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August 15, 2011 @ 1:25 pm
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McCoy Says Bucs Need To Win The Division

Written by Mark
Second-year defensive tackle Gerald McCoy spoke to the meda after Monday morning's practice and he and his teammates have high hopes for this season.
Second-year defensive tackle Gerald McCoy spoke to the meda after Monday morning's practice and he and his teammates have high hopes for this season.
Mark Cook


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Holding court with members of the media after Monday's practice, Tampa Bay DT Gerald McCoy talked about what he has seen so far from his young teammates and why he loves the Bucs organization.
Coming into his second season in the NFL, Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy knows Tampa Bay’s defense will be better. Although a player that has yet to start 16 games in the league, McCoy also understands he will be looked upon to help develop the young players the Buccaneers drafted this year in defensive end Adrian Clayborn (first round) and Da'Quan Bowers (second round). There is work to be done for McCoy, who will see his first action of the preseason on Thursday at home against New England after missing the preseason opener at Kansas City with a shoulder injury, but he is up for the challenge.

“We can't get complacent I guess you could say,” McCoy said. “We are never satisfied, and now that everybody knows we are coming we need to be even more on top of our game.

“Last year we got to 10 wins, and that was our goal. You guys (the media) heard it all year. This year, our goal is to win our division. Anything less than a championship or a Super Bowl and you are always going to be disappointed [if you don’t win]. But when you set out to make goals ... last year it was 10 wins, we got 10 wins. This year, our goal is to win our division, we know it’s not going to be easy. Nobody said it would be easy.”

The former Sooner also hopes to show the detractors the 10-win Buccaneers from the 2010 season were for real last year.

“People outside of here, they think it was a fluke year,” McCoy said. “[Other people say] I don’t know if they can do it again, now they have to face this team or that team. We love that [doubt]. We can’t take it for granted, though. We have to work even harder.”

McCoy saw signs of the improvement even in the Buccaneers’ first preseason game, a 25-0 win at Kansas City last Friday night.

“We aren’t where we want to be, but I think we showed signs of what we can be,” McCoy said. “ I mean [look] at how fast our linebackers moved. Last week (the Kansas City game) we had six sacks with me missing, Brian Price missing and Roy Miller missing. See what I’m saying? Last year we couldn’t sniff a sack. So, that’s a good sign.

“Our linebackers are all over the place. [Mason] Foster doing his thing. Quincy [Black], I watched one play when he was lined on the right side and made a tackle on the left sideline. When you watch the tape and you see 11 jerseys flying around the ball, jumping up and down playing with energy in the preseason ... I can go ahead and say it - this defense [last year] didn’t have an identity, but we are going to get one.”

Even while being slowed down so far this camp with a rotator cuff injury, McCoy can't wait to see his initial action of the preseason this Thursday against New England when he can take the field with his new teammates for the first time.

“I love my teammates,” McCoy said. “I love what our guys upstairs have done. I love our ownership. Our G.M. and coaches make the smartest decisions. Like this year with Bowers and Clayborn, and Foster and Ahmad Black. Those guys [in front office and coaches] knew this lockout would hit. And they never knew when it would end. So they needed to draft guys that could come on the field and get it right now. And they did that.

“That’s why I love this organization. You can never find another coach like Raheem Morris. Look around the league. You are not going to find anybody like that.”
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    You can't be a leader sitting on the bench!
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    BF47 where are you?
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    I dont understand why ppl are getting on gerald for saying what he is. Hes saying everything a leader should say and he is backing it up. him organizing the defensive line and working out non stop during the lockout is him showing leadership and true dedication to the game. He has completely dominated in camp and i know he will dominate on the football field on sundays. and with Clayborn, Miller, Price, Bennett, and Bowers all helping, McCoy will enjoy one one ons with slow footed guards. Mccoy has the best first step in all of football, and he will put that on display this year.
  • avatar

    Whether or not some of you think McCoy has lived up to his draft status or earned his millions on the field in his shortened 2010 rookie season; you have to be impressed with the young man seeking to be a leader and displaying the passion it takes to become a star. The NFL is always full of surprises and this season will no doubt bring a few that even BF47 couldn't have predicted. I know this; the team that has the fewest injuries will likely win the division, not the one picked by the magazines.
  • avatar

    It's a competitve division...I think that as long as we have Freeman we have a chance...Nothing wrong with what you said Gruden, except I might swap New Orleans for Atlanta....We have a ton of question marks on D, and while I think most of them will turn out OK, I have a hard time believing they all will be OK. I still wish we had done something in the secondary/linebacker/OL, but I do feel we have a pretty good shot this year.....
  • avatar

    Bash and Smash Defense? Hit and Run Defense? I think you already have your identity. Youngry Defense.
  • avatar

    This will be the breakout year for our defense. I see Mccoy with about 10-12 sacks and claiborn and bowers right there with him. As long as we dont lose Aqib, and Foster can step up and fill a BIG role, I see our defense returning to excellence. GO BUCS!!!
  • avatar

    Bring that Buccaneer HEAT!
  • avatar

    I agree with McCoy. The defense is forming an identity. They were flying around the ball. Very physical. Turnovers. The D linemen were gashed by Thomas Jones a few times, but on passing downs they dominated their matchups on the line of scrimmage.
  • avatar

    Gerald, quite talking so much! You have made your millions. Okay? Enough said! Now it is starting to be the time to "walk the walk"? You have got the "talk the talk" accompolished! Time to start being the 2010 No. 3 draft pick success that we all want you to be. So start showing it. Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    Listen, i know I will get hammered for saying this but I think the Falcons are just more furthur along than we are, that being said I love our future and if the Rookies break out this yr than we can be a strong contender for the bowl next yr. I want to see the Rookies play at a high level before I say we are the best in the division.
  • avatar

    Nothing wrong with that.They went further than anyone else in the division and until Josh can beat them the Falcons ares the big dawgs of the Dirty South.
  • avatar

    I guess my comment is that the Bucs did ok against the Birds last year even though they lost. I do not see that we will be severely outmatched. A split is certainly a possibility.
  • avatar

    Talk is really cheap. More than anyone else on the team I hope McCoy has an absolute breakout year! But we are arguably in the best division in the NFL with the Saints and Falcons being playoff teams. And we can't count out Carolina with Cam Newton looking good. For us to win the division we HAVE to stay healthy and HAVE to score lots of points. Good luck GMC!!!
  • avatar

    Talk can be cheap, big boy but I believe you can do it! See ya Thursday.
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