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August 8, 2011 @ 12:27 pm
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Morris Addresses Bucs Free Agency Critics

Written by Charlie
Charlie Campbell


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On Monday, Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Raheem Morris reacted to the criticism that the Bucs weren’t active enough in signing free agents from other NFL teams. The Bucs focused on signing their own free agents like guard Davin Joseph, right tackle Jeremy Trueblood, linebacker Quincy Black and linebacker Adam Hayward. The Bucs signed punter Michael Koenen from Atlanta, but he was the only veteran that Tampa Bay picked up from another team. Morris reiterated the Bucs never planned on being very active in signing players from other NFL teams.

“The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are going to draft their players and re-sign the players that they draft,” said Morris in a deliberate tone. “When you mess up in the draft and make mistakes in the draft you have to go make it up in free agency. Last year we made a mistake at our punter, so we had to go make it up in free agency. We want to sign Quincy Black. We want to sign Davin Jospeh. We’d like to sign all our guys if we can. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way. We’re going to lose some guys. We lost Barrett [Ruud]. We lost Cadillac [Williams]. Those things happen. Those deals happen. We are going to draft players and be forced to re-sign them.

“We want to re-sign Mike Williams in a couple of years. We want to re-sign E.J. Biggers. We want to re-sign Josh Freeman. We don’t want those guys to become free agents, we want them to stay in Tampa Bay. That’s how we choose to spend our money. Some say we play it close to the vest, but I believe we spent close to $91 million dollars. That is not real close to me. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t have that.”

Morris said the Bucs are hesitant to sign players away from other NFL teams.

“For us, we brought in guys from other organizations with that second draft we had last year. We brought in a guy like Dezmon Briscoe, bringing in LeGarrette Blount, bringing in a Ted Larsen. We knew those guys to a ‘T’. Some of the guys that are in free agency right now we don’t know as well. They come from different coaching staffs. They come from different personnel departments. We got a yungry (young and hungry) personnel department. They might know Nmandi [Asomugha] as well. I know Nmandi, but that’s a bad example. We got different people out there and you have to find out who they are and who you are bringing into your community and your program. Through the draft we feel great about it, if we make mistakes we’ll try to correct it through free agency.”
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    I think we are doing just fine with the formula that the GM and the Coach have. Why would we want to screw that up until it is proven false. Actually, it is working in a very posivtive mode right now. Let's continue it.
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    LVBUC2: You sound exactly like a tax supported agency who worries that next years budget will be cut if they don't spend their allocation this year. So they spend just to spend regardless of the benefit. Great idea.
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    I'm calling Bull on this. There were FA out there that would have been an upgrade. The Bucs had the money to sign them. They have so much cap room that they could sign the player to front loaded contracts, that way they will have no problem signing our core players in the future. Money we don't spend this year is lost. It goes back into the owners pockets.
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    I'm supporting what the GM and Coach are doing. Better to bring up a player in the present organization than one from another team. I still hope we pick up a young back up Center and CB. I believe that we lack depth at these two positions. Go Bucs!
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    Horse- I'm with you on corner, but I think we're ok at center. Zuttah's a more than capable backup and we have a handful of swing guards.
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    Admittedly, I was hoping we'd sign one of the highly visible free agents, but understand the philosophy of trying to keep the good players we already have on the roster. I think that sends a good message to future Bucs players that if you do well with the Bucs, you will be rewarded...if you're loyal to us, we'll be loyal to you. Although the schedule is tougher this year, it seems that we always play to the level of our opponent, so I'd rather play the tougher teams. We need to try to win every game, but if we can manage another 10-6 season, maybe we make the playoffs this time...and that would not be a step back. Equating the perceived Bucs plan to the college level, it seems to me that the team is heading into its "sophomore year"...what with Freeman and other great young players having only played one full season...and in 2013, the Bucs must spend the CBA-required minimum...so I would assume the team feels that is our senior (SuperBowl) year. Let's give these guys the benefit of the doubt...they've done pretty darn good to this point.
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    Scubog, its simple. Grass is greener on the other side of the fence. One mans junk is another mans treasure, until you find out its junk. I had Titans fans tell me we didn't know how to use Ruud. Really? We only invented the freaking Tampa Two, but we don't know how to use him. When St. Louis gets their 3.2 ypc from Cadillac as he replaces Steven Jackson, those fans will understand.
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    Oh you short sighted people who continue to believe one team with a perceived weakness must sign a cast-off from another team to be successful. Wouldn't it stand to reason that all teams would want to follow Dominik's philosophy if they could? Isn't it better to draft well and bring in players like Larsen and Blount rather than some tired old OG and retread RB? Why is this so appealing to you people? Isn't there enough evidence that living off of free agency rarely works? When players are released or not re-signed by their original team doesn't that make any of you suspicious as to why he wasn't retained? We didn't want Ruud, yet Titans fans are excited. We didn't need Williams, but Rams fans are excited. Someone please explain to me why signing ones own free agents (which I think would be the goal) is met with "ho hum." Look to see other teams F/A losses to learn why they had to replace the position the only way they could. One need only look to Indianapolis, Green Bay and Pittsburgh........and to Washington and Dallas for evidence. But ESPN raves over the Eagles and Saints for signing a hand-full of free agents while fans from other teams fret that they're cheep owners are being left behind. We'll see.
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    Yadda, Yadda, . Bucs are missing an opportunity to get better and match our division opponents strengths. Yes we are building a nice Core group of players. Last year the Bucs are a couple of players away from the playoffs. This year we are playing stronger passing teams in Dallas, Colts and Texans and we fail to upgrade our Secondary. Our FO has blinders on when it comes to team philosophy. Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead.
  • avatar

