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August 20, 2011 @ 6:40 pm
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Ochocinco Offers To Pay Foster's Possible Fine For Big Hit

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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Buccaneers rookie middle linebacker Mason Foster has officially made a splash in both of his starts in the 2011 preseason. After recovering a fumble at the Chiefs' 9-yard line to set up a first-quarter touchdown in Tampa Bay’s 25-0 victory at Kansas City, Foster drilled New England’s Chad Ochocinco to break up a pass intended for the Patriots’ newest wide receiver.

The only problem with the crushing, highlight-reel hit was that Foster hit Ochocinco with his helmet and forearm and drew a 15-yard unnecessary roughness penalty that gave the Patriots an automatic first down. Yet Ochocinco, an 11-year NFL veteran, congratulated Foster for the big hit that he felt was clean.

In fact, Ochocinco went as far as saying that he would volunteer to pay for any fine levied against Tampa Bay’s third-round pick in 2011, posting this on his Twitter account on Friday:

“@Mason_Foster great hit last night. if u're fined I'll reimburse u boss. That's the way the game should b played. Stay healthy n have a good yr” [sic].

The NFL has already come out and said that it will not allow Ochocinco to pay for any Foster gets from the play as that is a rule in the collective bargaining agreement.

Tampa Bay head coach Raheem Morris downplayed Foster’s penalty in Friday’s press conference.

“That’s something you just have to coach and get a little better at,” Morris said. “Obviously, they’re going to err on the side of caution with the National Football League, but you don’t want to deter Mason, either. We’re not going to let that be a deterrent for us in how physical we want to play.”

Morris indicated he didn’t have a problem with the way Foster hit him because he had already launched himself towards the Patriots receiver as Ochocinco began to fall towards the ground.

“There are going to be some questionable (hits) like that all year,” Morris said. “(Foster) didn’t have his head in there, but he put his elbow to the guy’s head. You could flip a coin and not call it or call it.”
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  • avatar

    If Oco says it was a clean hit thats good enough for me.GO Bucs
  • avatar

    Great hit... went for the ball and turned his head even. THERE WAS NOTING WRONG WITH IT.............. Classy move by Ochocinco to offer up the fine money
  • avatar

    That was a good play by Foster, I guess the NFL wants receivers untouched if they leave their feet.
  • avatar

    When he bought 200 tickets during a poor ticket sales season & gave them to fans so they could attend the game a few seasons ago I found respect for 85 I'd never had before. Very cool move. As for the Foster thing...get lower young man, cause like it or not those are the rules.
  • avatar

    I've always liked 85, never viewed him as a distraction, have always been entertained (that's ultimately why we watch, entertainment). No matter the madness, he always follows through (soccer, bull riding, etc). I also don't see this as a "look at me" attention grab, I really think he's making a larger point. Now, Foster hasn't been fined (yet, anyway), but it would be consistent with how Goodell has been laying down the law. In this particular case, Foster was exactly where he was supposed to be and the only thing he possibly could have done differently was throw his hand in the air and LET the receiver catch the ball and run over him - ridiculous. We can't let Goodell turn our game into flag football.....
  • avatar

    I always liked CHAD JOHNSON as well. He was a distraction though, to himself if no one else.
  • avatar

    The NFL comissioner aka "god" says that Ocho can't reimburse Foster or he will fine Ocho. Evidently Ocho wil have to take Foster to breakfast, write a check for $20,029.95 and tell Foster to pay the tab and keep the change. lol.
  • avatar

    Good Hit Foster!! & Hats off 2 you Ochocinco!! Before long the NFLwill have these guys playing flag football!! Sad!
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