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July 28, 2011 @ 3:00 pm
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Bucs Re-sign Joseph, Trueblood

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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The Buccaneers have agreed to multi-year contracts with both RG Davin Joseph and RT Jeremy Trueblood. Joseph is expected to hold down the team's right guard position for years to come while Trueblood will compete with James Lee for the starting RT job.
A day after re-signing free agent strongside linebacker Quincy Black to a five-year, $29-million contract, Tampa Bay re-signed two more of their own free agents, right guard Davin Joseph and right tackle Jeremy Trueblood, to multi-year contracts. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Joseph signed a seven-year deal while Trueblood was locked up for two years. Joseph's contract is believed to be worth $52.5 million and have $19 million in guaranteed money.

Joseph, 27, was a first-round pick of the Buccaneers in the 2006 NFL Draft. In his career with Tampa Bay, Joseph has played in 68 games with 67 starts at right guard.
Last year Joseph played in 11 games before breaking a foot and missing the final five games of the season.

In 2009, Joseph played in 16 games for the second time in his career. The other season that Joseph played in every game was in the 2007 season. Joseph suffered a broken leg in the 2008 preseason and missed the first four games of the year.

The 6-foot-3, 313-pound Joseph projects to be a better fit in the blocking scheme for new offensive line coach Pat Morris. The past two seasons Joseph played in a lot of zone schemes by former offensive line coach Pete Mangurian. The first three years of his career Joseph played for offensive line coach Bill Muir.

The 27-year old Trueblood was a second-round pick of the Buccaneers in the 2006 NFL Draft. In his career with Tampa Bay he has played in 77 games with 68 starts.
Trueblood started 67 straight games for Tampa Bay before a knee injury knocked him out of the starting lineup after the sixth game of the 2010 season. After missing two games, Trueblood served as a backup to James Lee in seven of the remaining eight games. Trueblood started for an injured Lee in the Bucs Week 16 victory over the Seattle Seahawks.

The Boston College product is excited to be back with the team that drafted him and eager to continue working to protect quarterback Josh Freeman.

“I’m real excited about it,” Trueblood said of his return to the Buccaneers. “I think Josh Freeman is going to be one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL if he's not already. When you have a good quarterback you have a good team. You put everyone else around him and I think we have real quality players almost everywhere – young, hungry guys. I’m real excited to re-sign. It was a priority to get back and work with these guys.”

Trueblood and Joseph have played side by side on the right side of the Buccaneers line since their rookie season in 2006. Trueblood, who dined with Joseph, Freeman and Bucs general manager Mark Dominik last night to discuss the free agents' future in Tampa Bay, has maintained all along his desire to continue to play with Joseph, who he befriended at the Senior Bowl in 2006.

“It is big to have Davin back,” Trueblood said. “I’m really excited about [continuing my career with him]. We have a real good chemistry together. It’s not hard to work with Davin. He's a really good guard. Any tackle would be his friend.”

The 6-foot-8, 320-pound Trueblood projects to be a better fit in the blocking scheme for new offensive line coach Pat Morris. The past two seasons Trueblood played in a lot of zone schemes by former offensive line coach Pete Mangurian. The first three years of his career, Trueblood played for offensive line coach Bill Muir.

The six-year pro will apparently not be handed the starting job, but instead will have to compete with Lee for the right to once again be the starter at right tackle.

“You'll probably have to ask the coaches that kind of stuff,” Trueblood said. “All I’ve been assured of is that I will be given a chance to compete and play some football for a good team. We’ll see what they say.”

~ Charlie Campbell and Andrew Scavelli contributed to this report
Last modified on Friday, 29 July 2011 09:19

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    Both good signings. Signing Joseph was a must to keep the line intact. Trueblood will provide experience and competition for Lee.
  • avatar

    Good singing.
  • avatar

    Very happy to see Joseph and Trueblood back. I am a little surprised that they didn't sign Trueblood for more than two years? Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    I guaranteed you that to sign Joseph we had to take back Trueblood, glad to see we keep continuity if anything else.
  • avatar

