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June 15, 2011 @ 9:02 am
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ESPN Bloggers Rate Penn the 8th LT

Written by Bucs
News Roundup
ESPN's divisional bloggers voted on the best left tackles in the NFL and Tampa Bay Buccaneers left tackle Donald Penn was ranked in the top-10. ESPN NFC South expert Pat Yasinskas wrote the following regarding Penn.

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    PewterReport.com's Take: That appears about right for Penn. He has had a lot of success for Tampa Bay and since he broke into the starting lineup in 2007. Penn has shutout some of the NFL's best pass rushers. That group includes Minnesota's Jared Allen, Dallas' DeMarcus Ware, and Atlanta's John Abraham. For years Abraham gave Penn trouble, but last year Penn shutout Abraham in both games against the Falcons while Abraham totaled 13 sacks for the season. The only issue that can hold Penn back is his weight. Last year he reported in excellent shape and produced perhaps his best professional season. His weight did increase late in the year and Penn didn't finish the season as strong as he started. As Penn ages keeping his weight in check will continue to be a challenge, so the Buccaneers were wise to put weight clauses into his contract extension.

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Bucs News Roundup

Bucs News Roundup

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    Jason Paters and Jordon Gross highly overrated penn is better than both of them.
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    scubog - Paul Grubber would have been a multiple Pro Bowler on any other team. He was way up there on some terrible teams. Let's not sell all the Bucs of old short because the current crop may be lacking. Good for Donald Penn. He's earned his money and his emerging notoriety.
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    Clearly the ESPN bloggers need to get a PFF subscription....
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    mjmoody: Excellent post. Exactly how I feel about Donald Penn. I love the attitude he brings to an otherwise relatively passive group. Jeff "Paine" is in the infirmary as much as he is on the field yet his mouth is always in operating order. I do think Davin Joseph is a quality guard and should be re-signed. The rest are developmental prospects. Has this team ever had a truly dominant offensive line that deserved a nickname? Not that I recall.
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    I think OL will be our focus in next year's draft. Hopefully we'll pick up at least 3 studs. Maybe the first 2 can be back to back like DT and DE the last 2 yrs. Penn, Joseph, and Faine are all OK, but overrated. Interesting article here says Penn is the 7th worst pass blocking LT in the NFL, and Trueblood is the 5th worst pass blocking RT. Freeman probably has the worst bookends in the league protecting him. It also rates Long as the best pass blocking LT in the NFL. http://www.profootballfocus.com/blog/2011/06/13/2010-pass-blocking-efficiency-tackles/ I hope 2012 is a great year to draft OL!
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    Mjmoody, I tend to agree with most of what you said; however, I don't think Davin being a must-sign is a bad thing. The guy was a pro-bowl alternate, which means he's in the top-6 guards in the NFC. I think he plays at times like a top-3, then looks like barely a top-10 at other times. Solid all-around guard though. Zuttah played great at center last season, he's just not big enough to be a guard. I think we go for at least one tackle and interior lineman next draft, so that will be our time to fix what's broken. Until then, Freeman and Blount just need to keep their game up.
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    Mark Dominik was the pro personnel man at the time who gave the thumbs up to sign Penn off of the Vikings Practice squad so the credit is Dom's.
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    I have been very happy watching Penn develop into highly rated LT and was pleased to see him go to Hawaii--where the Pro-bowl should be played. I remember having a long word battle with Horse during Penn's holdout; about Penn being worth the $$ --and so far so good. Having called out Horse on that, I would like to say where I thought he was wrong about Penn, I think his opinion is dead on about the rest of the line. The Bucs' are loaded with average talent and need to address this problem soon. Trueblood vs. Lee? What an awful choice. Faine when healthy; how often is that--6 games a year? Joseph a must sign? Sure he is, but he shouldn't be. Zuttah...don't get me started. The Bucs' are not a physical force up front, and they need to be. Dotson, Hardman, Larsen & B. Carter may provide a spark, but I think the Bucs' need a Center wearing a Captain patch that is on the field, has bite to go along with his bark, and will grow with Freeman. (So Horse I may not have agreed with the Pouncy pick over a DT, but I agreed with every reason you said it.)
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    Mjmoody, l am far from being perfect and glad that he did good. I am hoping he is watching his weight and is working out. Go buds.
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    Jordan Gross is overrated and has been for some time. His biggest upside is the ability to play RT and LT equally. I would've put him at 10th. Also I think Jake Long is the best LT in the league. Joe Thomas is a hair better (just a hair) as a pass protector than Long, but Long is twice the run blocker Thomas is. J. Long is not only the best run blocking LT in the league, I believe he's the best run blocking O-lineman period. There's more to being a LT than pass blocking and if you sum the scores for run and pass blocking I think Long comes out on top.
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