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August 10, 2011 @ 12:32 pm
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Morris Talks Playing Time For McCoy, Price, Bowers

Written by Charlie
Charlie Campbell


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Bucs head coach Raheem Morris talked about his plan for playing time in the preseason for injured d-linemen Gerald McCoy, Brian Price and Da’Quan Bowers.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are planning on showcasing their young defensive linemen in the preseason, although it could be on a limited basis. Defensive end Da’Quan Bowers said he probably wouldn’t play in the Bucs game against the Chiefs on Friday, but head coach Raheem Morris was not ready to say that on Wednesday.

“He’s coming really well. He’s really come on since we put the pads on,” said Morris. “We knew that is going to be his game anyway. He’s a giant end. He’s huge. He played like that at Clemson. You can see his power rush is kind of his game, and he did show some speed and flashes of quickness. That’s what we are starting to see more and more with the pads coming on. We’ve been kind of talking about that plan that we were talking about right from the beginning on draft day. Let's draft him. Let's be cautious with him.

“Maybe we’ve been even more cautious than we have to be but that’s from the lack of time with him. I think it is smart by our training staff and coaching staff not to put too much on his plate right away. This young man, I know that you call him a one-contract guy, I’m going to make sure he gets to that because we are all one-contract coaches. I’ve said that before, too. I really like where he’s coming, where he’s going. We’ll see about putting him on the regular vet type of deal 12 to 15 kind of a number. Maybe we’ll put him out there and try to look at it from that standpoint.”

Bowers had knee surgery after the 2010 season and was limited throughout the spring as he rehabbed the knee. Outside of Bowers, Morris has a couple of other defensive tackles that have been held out of some training camp practices. Defensive tackles Gerald McCoy (rotator cuff) and Brian Price (hip/hamstring) are expected to have big improvements in 2011, and Morris wants to get them some playing in the preseason. While Morris said he wanted to get his linemen some preseason playing time, he was coy about their status for Friday.

“They are out there with their first groups and they’ll play those reps or whatever everybody else plays,” said Morris. “I’m not really interested in playing McCoy any more than I am interested in playing Quincy [Black] per say. I’m not interested in playing Price any more than whoever else is out there with him, Frank Okam. I want to give those guys those reps they need in order to get ready for the season. Obviously right now if are fortunate to get Price to go, he’ll be a lot less just getting him back to where he needs to be in order to be successful throughout (the season).”
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    I'm a fan now of Coach Morris but geez i wish he could speak in complete sentences that i could understand. I need to take a class or something, i guess. As an old (41) white dude, i guess i'm just not part of the NFL culture anymore. In any case, Go Bucs.
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    Until the regular season it doesn't matter.
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    I don't think anyone should expect anything huge from DL until the Miami game with the lockout most teams are going to be overly cautious with the first team players until their conditioning is up to speed.
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    im a little worried about our young d line we keep talking about mccoy price bowers and clayborn being our future and they are but mccoy is hurt and coming off injury , price is out of shape and coming off injury bowers is coming off injury and really the only one im hearing good stuff about is clayborn anyone else thinking the same ?
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    I hope that all these so call top players will play some this pre-season before the season. The reason is this I feel that if they don't let then get on the field in pre-season then when the regular season starts and these players haven't played then they get hurt, and where are they now. play thenm a little each game.go bucs because it is the right of the fans to see what tampa oicked them.
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    destinjohnny: you're a funny guy!! That was a joke, right?
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    Ya sure it was a joke. Why would we want the best back in the nfl to be on our roster what was I thinking. Imagine a defense having to deal with and Freeman who can make all the throws. With Josh you have to cover every blade of grass. Now put that alongside Mr. 4.1 forty……………… Oya then you would have to deal with Blount when Johnson wasn’t in the game. Who would want to see that!!!??? hell we would have to waste super bowl Sunday watching the bucs . yep you are right mate that would suck getting CJ
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    We should trade for chris Johnson
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    I guess I'll respond now. If you are serious, you're a moron. Sorry to name call, but the facts are the facts. Teams just don't trade away guys like that. Besides, the bucs are going to a power run blocking emntality with a 250 lb RB who gained 1000 yards in basically 9 starts last year. Why would you possibly want to trade awya A TON of talent and picks for one guy that, in essence, would only be a lsight net gain over what you have?............................ Sometimes I see comments like this and think: ok, it is 1. The guy is 13 and clueless or 2. A moron or 3. Has a mental football retardation................. It is why 99.9% of you (and probably me too) could not be a GM. Too many of you have a Snyder mentality and now concept of building an actual "team"
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    So the titans know aren't going to cave in to his demands. fact and they also know they are in rebuild mode. He is on the block for A Number 1 pick. You are calling me a moron for wanting a back field of Cj blount mike and Josh ??? Imagine having to deal with that offense ??Bro you need to move back to Ohio or whatever Midwestern city you are from
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    dcrum35- I think he is choice #1 and #2, a thirteen yr old knows the Titans won't trade one of the best backs in the league.
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    I hope we see all of them play at least a little. Friday cannot come soon enough.
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    If all 4 of those guys can get healthy.......... I would not want to be a qb. They are all big boys 2. That is why if we could have gotten NNamdi to go with 25 wew..........
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    First team plays 21 downs. Lets hope that is in no more than 3 drives.
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    Meh. It's pre-season, and the first game. Every year I've gotten excited about it I've been dissapointed. Fun to see the young guys, but not going to take any of it to seriously. Looking forward to Detroit.
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    I can't wait for Friday, either. Buccaneers in HD, bay-bee!!!!!
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    Go BUCS ! ! ! ! I can't wait for Friday ! ! ! I am sooooo excited to see the new BUCS on the roster. These youngry Bucs will play an exciting brand of football. Can't wait until they get some playing time under their belts. They could bring the defense back to the top 10! GO BUCS !!!!
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    I hope all is health!!! go bucs!
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