    I can careless If the new OL Coach likes trueblood better. Lee is the better player. He proved that last season. I don't want a player in the lineup just because a coach likes him. Just think what Blount could have done If Morris didn't wait till week 7 or so to sit Caddy. But since thats his boy he didn't.
  • avatar

    wvbucfan- I totally agree
  • avatar

    Well Tampa Bay Did It getting Joseph done, along with Trueblood.I wasn't a big fan of the OT, But If Tampa Likes the Duo to play alongside each other that's alright with me. Does that mean CaDDY ILL BE BACK, AND WITH cb JOSEPH SIGN WITH THE TEXANS! THAT TAMPA WILL FINALLY PUT BIG NUMBERS $$$ OUT THERE FOR CB FROM OAKLAND!
  • avatar

    Outstanding signings! I knew Davin was coming back. I hope Trueblood gets back on the field. He is a good RT and has attitude that and offensive lineman needs. If someone takes a cheap shot on Freeman everyone knows who will be the first person to back up 5 and rip their Helmat off, that would be Trueblood.
  • avatar

    Freeman can't get a raise until after this season per the new CBA rules. No re-negotiating rookie contracts until after year 3. Good job by Dom getting things taken care of. There's still work to be done, but I like where he has this team headed.
  • avatar

    By an estimated guess - The Bucs were allegedly about 46-52 million under the cap. They have now accounted for about 18 million (Black - 5, Joseph -7, trueblood -3, Punter -3). If they front loaded Black and Joseph to help this year then maybe they have spent 20-22 mil.---------------------- they still have close to 30 million to spend. They must have a couple guys in mind, tier 2-3 types, and I would expect Freeman to get a MASSIVE long term raise at some point in the season.
  • avatar

    Do many of you realize that Trueblood is actually a pretty decent RT? Do you realize that his penalties have gone down the last few years? I am glad he is back. I mean, they have a pro-bowler at LT, you aren't going to have to pro-bowl OTs.... just doesn't happen. Besides, the new line coach fits him perfectly. Get after the run blocking game with aggression and power, exactly what Trueblood excells at. As far as Joseph, very glad to see him locked up for 7 years. Between him and Penn they have the two best O-Lineman on the team (both pro-bowl caliber) locked up and solidifying the line for years to come. Mark D has stated from day one his priorities: 1. Franchise QB (check) 2. Protect the QB (check - but always a work in progress) 3. Get after the QB (a work in progress)
  • avatar

    False start, or fresh start for True, time will tell. Hey P.R., how about some scoup on what other F.A.'s the Bucs are targetting.
  • avatar

    Great to have our All Pro Guard, Davin Joseph, back, and Trueblood, to compete with Lee for RT. Hearing about DOM also grabbing Atlanta's punter was just gravy. DOM is making all the right moves quickly. He's the best in the NFL as far as I am concerned! Can't wait to see DOM's next move now.
  • avatar

    I think the punter was a great move. This guy booms it AND is a deep kickoff specialists. Not the "splash" name many want, but anotehr good move. I am dissppointed Sproles signed with New Orleans... I thought he could have been a great change of pace guy with Blount. I guess they like the guys they brought in and possibly think Huggins is healthy and can do it....... we shall see.------------------ One guy I think would be a great fit as a 3rd WR: Mike Simms-Walker
  • avatar

    And this, my fellow posters, is how to build a team; draft well and keep them even if it's just for the stated opportunity to compete. Revolving doors don't work.
  • avatar

    Glad to see this get done, and I also like how it got done. Trueblood on a 2 year deal gives him a chance to show his development without locking the Bucs' into anything long term. The punting improved around the same time according to NFL.com as Dominik signed Atlanta's Punter and kickoff specialist. The first out of house FA pick-up.
  • avatar

    Nice! Re-signing Joseph and Black were two big priorities this off season, its great to see them get done early!
  • avatar

    I agree! I am glad that Big Trueblood is back. he was our attitude on the line.. hopefully under our new Offensive line coach he will stayed focus and he can get the most out of him. I love his attitude.. he was always shoving people around and being a great Team player... he kept his penalties in check last year which was great too.
  • avatar

    i like that we brought both joseph and trueblood back...love joseph as a all around guard and love trueblood's tenacity
  • avatar

    that is monster that we locked him up for 19 mil. guaranteed for 7 years. Looks like we'll still have money to spend next year... if we ever choose too.
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