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August 27, 2011 @ 6:18 pm
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No Suspension For Talib

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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In a suprise announcement, Mark Dominik told the media Aqib Talib will not be suspended in 2011.
Addressing the media just before kickoff against the Miami Dolphins Saturday evening, Buccaneers general manager Mark Dominik announced that the NFL would not suspend Aqib Talib for any part of the 2011 after his arrest for aggravated assault last March in Garland, Texas.

“I got off the phone with the league office and we discussed Aqib’s [Talib] situation and he will not be suspended for the 2011 football season,” Dominik said. “Certainly we and the National Football League are going to continue to track the case, and we will proceed accordingly however that pans out, I should say.”

While a suspension was widely thought to be a foregone conclusion after Talib met with commissioner Roger Goodell Tuesday in New York, the announcement caught many by surprise. Dominik spoke frankly about the situation.

“[I’m] not relieved because really that [we are] not that type of organization [and] I do not want him to deal with these kind of things,” Dominik said. “I think Aqib and our football team knows that is not the kind of team we want to be here and build here. We want to be a team that our community sits around as really proud of. I am not relieved because I really do not want to be in these situations anymore.”

The troubled former Jayhawk has had numerous transgressions since coming into the NFL as the Buccaneers’ first-round selection in 2008.

Talib was involved getting into a fight at the league’s rookie symposium in 2008 with former teammate Cory Boyd, and an incident in which he swung a helmet at teammate Donald Penn and hit fellow cornerback Torrie Cox in the face during practice. Those instances went unpunished by the league.

In 2010, Talib was arrested for assaulting a cab driver allegedly punching the driver in the face. The case, which resulted in no jail time, led to a one-game suspension and Talib sat out the 2010 season opener against the Cleveland Browns.

While Talib would not comment about his meeting with the commissioner, apparently his meeting made an impression on Goodell.

“I think they had the opportunity to obviously meet with Aqib Talib up in New York on Tuesday and hear what he has dealt along with his attorney (whatever they could provide them and his agent),” Dominik said. “That is when I had the opportunity to speak to the league office and they to inform us of their decision and we support that as final and we are going to handle it the same way.”
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    I think the posters on here on not realizing what Mark is saying. "he will not be suspended for the 2011 football season". To me this says that there is a very good possibility that he will be suspended in 2012 once the legal process takes it's course. This might actually work out better for us since it will mean that we should be able to resign him a lot cheaper when his contract is up at the end of 2012.
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    A very surprising initial outcome from my perspective, based on the "Gestapo" type attitude that he has shown in the past with punishments. I guess Talib had a solid story. Good news for the Bucs. Go Bucs!
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    Perhaps selmon should be "seldom".
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    Selmon (the poster not the great # 63) is like BF47 without the intelligence.
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    Stunned. I was just becoming a Goodell hater too...maybe this guy is a real human being after all. Kudos to Goodell for finally letting a man handle his business before passing judgement....every person deserves their day in court. Constitutional rights take precedence over the public relations concerns of the NFL (which is really all the personal conduct policy is about). Period.
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    While a suspension was widely thought to be a foregone conclusion...Really Mark Cook, and what's your source this time, and exactly how many people must think this for it to be a widely thought conclusion? Those media outlets that jumped on the bandwagon after reading the Yahoo Sports piece certainly hoped so; at least after they reported it. Guys that were on staff before you sir usually checked their facts or at least cited their source. As a paying member I'd prefer you to follow in their journalistic footsteps. Pardon the attitude, but your follow up article of: everyone else thought so too, so its ok that I reported false information earlier, really set me off.
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    Now show us something!!!
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    please god do not show tampa on tv this is the most underachieving team i have ever seen losing to the dolphins really dumanick should be fired no balls or creativity morris has less intelligence than the cat terrible decisions draft on paper might be great but in reality sucks olson sucks and should be fired and freemans mediocre at best next 0 and 17 team going to draft high make it right this tinme
  • avatar

    Dude, you are not a Bucs fan. If you were, you would relise that this is a preseaspn game not a regular season game. You would also realise that the Bucs are a rebuilding football team and they got ten wins last year with the youngest team in the NFL. If Dominick, Morris and Olson were so dumb, how did the youngest team in the NFL get 10 wins? Espn, NFL Netwrok, Mike and Mike in the Morning, etc all have said nothing more than great reviews on Freeman. You are the only loner who thinks that Freeman is average at best. He only has 1 1/2 years of NFl experience. You are a fraud. You are NOT a Bucs fan.
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    This has to kill Rick "The shroud from the black cloud" Stroud. He tried in every way possible to have the Bucs get rid of Talib. He tried to sway a suspension also. I think Talib's situation in this case is unusual. When a member of your family is in danger how would you react? The commish at least showed he has an open mind, which is more than can be said for Mr. