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July 5, 2011 @ 7:01 am
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PR Predicts: RT Jeremy Trueblood

Written by Charlie
Charlie Campbell


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Does Pewter Report think T Jeremy Trueblood will be back in Tampa Bay? Why could he leave? Will Trueblood have a lot of interest in free agency? Find out the answers and the prediction of Trueblood's future with the Bucs.
PewterReport.com continues this series of articles that predicts whether a Bucs veteran free agent will be back with the team in 2011.

Trueblood, 28, is entering free agency after playing his fifth NFL season. The 6-foot-8, 320-pound Trueblood was a second-round pick of the Buccaneers in the 2006 NFL Draft.

2010 SEASON:
Trueblood started the first seven games of the season before leaving the lineup for two games due to a knee ligament strain. After missing two games, Trueblood was a backup to James Lee for the majority of the second half of the season. He started the Week 16 win over the Seahawks when Lee was out with an injury.

Trueblood has been a quality right tackle for the Buccaneers since he broke into the starting lineup in 2006. Under former offensive line coach Bill Muir and head coach Jon Gruden, Trueblood replaced Kenyatta Walker and started 67 straight games for Tampa Bay until his injury last season.

Trueblood was a better fit for the offense that he was drafted for. In 2009 and 2010 under offensive line coach Pete Mangurian, Trueblood was misfit as a zone blocker. Trueblood is at his best in power-man scheme where he is free to manhandle defensive linemen. 
New offensive line coach Pat Morris plans on getting the Buccaneers back to a style that is more like Muir's. Trueblood is a powerful drive blocker and Tampa Bay has had more success running behind him and guard Davin Joseph on the right side of the offensive line. Over his career Trueblood has made steady improvement as a pass protector.

The Boston College product Trueblood has been the enforcer on the Bucs offensive line. He has never been shy about getting overly physical in defense of his quarterback or a teammate. At times that led to Trueblood getting flagged semi-regularly with personal foul or unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in the 2007 and 2008 seasons. After getting that under control he had a string of false start penalties in 2009, but in 2010 Trueblood had corrected his propensity to get flagged for both of those penalties.  

By issuing a tender offer to Trueblood the Buccaneers indicated they would like to have Trueblood back in 2011. However, by all signs from the negotiations to a new collective bargaining agreement, Trueblood would become an unrestricted free agent.

The Bucs have a significant possibility of getting Trueblood back at a discount. Trueblood and Joseph would like to continue to play together and their preference is to re-sign with Tampa Bay. After missing games to injury and being put behind Lee on the depth chart, Trueblood should be more affordable. If he had completed his fourth straight season of starting 16 games Trueblood could have had a better free agent marketplace.

Some with the Buccaneers are concerned that Lee could get complacent if he does not have serious training camp competition. Tampa Bay did not address the offensive tackle position in the draft. Behind Lee they have only untested young players like Demar Dotson and Will Barker. Trueblood has real some passionate supporters with the Bucs that want the veteran to return next season.

Trueblood is a dark horse candidate to see a lot of interest in the free agent marketplace. He has a lot of good tape for other teams, is entering his prime and has a lot of experience. A veteran starter like Trueblood could interest a lot of teams across the NFL. A team that has a need at the tackle position could make a quick pursuit of Trueblood and may make an offer that the Buccaneers are unwilling to match.

The Bucs would like to have Trueblood but probably won’t be willing to overpay for him because of the presence of Lee, Dotson and Barker.

Pewter Report’s prediction is that Trueblood will be re-signed by Tampa Bay. He could be re-signed to a long-term contract that would be very reasonable for the Buccaneers.

G Davin Joseph

DE Stylez White

DE Tim Crowder

WR Maurice Stovall

LB Barrett Ruud

TE John Gilmore
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    Pink: I certainly agree that Trueblood is not in the top 10 of RT's but neither is James Lee nor Demar Dotson. So until we have that guy, I'm not ready to cut him loose. JonnyG said it best, who on on roster is top 10 at his position? Heck , we only had two in the top 100.
  • avatar

    In fact, I will make the statement that if you don't deserve to be in the conversation for one of the top 10 in the NFL at your position or if you're not on your way to being in that conversation, the Bucs should be looking to replace you. I sure am. If Trueblood continues to improve then he will deserve to be in that conversation and I will then want to keep him long term.
  • avatar

    @pinkstob- top ten at your position? That means Mike Williams should be replaced because he is not a top ten receiver and actually except for Talib the the entire defense should be replaced by your high standards. Top ten is to high of an expectation but I agree with your assesment of Trueblood just don't say you should be a top ten player at your position.
  • avatar

    Scubog, I admit I didn't watch the O-line as much as I normally do in 2010 because I was just enamoured with Freeman. But I don't just watch the O-line, I study them for the very reason that they never show up on the stat sheet. I saw enough in 2010 to say that Trueblood improved, particularly in pass protection but he was not a good pass protector prior to that so I'm not ready to sing his praises. In his career he has shown deficiencies in all phases of pass protection: agility, strength and awareness. The fact that I've seen him bull rushed so often really puzzles me because he's a pretty good run blocker. He falls for double moves to the inside, whether it is a spin move or a swim. I've also seen him fail to pick up CB blitzes when the DE drops into coverage. On one instance the RB was running a route so I know it was his pickup. The biggest assessment of Trueblood was evident when he was healthy again but Lee still got the start. Do you think that would happen with either Penn or Joseph? The bottom line is I don't think Trueblood is in the top 10 RT's in the league, so I think we can do better than him in some draft over the next 3 years. The same goes for Faine.
  • avatar

