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July 26, 2011 @ 10:09 am
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Benn Passes Physical, Will Be 100 Percent By Season Opener

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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Second-year Tampa Bay wide receiver Arrelious Benn passed his physical and will be able to take part in training camp. Benn said he would be 100 percent by the season opener against Detroit.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Arrelious Benn revealed that he passed his physical at One Buccaneer Place on Tuesday, and has been cleared to participate in training camp. Benn's recovery from a torn ACL he suffered in Week 16 last year against Seattle has taken just seven months and he expects to be 100 percent by the start of the regular season on September 11.

"It feels pretty good to be back in here," Benn said. "I really couldn't sleep last night when I got the call from Eric Vance saying that we had to be in here at a certain time. I wanted to be in here showing the trainers what I look like because after all this time they couldn't see me.

"They were like, 'Wow!' For me to be blessed to have this recovery as fast as I did – it was textbook surgery. I've never had a severe injury like this, but I came back pretty well. I'm still taking it slow. ... I cleared my physical, but I'm still taking it slow. There's no need for me to rush into [training camp]. I'm going to be limited for some things, but I'm feeling good."

Benn was not sure if he would be allowed to participate in the preseason game, but feels confident he will be able to suit up against the Lions.

"I would think I would be playing [in the preseason], but we'll see," Benn said. "Training camp starts on Thursday and we'll see. I'll definitely be 100 percent by the opener and ready to go."

Benn discussed how he was able to quickly rehab his injury and put himself in position to be ready for training camp, which starts on Friday at One Buccaneer Place.

"I stayed positive," Benn said. "I kept looking forward to the next day to see how different I could move my leg and how much better I felt. I always stayed on it and I was a knucklehead about it. I wanted to walk. I hate sitting down. I've never had that kind of an injury. The timing of the injury was okay, but I wish I never had the injury. But everything worked out well. I had to hold myself back a little bit."

The 6-foot-2, 220-pounder Benn was the best blocking receiver for Tampa Bay last year. In nine starts, Benn, who was a second-round pick last year, totaled 25 receptions for 395 yards and two touchdowns during his rookie season. He averaged 15.8 yards per catch and excelled as a down-field weapon in the Bucs offense as a complementary receiver for fellow rookie Mike Williams.

Benn felt like he was really coming on before his injury against the Seahawks.

"I felt like I was taking off," Benn said. "I felt like I was feeling comfortable in the situation I was in and was just getting acclimated. I'm the kind of guy that has to know what I'm doing. If I don't know what I'm doing then I can't go full speed. Once I knew what I was doing, and the coaches helped me out a lot – Coach Yarbs (Eric Yarber) and Coach [Greg] Olson – and once I understood the playbook and my role in the playbook and felt comfortable I was able to do what I can do."

The Washington, D.C. native said that he's glad the uncertainty of the lockout is over and that he was able to spend Tuesday at One Buccaneer Place meeting with coaches and the training staff.

"It sucked," Benn said. "It sucked because you had somebody saying one thing, your agent saying something else and the TV saying something else, you don't know who to believe. You can't talk to the coaches or anybody else here at the facility. You just had to wait and see.

"DeMaurice Smith did a great job of just staying on top of what we wanted as players. The deal that we got is great for us and it's going to last 10 years."

Mark Cook contributed to this report

Last modified on Tuesday, 26 July 2011 11:53

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    Great News. Lets hope the other IR guys are doing as well.
  • avatar

    Hmmmmmm, I wonder how some would compare Benn to the donut stealing Golden Tate now? And this look inside the mindset and heart of Brain Price is brought to you by jongruden. Doesn't care? How do you make that claim? Is this BF47?
  • avatar

    I personally think he came back too early. Remember how Caddy made a comeback from his first blown knee?He came back following year & blew out the other! ACL injuries are nothing to be rushing back from.He could be mortgaging his future to play now.jongruden, is it true he's doesn't even even want to play?He did fracture his hipwhich takes a lot of stress & weight from a big guy like him.Maybe the pain is too great right now.If you ever seen old folks walking with bad hips its not a pretty sight. I hope we don't have another Sears situation on our hands with another high draft pick!
  • avatar

    Congrats to Benn for wanting to come back to the field same can't be said for Price who seems like he doesn't have the heart or desire to even play football.
  • avatar

    I think that's a little harsh to say about the guy, its a terrible injury and i think one that hasn't been seen before in the NFL so no one really knows the timeline for it. I mean having your hamsting screwed back onto your pelvis sounds bad to me. So i can understand if he is a little tentative with it.
  • avatar

    Excellent. Can't wait to see him, Williams, K2, and Stocker with Blount in the backfield and Stroughter in the slot. becoming a dangerous offense in Tampa.
  • avatar

    Really good to know that we have Benn at a 100% when the regular season starts. Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    I cant wait to watch this kid play.
  • avatar

    It's almost miraculous that he was able to come back this quickly. Way to be tough Benn! Due Benn's top end speed, ability to break tackles and run blocking there may very well be a day when M. Williams is the compliment to Benn. That's my belief but they're both awesome. I think Williams will always be the better redzone target though.
  • avatar

    Incredible recovery. Its amazing how far this surgery has come. Clearly Benn has the work ethic to become a quality pro. Im excited to see what he can do in his sophmore season. I do feel we should be gentle with him early in camp, sit him the first two preseason games, and give him only a few snaps in the last two. No reason risking re-injury in games that dont count. Another month would help a lot with that kness stability. Plus, im sure his rehab routine is different than a typical offseason conditioning program so he may need a little extra time to get in football shape.
  • avatar

    Since we are going to be emphasizing power blocking and it is very important to get our power running game going, with the tougher schedule the Bucs have ahead, getting Benn back and able to help the running game with his blocking, and at the same time having the ability to stretch the field as a deep threat to complement Williams and the ability to get good yards after every catch, this article is wonderful news!!!! Thanks for letting us know. I predict Benn will be just as valuable as Williams this year. the Bucs will be an absolute nightmare for all the other defensive coordinators in the NFL.
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