    Well said Coach Grud...ahem....Morris!!
  • avatar

    Sounds like circular reasoning to me. You have the opportunity to know MORE, not less about an NFL player. You can find out all you need to know about how a player is in an NFL locker room, you have tape of him against NFL players, not college players. Sounds like a lot of weak excuses to me.
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    sounds like bull shid.
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    Mr. Dominik has commented that next spring's draft has quality corner backs. So, with Talib and Barber possibly gone, they will reload that way. They have thought it thru and I am all in!!!!
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    EJ Biggers (age 24): 16 games played (started 6) 49 tackles, 7 assists 11 passes defensed, 1 interception Johnathan Joseph (age 27): 12 games played (started all 12) 37 tackles, 5 assists 8 passes defensed, 3 interceptions Nnamdi Asomugha (age 30): 14 games played (started all 14) 17 tackles, 2 assists 6 passes defensed, 0 interceptions I don't believe the Jets would give up Cromartie after NOT getting Nnamdi. All a matter of opinion on capabilities and future value if you ignore the stats. I can't argue with the thought process that we want to be good from this point forward and Biggers appears to allow us to do that (barring injury) for 3 years longer than Joseph and 6 years longer than Asomugha. We won the Super Bowl, in large part, on a few free agent acquisitions, but then weren't able to pay everyone and had some painful departures. Personally, I'm all in. I'm also hoping that the formatting on this doesn't get FUBAR'd when I post, else it'll be unreadable.
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    We haven't even played a single pre-season game yet, so this post is all speculation, and assumes improvement. It looks like the Bucs' 1st pick should be LB or CB given the supposed strength of next year's draft. It's a long season, but the Bucs' seem to be willing to run with what they have at LB. Our next CB could be our next draft pick. Also, I can't imagine that Dom has not done his due diligence with Talib's situation, and has a good idea of where he stands. Finally if the Bucs' do have a playoff run this year, why wouldn't Ronde come back for 1 more year, a shot at 1 more ring, and play the nickle spot he has made famous? I just don't see the immediate hole at CB; not yet.
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    Listen this is how great teams are built. Not by trying to buy super bowls (ie Eagles, redskins, cowboys, whoever else tries to spend on every FA out there.") Great teams dip into free agency when their close to that super bowl point. Were not quite there yet but were really close. The last 2 superbowl champions have been packers and saints. Packers didnt sign anyone for free agents last year and they won and the saints hadnt sign anyone since brees (year before) and sharper signed that year. So just calm down and dont let these talking heads fool you as whoever spends the most and gets fa's wins it all not true. Raheem and dom know what their doing.
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    I understand what youre saying Raheem. But no matter what you say or how you feel about free agency, we have one starting corner fixing to retire and the other very possibly facing jail time in the near future. Besides Barber and Talib, we have Biggers who has 1 career pick after starting quite a few games and Lewis who from what everyone is saying, sucks. With all that being said, we could've picked up an Asomugha, a Jonathan Joseph, a Cromartie, etc. who would have made a big improvement in that position. You wont convince me that was a smart idea skipping on that.
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    Interesting spin by Raheem. Not really buying all of it, but if the team buys it, that's the important thing.
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    Sounds like a plan.
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