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August 24, 2011 @ 8:53 pm
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New CBA Says Foster Fine Can Be Appealed And Reduced

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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As reported earlier today by PewterReport.com, Buccaneers rookie linebacker Mason Foster was notified by the NFL league office he was being fined for his hit on Chad Ochocinco in last Thursday night’s preseason game against the New England Patriots.

Later in the day it was reported the amount Foster was fined was $20,000, but tonight PFT.com is reporting that, while the $20,000 figure is accurate, due to a stipulation as part of the new CBA [collective bargaining agreement], the fine will be reduced to 25 percent of Foster’s weekly base salary. Foster, who is scheduled to earn the league’s rookie minimum salary of $375,000, can appeal the amount as “excessive” [according to the new CBA] and the fine will be reduced to just $5,514.71 as a first time offender for an on-field offense.
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    Under the new rules you may tackle only by the waist. If you grab the Knees you will be flagged for unnesessary roughness aiming for the Knees. If the runner runs by or the receiver catches the ball and begins to run and you slip and grab his shoes to tackle him, You will be flagged for Tripping. OK so these may not be in the rules but why not. They sound just as STUIPD as this was called. There was nothing dirty about it I don't care what angle you look at it from. I think all fans should bring yellow flags to all the games this weekend and let the NFL know it is the NFL not Flag football.
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    Wow, looks like if Ochocinco keeps his promise, he'll only have to reimburse Foster $5,514.71!! I think he should round it up to $5,515!
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    Appeal and it will get reduced.
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    Next they'll make the DL count " 1-5 Mississippi" before rushing the QB!
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    Can't believe they will fine him for such a great tackle. This is the type of play we have been longing for: A thumping MLB. Keep up the good play Foster! Hit'em in the mouth if they try to take the ball.
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    5,000 is too much. His first hit should be a "don't do that any more" or else. His next fine should be a missed game. That would be fair. Some people need more "education" than others...............JJ
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    Couldnt agree with you more vtrantb
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    Still don't understand how it was illegal. It was a bang-bang play and he used his shoulders. This is becoming a wimpy league. I don't understand this kickoff rule rationale either. The commissioner said it was to avoid injuries. If that was the case, why don't they just put the ball on the 20 yd line everytime.
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