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August 22, 2011 @ 10:20 pm
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Report: Talib To Face Goodell Tuesday

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Aqib Talib will face Roger Goodell Tuesday and may be in for a lengthy suspension, according to published reports.

Aqib Talib and the Buccaneers may soon find out his fate, at least with the NFL, as soon as tomorrow according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. Talib is facing an aggravated assault with a firearm charge stemming from an incident that took place in Texas earlier this year. According to the ESPN report, Talib is scheduled to meet with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell tomorrow, and a league source said Talib could be in for a “lengthy” suspension.

As part of the ratified collective bargaining agreement, Goodell appears to have retained the right to discipline players for their conduct during the NFL’s 132-day lockout.

Earlier this month Buccaneers head coach Raheem Morris sounded hopeful the NFL would let the legal system run its course before any punishment would be handed down regarding his star cornerback.

“I know you have to go through a whole bunch of legal stuff and all that jazz,” Morris said. “I don’t think anything will happen as far as the league. I don’t have any idea what is going on with the front office. I don’t mean our front office, the league office. They don’t usually pass judgment until something happens legally first. They do a great job up there handling those situations. I’m sure they will handle this situation no differently.”

While it is rare for Goodell to hand down suspensions before final legal proceedings are completed, a precedent has already been set.

In 2007, Goodell suspended cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones even while his legal woes were still unresolved. The NFL Players Association appealed the suspension based on the fact the charges were still pending and the union wrote a letter to Goodell stating the suspension "violates clearly established principles of employment and labor law and that no player has ever been disciplined by the commissioner for conduct relating to criminal charges while they are pending."

In 2009, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was suspended six games (reduced to four) for violating the league’s personal conduct policy over sexual assault allegations, even though criminal charges were never brought against the quarterback.

Before the 2010 season, Goodell handed down a one-game suspension, which cost Talib the season opener after he was arrested and charged with assaulting a cab driver on the final night of training camp in 2009.

Talib's trial in Texas is set for March 2012.

PewterReport.com contacted the league office earlier today but a spokesman would not comment at that time.

Last modified on Friday, 26 August 2011 22:27

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  • avatar

    I have no problem with Aqib getting punished if he committed a crime. I have no problem with Goodell meeting with Aqib to ask him face to face what happened. However, handing out a suspension prior to any proof that a crime was commited is bull$#!*. It was bull$#!* when Goodell did it with Pacman and Roethleisberger. I was shocked when there wasn't outrage around the league with Pacman got suspended a full year without ever being convicted of a crime ever up to that point. What country is are we really living in? If Aqib gets suspended and then is found not guilty next year I hope he sues the p!$$ out of the NFL.
  • avatar

    It is not just about crime. Overall it is really about image and protecting the brand. They will get punished for crimes every time. But also for any damage to the NFL image as well, per the CBA rules they agreed to. If you are part of the NFL and are accused of rape, or of assault with a gun, you potentially damage the image of the NFL, guilty or not. How may people out there do you think have convicted those players in their minds already (e.g. Rapelesberger). If you think of it just based on convictions and if Casey Anthony was in the NFL, then you would not have suspended her, because she wasn't convicted. How many people do you think believe her guilty? I admit that I sure as hell do. Even though she wasn't convicted, she would have damaged the reputation of the NFL as a child killer. I don't like the agreement the players made either, but there it is... Now look at Mike Williams that was erroneously arrested for DUI last year, he was (very luckily)not punished for that, but you better believe that it is a black mark on his record anyway at the NFL office and will be held against him, if anything else comes up. I think the Bucs did a great job of getting the independent drug test and sending the results to the league which convinced them to not punish him. It is crap, but that is the rules.
  • avatar

    I hope he fines the crap out of him. Then he will lose paychecks and the fine. Money is the only thing that seems to have much of an impact on behavior.
  • avatar

