Joseph- 24th overall
Pittsburgh WR Santonio Holmes- 25th overall
Carolina RB DeAngelo Williams- 27th overall
New York Jets C Nick Mangold- 29th overall
Houston LB DeMeco Ryans- 33rd overall
Green Bay WR Greg Jennings- 52nd overall

Other Quality Options
Indianapolis RB Joseph Addai- 30th overall
New York Giants DE Mathias Kiwanuka- 32nd overall

Analysis: Davin Joseph has been a solid player for Tampa Bay. He started as a rookie and has been a quality run blocker and pass protector. Joseph is the lone player drafted from the previous regime to make the Pro Bowl, although as an alternate. The consistent negative about Joseph has been reoccurring injuries and at times inconsistent play. Holmes and Jennings have been two of the top wideouts in the NFL. Mangold is in the top two or three centers in the NFL. Ryans has been excellent for Houston. Corner Jonathan Joseph has been very good for the Bengals. While Davin Joseph has been a quality pick, all of those other players have topped out at a higher level of play. 

Second Round
Bucs pick: right tackle Jeremy Trueblood 59th overall

Top Players the Bucs Passed On
Jacksonville RB Maurice Jones-Drew 

Other Quality Options
Green Bay G Jason Spitz
Atlanta RB Jerious Norwood 
Houston T Eric Winston

Analysis: The Bucs would have taken cornerback Richard Marshall, but he went one pick earlier to the Panthers. Trueblood has been a solid, dependable starter for the majority of his time in Tampa Bay. He is a strong run blocker that improved his pass blocking over the years. Controlling mental mistakes has been his biggest challenge as Trueblood had stretches of personal foul and false start penalties. The past two seasons, Trueblood was misfit in a zone-blocking scheme instead of the physical, man-blocking scheme he was drafted for. Jones-Drew is the only player the Bucs passed on for Trueblood that would definitely be considered an upgrade. 

Third Round
Bucs pick: wide receiver Maurice Stovall 90th overall

Top Players the Bucs Passed On
New Orleans G Jahri Evans- 108th overall
Denver WR Brandon Marshall- 119th overall

Other Quality Options
Houston TE Owen Daniels- 98th overall
New England K Stephen Gostkowski- 118th overall

Analysis: Stovall never turned into the wide receiver the Bucs envisioned. There were years where Stovall was dominant in training camp but never transitioned it into production during the regular season. He has been an excellent special teams player for Tampa Bay. Evans is one of the best guards in the NFL, and is better than Joseph. Marshall has been one of the best wide receivers, but has been plagued with off the field problems. Daniels and Gostkowski have been good players. Any of those four would have been better picks. 

Fourth Round
Bucs pick: cornerback Alan Zemaitis- 122nd overall

Top Players the Bucs Passed On
Denver DE Elvis Dumervil- 126th overall
Minnesota DE Ray Edwards- 127th overall

Other Quality Options
New York DT Barry Cofield- 124th overall
Seattle G Rob Sims- 128th overall 

Analysis: This one hurts. Zemaitis is the biggest wasted pick in this draft class as he never saw the field for Tampa Bay. Dumervil is one of the best pass rushers in the NFL after being dominant in college. Because he is short (5-foot-11), he fell in the draft. Edwards is a very good defensive end. Either player is massively better than any defensive end that has played for Tampa Bay since 2006. Cofield and Sims are quality pros that are easy upgrades over Zemaitis as well. 

Fifth Round
Bucs pick: defensive end Julian Jenkins- 156th overall

Top Players the Bucs Passed On
Philadelphia LB Omar Gaither- 168th overall

Other Quality Options
Chicago DE Mark Anderson- 159th overall 

Analysis: The Bucs blew a pick on Jenkins, but not many players turning out helps Tampa Bay. Gaither was a starter for a couple of seasons for the Eagles but lost his starting spot in 2009 and 2010. Anderson was a dominant pass rusher as a rookie that helped the Bears make a Super Bowl run. He was a one-year wonder, but that one year is a lot more than Jenkins produced in his brief pro career. Either Gaither or Anderson would have been better picks.