    Oh, the "masters of the obvious" on this page. It's hard to judge the play to play performance of an offensive lineman (especially on TV); but we sure know if he drew a yellow flag. Therefore, if he has more penalties than we have determined the allowable quota to be, we want to cut him. Aside from what seems like a few too many penalties, most of which are out of aggressiveness, do any of you ever watch Trueblood play? He's actually pretty good. And to tell you the truth, I like a little attitude on display from the offensive linemen. So here we have a player we drafted in the 2nd round, who is now entering the prime of his career and has addressed the penalty issue, and we want to cast him aside for the likes of James Lee? My opinion on free agents has always been to re-sign your own and let them compete. If Lee, Dotson or anyone else can beat him out; so be it. But you don't cut Trueblood and regret doing so when you have no one to replace him. Maybe we could dig up Kenyatta Walker or Jerry Wunsch. Trueblood is better than either of those two isn't he?
  • avatar

    Wow! So many forget how we so praised Trueblood three years ago and now we want him gone? Me included, until I realized that he is the best of what we have now? Same as Joseph; nothing good, but nothing really that bad. Lets go with what Josh brings and lets hope that the defense is actually better. Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    A different approach on the two O-line FAs may be to retain Trueblood and let Joseph go. Trueblood has been consistently healthy until last year whereas Joseph has not. Not saying we make no effort to retain Joseph, but if there is a higher- rated right guard in free agency, pursuing that guy - while resigning Trueblood, may mean an overall improvement based soley on the number of games Joseph has played w/o injury vs an historically healthy veteran. If a good guard is available, it may be something to consider.
  • avatar

    Whether deserved or not, some times the stars line up for you. Trueblood will be re-signed for the following reasons: (1) Pat Morris is going to a run-oriented offense where power-man schemes are used instead of zone blocking - Trueblood's cup of tea (2) He has improved on his bad boy (offsides/unsportsman-like) penalties (3) The lockout is going to force team's to rely on veterans who know the playbook (4) Dotson is not generating a lot of excitement at One Buc and may be a camp casualty himself (5) Finally and maybe the most important reason, Davin Joseph is practically making re-signing Trueblood a term and condition of his new contract.
  • avatar

    I wouldn't be surprised if Joseph holds out on signing until after Trueblood is inked.
  • avatar

    Not explosive and decent in all areas, good depth. Re-sign and add to the depth of the O-Line. I can easily see Tampa drafting more O-Line next year.
  • avatar

    I think we can do better than Trueblood...just not this year. Re-sign him.
  • avatar

    mjmoody- I like the way you think you are right again. Trueblood is a penalty magnet always has been, I can't tell you how many stupid flagrant fouls this guy commits after a successful play. Lee was as good as Trueblood from a talent perspective and didn't have the stupid penalties. I say keep Lee and draft another one in the drafts ahead.
  • avatar

    I think we should definitely retain Trueblood for a reasonable price and I think he will beat out Lee this year and be a very good starting RT in the NFL. A bunch of young O Linemen means mistakes. Linemen at Trueblood's age are in the prime of their careers. We also just switched to a more power OL system which fits Trueblood perfectly. And while he had a few years where penalties were really painful he is also an enforcer and brings attitude to the line. We got pretty lucky last year starting a bunch of young linemen, but let's get ready to establish ourselves as a contender and consistent line play is important to that end. As Trueblood gets another opportunity and is maturing the penalties will be less and his discipline will be better. He is not a must resign, but probably one we should strongly consider for his value.
  • avatar

    So many times in the past I've said, "Nothing kills a drive like Trueblood." At least pre-Freeman that was true. I read if I want Joseph back then I have to be cool with Trueblood coming back. I read the RT position needs Trueblood to provide competition. I have yet to read Trueblood needs to come back because he's a quality RT. I'm enjoying watching this young team grow, wearing my Bucs' gear & telling the critics to wait & watch; it reminds me of the early Dungy years. If Trueblood has to come back for coaching or chemistry reasons then fine. As a football fan I have no use for him.
  • avatar

    I am back peddling on Trueblood because of the Lockout. Sign Trueblood & Joseph. Two less problems. I really don't see the need to resign Rudd, Stovall, Graham. Let Tanard Jackson go once and for all. Put Talib on PUP List until after the trail. If he is found guilty; cut him. I'm up in the air about Caddy. I am for finding another long snapper; and definitely lets pay for a back up center who can start in a pinch for us because we all know that Faine can't make it through a season without injuries. I think a priority for us next year is a Center and probably RB and CB. Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    The Bucs are not going to let Tanard go. He is a very talented Safety and he has no off the field issues just substance abuse problem that he went to rehab for. To let him go now would be silly because he doesn't count against the roster until he is reinstated after week two. Also Talib trial isn't until next March so putting him on PUP makes no sense.
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