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August 22, 2011 @ 9:07 am
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Patriots Loss Changed Bucs' Weekend Plans

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Originally Raheem Morris was planning to give his 90-man roster the weekend off. But after a 31-14 somewhat disturbing loss to the New England Patriots Thursday night, the head coach changed his plans.

“We wanted to get on the field yesterday as fast as you can,” Morris said. “The thing that heals young teams, we always talk about bouncing back, is getting back on the field. A lot of times after you get a loss you want to cancel the bye-day Tuesday and get the guys back to playing football again. Rather than sit around feeling sorry for yourself for the loss in the first place. But it was good to get those guys out there today competing.”

During his post-practice press conference Sunday, Morris continued to explain his reasoning for adding the two weekend practices.

“I was going to give them off,” Morris said. “Give them [weekend] off, get their bodies back. The reason being [is] getting those guys back on the field, being around each other and you get rid of those cobwebs. We talked to them, we challenged them. I told them the receivers, I challenged the receivers. That is a game they have to win. A team comes in and plays bump man [coverage] on Mike Williams, he has got to win. A team comes in plays bump man on Briscoe –he has got to win. Whoever [it is]. Kellen didn’t play, but I blamed him for not playing. But that’s exactly what New England did. They came in and played man-free and just beat us up. They had a couple zero blitzes and they won. They made Freeman hold on to the ball and protection broke down and they hit him. We have to win those battles.

“We always talk about Freeman, and being perfect on those protections. But the bottom line is, some of those plays Freeman made last year we didn’t draw upstairs. Mike Williams just won in games like Atlanta. And Spurlock just won versus Cincinnati. Those things have to happen too. Those plays have to happen by big time players.”

Other highlights from Morris’ Sunday afternoon press conference.

When asked about McCoy’s comments following the Patriots defeat Thursday night in which some perceived as a lack of seriousness:

“The thing with him is, we are never going to be [is] moping,’’ Morris said. “Tom [Brady] and the Patriots came in here and did a nice job of out physicaling us and they won that football game. It masked the fact he had one of his better games as a Buc. Being in the backfield, being disruptive. The comments actually masked the fact he played well. I just think it was taken out of context and the wrong way. It wasn’t like it was a playoff game and he was sitting on the sideline joking. He was just bringing his team back.”

On the Mason Foster hit:
“You can’t really change anything different about it,” Morris said. “You have to ball search. If you search for the ball maybe they won't call it. But it is a physical game and mistakes are going to happen. They [officials] are going to err on the side of caution.”

On how the team will prepare for their third preseason game this Saturday against the Miami Dolphins:

“Miami is our first kind of mock week,” Morris said. “Not full-blown tension stressed planning. But it will be more preparation. Showing the guys situational football. First down runs, the play-action pass, the quick game. We will go through all the situational stuff throughout the week. Third-down study. We will do our short-yardage goal line. We will do every thing you normally do for a mock week. It’s not necessarily go beat the Miami Dolphins - you want to win the game - but it is really to teach our new guys and they guys part of our system how we do things and structure it during the week.”
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    I agree with Kiffen...I'm sure he said "mock" week, like a mock draft. In other words, this is "simulated" week that would imitate what we would really be doing to prepare for a team if this were the regular season.
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    yeah you guys are good! of course it is mock, not mach! Maybe I was thinking about my shaver. Good call guys. He for sure said mock/mach. I was there and just listened to it again on my recorder. I was thinking maybe he was thinking speed/pace, but now that you guys say it he def. was implying a simulation. Thanks, MC
  • avatar

    On an unrelated note: "Bucs trade with Denver for Tim Tebow" Due to the impending loss of Josh Johnson to free agency in 2012, the Bucs traded a 5th round pick to Denver for Tim Tebow. With Denver demoting Tebow to 3rd string due to the upsurge of Brady Quinn in the preseason and that the present management was not invested in him because the previous administration drafted him, Tebow became expendable. "However, Tim is a great fit for us in that he can run the wildcat packages that JJ is running now and we definitely need a solid back up QB going forward. It has nothing to do with Gator fans, ticket sales or jersey sales." P.S. Go get your Buc season tickets and the brand new Tim Tebow jersey today!
  • avatar

    Tim Tebow is not an NFL QB. I would resign JJ.
  • avatar

    Just a joke about Tebow, but silly things do happen. I think if McDaniel hadn't fallen in love and traded up that the Jags would have drafted him for those exact reasons.
  • avatar

    Maybe it's "match" week, not "mach/mock" week.
  • avatar

    This confirms to me, that the Bucs did not have a "different" game plan in place for the Patriots. And that was Raheem blowing smoke. I am ok with Raheem letting his guys know, that the loss to the Patriots wasn't the end of the world and we have to get better. Raheem is coaching this young team right. Don't get too high, don't get too low. It will be interesting in the next few years, to see if he can make the turn from "youngry" to "Champions". Sometimes keeping to your plan can get you fired (i.e. Tony Dungy). However, I am glad the Bucs are attacking this week's preparation at "Mach 2".
  • avatar

    Or he could be sandbagging in that he wants an out if his game prep sucks, then he can say "we really didn't really put in the whole package". Why? Maybe he does not really know what he is doing?
  • avatar

    I'm pretty sure it's "mock" not "mach."
  • avatar

    I just love our Coach attitude! He just gets better abd beeter. Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    Should have handed out Preparation-H and a jar of Tucks just to make a point!
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