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August 26, 2011 @ 10:27 pm
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Reports: Talib Can Expect Four-Game Suspension

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Several sources are reporting tonight Aqib Talib can expect a four-game suspension for his arrest that occurred last March in Garland, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. Talib was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon when he and his mother were involved in an altercation with Talib’s sister’s alleged boyfriend.

Talib met with commissioner Roger Goodell last Tuesday in New York but refused to comment on Wednesday other than to say, "I met with the commissioner, but I'm going to keep all the details between me and the commissioner, if ya'll can respect that.”

Buccaneers' head coach Raheem Morris, who was hoping no action would be taken until the legal proceedings were final, commented on Talib’s situation earlier this month.

“I know you have to go through a whole bunch of legal stuff and all that jazz,” Morris said. “I don’t think anything will happen as far as the league. I don’t have any idea what is going on with the front office. I don’t mean our front office, the league office. They don’t usually pass judgment until something happens legally first. They do a great job up there handling those situations. I’m sure they will handle this situation no differently.”
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    Just like I asked. Speculation or fact? Turns out it was pure speculation. BS from a source that keeps getting repeated is still BS. It doesn't turn to truth because it gets echoed around the world.
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    WOW NO Talib suspension this year. CONFIRMED.
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    By the way most colleges suspend players that have been charged with felonies until the case has been resolved.
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    Suspending Talib could really put the NFL & NFLPA in a real legal bind considering neither had any powers during the lockout. I know from previously being in a union in Florida that during a strike union contracted employees could be disciplined for malicious acts against other union/non-union employees. Since the NFLPA dissolved, there was no CBA which gave the NFL the right to discipline players. One thing I did learn from my union days was that Bush Administration severely weakened the NLRB laws to favor Big Business. Godell can do what he wants for now because the NLRB is so back logged with cases in general that it will probably take at least 5yrs to address any grievances ona national level. A union is only as strong as it's members. I don't see a majority of them standing up against the NFL for these suspensions and fines for hits. They had their chance to address it during the negotiations, but it obviously wasn't a priority. When the fans have had enough and quit watching it will force the owners to get Godell to follow some sort of guidelines instead of making it up as he goes.
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    4 games = calvin johnson, percy harvin, reggie wayne, and roddy white & co....hope the offense is ready to put up some points. we'll be a much better team with talib and tanard off suspension
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    Multiple sources may be reporting it but they're all citing the same information source: a report on Yahoo Sports. Remind anybody of a report about the Bucs' cutting Talib a while back from a local beat writer? Wasn't true was it?
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    [...]" They do a great job up there handling those situations."[...] Really Raheem?
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    Well this sucks but next man up. I'm worried about biggers on CJ week one but talib was shutting him down in the game before injury and biggers was unexpectantly thrown in to guard him. So I'm thinking Morris will adjust accordingly and plan to throw other things at him. Then we have Harvin and berrian Week 2 which dont worry me much with Mcnabb at QB easilyl winnable as long as we don't let AP go crazy. Then Ryan and White coming next well we should of won that game against them without talib but for a special teams gap in the 4th they won. Its no easy win but not a guaranteed loss either. And then we got P.Manning and the colts assuming what game he comes back and it will probably take him a couple to be the old Manning were used to seeing. But overall with the way we played without Talib last year I could still see us going 2-2 or 3-1 during this stretch. Then after week 4 the league better be ready because both Talib and Tanard will be back.
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    Speculation or known fact regarding the possible suspension? Fines for clean hits, suspensions before conviction, uniform police, pat downs, can't criticize officials. And to think they overthrew Moammar Gadafi for oppression. Roger; I know you went to W&J and probably ate hot dogs and gravy fries at Shorty's so I have some connection to you; but you just are getting to be a little too much Judge Judy for me.
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    Scubog, this is not the government where it takes an act of congress to slap anybody on the hand. This is a private business and the owners have all the rights to demand and expect good behavior from their employees. The thug came to the scene with a gun in hand. He deserves more than a four game suspension. Talib's attorneys could have already had a trial if they wanted to; instead they delayed it which is what people do when they are guilty. The man has never expressed any remorse what so ever. He has already been in trouble before. I support the Commissioner. I wish we had principle's in high school's and college presidents doing the same thing with their students. Too many people are getting away with things and then others think they can do the same thing.
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    Horse: You just don't get it. All of your statements are accusations until a person has a trial, is convicted and sentenced. That's the system of government for which you fought.
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    Guilty until proven innocent. Goodell has more power than the courts? Wow!
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    At least its not for the season.....smh. But no Aqib against Manning for MNF is going to suck.
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    The commissioner needs to fine the Raiders and 49ers for shootings and fights at their games. He needs to get his own house in order. I would feel a lot safer at Talib's house than a Raider game.
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