    Talib, tell the truth and convince Goodell that you are remorseful for your mistake because it was a huge one. My guess is that he will suspend Talib because it was Talib's lawyers who pushed this trial way back. Talib should have pleaded down, taken 30-90 days in jail; be suspended by Goodell for 4-6 games and get on with his life. He's injured anyway right now so take the time off now. Talib needs a real wake up call and doing no punishment just allows his ego to continue on the path it is going. I sure hope the man is not allowed to ever have a fire arm again because anger and guns are a deadly combo. As time goes on our country continues to grow with the "thug mentality".
  • avatar

    Hopefully his lawyers will coach him not to lie like Vick did which only made his situation worse. I would not count on it though...
  • avatar

    A bad public perception was created regardless of guilt or innocence, damaging the NFL brand. Not really knowing all the circumstances, It may be that I would have acted in the same way. Regardless Goodell will protect the brand and punish him sooner than later. I say 4 to 6 games and perhaps it will get lessened somewhat if Talib's lawyers plea it down by promising not to sue relative to the lockout issue. I don't think he will wait for the trial, or the result to act, unless he agrees to a smaller suspension now and the potential of additional punishment to follow if convicted.
  • avatar

    As reported today, Haynesworth wasn't given a suspension for his latest legal troubles and he already went through the courts and pleaded no contest. There's no real standard operating procedure for league imposed suspentions, considering Goodell's decisions in the past. With Talib already being suspended in the past I would think he has another one coming his way. Maybe 4 games.
  • avatar

    Just hoping he doesn't club the commish upside the head!
  • avatar

    Unfortunately he does have the potential to at least make a scene. Goodell may even bait him intentionally to see his true mental state.
  • avatar

    Goodell ordered Michael Vick to stay away from the Falcons before his trail was resolved. Then officially suspended him when he accepted the plea bargain. I also remember they met when all of the allegations came out and Vick lied to Goodell about his involement. Why would he believe anything Talib tells him?
  • avatar

    If talib doesn't do a great sales job and doesnt impress the comish, then its a 4 game minimum.
  • avatar

    I hope there's no suspension now. Not having Talib on Megatron was the reason we didn't go to the playoffs last year. Not having him there again could rob us of our revenge this year.
  • avatar

    All I asked was Tampa go after a corner because they knew the Possibility of Talib being Suspended, What happens If Ronde or EJ goes down? your Gonna depend on Youboty and others? I'd hate to see Tampa lose games because the front office didnt prepare for something that they could almost guarantee was going to happen
  • avatar

    I wouldn't assume the worst here yet. Talib will have lawyers, the Nfl will have lawyers. Nobody wants to get in the middle of an active court case and risk legal jeopardy. Talib needs to tell the truth and Goodell must be careful not to send signals of guilt and risk being subpoenaed by the Dallas County prosecuter as he has no doctor/lawyer/priest client privilege immunity. For us as fans, we must take the next-man-up perspective. If Talib is suspended for a number of games, it's the same as a hamstring injury that keeps him out for that same number of games. It's football, somebody else wil play and may play very well.
  • avatar

    Not ganna lie, im a lil nervouse about this meeting. This could hurt us
  • avatar

    As much as I agree with letting the legal system play out, I foresee Talib missing the first 3-4 games due to this being his second incident. Goodell isn't just calling Talib in to chat. Likely more games to be missed in '12 depending on the ultimate result of the legal battle. We're going to see a lot of Biggers...
  • avatar

    My guess is that Goodell with allow Talib to state his case about what really happened. Tell the truth Aqib.
  • avatar

    Awfully nice of commissioner Goodell to wait until halfway through the preseason before serving up his discipline to Talib...
  • avatar

    First of all let me state that I have no idea what "really" happened that night. However, I think that Roger really needs to let this play out because technically a person is considered innocent until proven guilty. Hopefully the matter gets resolved and found to be justified. That is about the only way Aqib will remain a football player and Buccaneer.
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