Sixth Round
Bucs pick: quarterback Bruce Gradkowksi- 194th overall and tight end T.J. Williams- 202nd overall

Top Players the Bucs Passed On
Indianapolis T Charlie Johnson- 199th overall
Indianapolis S Antoine Bethea- 207th overall
Tennessee CB Cortland Finnegan- 215th overall

Other Quality Options
Baltimore P Sam Koch- 203rd overall 

Analysis: Gradkowski became a starter as a rookie and struggled. He never developed as a backup in 2007 and was cut before the 2008 season. Williams never made it on the Bucs roster. Johnson has been a starter for the Colts the past four seasons, and Bethea has been quality starter as well. Koch has been a good punter for Baltimore. Finnegan has the reputation as a dirty player but has been a quality starter for the Titans. Any of those four players would have been better than the Bucs sixth-round picks. 

Seventh Round
Bucs pick: cornerback Justin Phinisee- 235th overall and defensive end Charles Bennett- 241st overall and tight end Tim Massaquoi- 244th overall

Top Players the Bucs Passed On
New Orleans WR Marques Colston- 252nd overall

Other Quality Options

Analysis: Colston has been one of the better wide receivers in the NFL. Future head coach Raheem Morris recommended the Bucs draft Colston out of his alma mater, Hofstra. Morris was the defensive coordinator at Kansas State at the time of this draft. All three of the Bucs' seventh-round picks were non-factors and wasted picks. 

Final Results:
The Bucs got two starters in this draft in Joseph and Trueblood, but that's it. Some of the players they passed on are unforgivable. Dumervil, Edwards, Evans and Jones-Drew top that list. This draft had the potential to be an incredible haul of talent, but as it stands now the 2006 Bucs draft class is below average and provided Tampa Bay with a minimal long-term impact.

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  • avatar

    Allen and gru couldn't draft.
  • avatar

    My Lord! And I thought the 2007 review was bad!
  • avatar

    amen, thats so true allen couldn't draft
  • avatar

    BucDiezel, PR published a 53-man roster prediction on May 4th. Nothing has changed since then so I would assume it's still their current prediction. FYI, Shelton Quarles said that the first five picks would definitely play on sunday. Go to the Article Archive, click on page 3, 2nd article. Hope it's what you're looking for.
  • avatar

    I must be the only one that doesn't care. I would like to hear more about some of the rookies like Foster and Clayborn. Is it too early for a 53 man roster prediction?
  • avatar

    Wow this it hurts to read these articles, but it was a telling sign that that era was bad a drafting talent. Dennis Hickey is still the scouting director and the Bucs are drafting better? Was Gruden and Allen not paying attention to the scouting reports or is Morris and Domenik better at spotting talent? I don't know but in case scenario the Bucs had gotten Nick Mangold in the 1st, Maurice Jones-Drew, in the 2nd, Jahri Evans in the 3rd (would say Brandon Marshall but he would have conflicts with Gruden like Keyshawn), Elvis Dumervil in the 4th, and throw in Marques Colston anywhere after that. Gruden would still have a job.
  • avatar

    These draft review articles really show how bad the Allen/Gruden era was at drafting. It's difficult to predict how well a player will do at the next level, especially the late round picks, but the consistent misses from draft to draft fall squarely on the shoulders of the GM and HC.
  • avatar

    I like Joseph, and certainly want him resigned. But Nick Mangold was a player I really wanted the Bucs' to draft, and it was disappointing to see him passed over. Isn't this the year Gruden coached the Senior Bowl, and had all the, "insider knowledge on players?"
  • avatar

    Never have I been so wrong about a guy I wanted the Bucs to pick than A. Zemaitis. You couldn't convince me he wasn't going to be the next R. Barber. I was pissed we didn't take him in the 3rd round. He was my favorite pick of the entire draft and I was estactic when we took him the 4th round, thinking he was the steal of the draft. He was productive in college, but he turned out to be slow, dumb and physically weak at the NFL level. I had blocked him out of my memory until this article.
  • avatar

    My god ....what could have been...morris must be pretty good too he told the bucs to draft colston.
  • avatar

    I'm thankful Allen is doing this for the Redskins now.
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