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June 15, 2011 @ 2:09 pm
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Next CBA Could Require The Bucs To Spend

Written by Bucs
News Roundup
For months there has been speculation that a new labor deal would establish a salary floor that would force the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to spend a lot of money in free agency before the 2011 season. Last year when there was no salary cap or salary floor, the Bucs were one of the teams that slashed their payroll. The Bucs dropped their payroll by roughly $30 million in their 10-6 campaign. In 2009 the salary floor caused the Bucs spend over a $100 million in a year that the team went 3-13.

The offer made by the owners on March 11 included a commitment to spend 90 percent of the salary cap in cash.  This would prevent teams from relying on “dead money” arising from trading or cutting players with large contracts in order to meet the minimum, and it would require all teams to spend a lot of money.

If this provision makes it into the final deal, it means that teams on the low side of the spending equation (and several were millions below what the cap floor would have been in 2010) will have to spend a lot of money in 2011.

That money could be spent via pursuing free agents, and there will be plenty of free agents available if, as expected, the minimum threshold moves from six year back to four.  Or it could be spent on young players already on the roster who merit extensions.

Additional Info

    PewterReport.com's Take: Buccaneers general manager Mark Dominik saw this situation coming. Dominik has set the Bucs up to give substantial raises to a number of players already on the Bucs roster in 2011 to help them reach a potential new salary floor. Those players include: quarterback Josh Freeman, left tackle Donald Penn, tight end Kellen Winslow, and defensive tackle Gerald McCoy. The Buccaneers would like to re-sign some of their own players like guard Davin Joseph and linebacker Adam Hayward. The Bucs also would be interested in re-signing a number of their other free agents if the price is right. That group consists of linebacker Barrett Ruud, linebacker Quincy Black, and right tackle Jeremy Trueblood. Other players that could be re-signed include defensive end Tim Crowder and running back Cadillac Williams. After the Bucs re-sign some of their own players and their rookie class, Tampa Bay's front office does not believe that they will have to go on a massive spending ramage of free agents from other teams. They could sign a few free agents, but they aren't prepping to go on a large spending run through top-shelf free agents.  

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Bucs News Roundup

Bucs News Roundup

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    Money doesn't buy results...drafting and coaching does...case in point the billion dollar Redskins...worked out well for them!
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    I think we add a few people....I know it might not be recieved well...but I would LOVE to get Plaxico to Tampa. I think Plax with Mike Williams and Benn would be a HELL of a corp
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    Go after starting corner, possibly another DE, OG, RB, KR. Not sure why I would give McCoy a raise after one year, wouldn't bother giving too much to some of these other guys - Ruud especially.
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    Nycbucguy, PR means that Dom structured the contracts to have less money in the first year and a bigger jump this year than usual in anticipation of a salary floor. It's good he had to foresight to do this, but I'm sure he wasn't the only GM to do so. I don't see the Bucs going crazy in the FA market in order to hit the floor, as I can't imagine the floor would be as high this year since there are quite a few teams who would have to scramble to hit it. They'll probably raise the floor gradually over the next two years to avoid bad contracts being handed out. Either way, it looks like Dom is on the right track.
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    Scubog, I agree with the context of your post, but I'm going to mildly disagree on a minor point. This is the same family that went to FA for our Super Bowl players, But not the same guys in charge. It's what happens when you're sucessful and you send your kids off to business school. They come back with a mastery of business concepts like cash flow analysis, Break-even analysis, payback period and Return-on-investment. And that's great, it just may make you put an emphasis more on the bottom line than on football.
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    I'm so over the "cheap" tag as the cause of the low payroll. These are the same owners that wrote the checks for the Superbowl team. There is no Drew Brees, Peyton Manning or Albert Haynesworth on the team to falsely elevate the pay scale while the rest of the group is paid an average wage. Why is it so hard to understand that with the youth of the team still on their first contract and the lack of Pro Bowl players being richly rewarded, the cumulative salary is going to be lower than an aging team with 6 Pro Bowlers? For goodness sakes, there are only two players in the top 100 on the roster and one of them is a rookie 4th rounder.. Who deserves to be paid? You can sign a high-priced free agent to raise the salary and then sit back and watch the player decline and do nothing to help in the win column. Don't we have enough examples of that? Draft the right players, let them turn into stars and pay them accordingly. Ask Dan Spender if he got his money's worth.
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    Boys we nearly have a super bowl caliber team. Get 3 key players and we will challenge. Need 2 backers and saftey and a corner and we are there. If you teamed Namdi with Talib if we get him back with that pash rush..!!!..... Then add a 2 stud backers..... print super bowl tickets. lets dont let this window slip by. Come on boys you will make more money if you have 2 home playoff games. We need a ultra slight tweak.
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    We just gave Penn a new contract last year, and McCoy only played one year with average production. What kinda raises are we gonna give those guys? Also, why would the owners propose that stipulation? Wouldnt such a high floor benefit the players more than the owners? I would think the cheap owners would want to save money and the big spenders would enjoy the competitive advantage.
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    I like that the Bucs will stay true to their beliefs and dish out the money to young players that have earned it and to try to keep some of the players that we would loose other wise to FA. I also agree that we should at least try to keep Ruud for 1-2 years to help get these young guys up to par even if that means we have to pay up (we have it). This would benefit both parties all though the Giants or Rams might snatch him anyways. Stay Young!!!!!Go BUCS!
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    The more I read about Dominick the more impressed I am with him. He and Morris have vastly surpassed most people's expectations. I think they are on track to build a really good team. Gruden was a good on the field coach but he and Allen were horrible when it came to personel decisions with a few exceptions. assuming we have a season this year, I think Tampa wins the Division. If not certainly a wild card. And after watching this team last yr, I would not want to play them in the playoffs.
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    Sounds like a good plan to me. Q. Black would probably be the only player I wouldn't re-sign out of that group. The biggest takeaway from this story to me is that Dominik was already prepared for this. Go Bucs!
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    Well they should spend on a big time free agent whether they do or not.
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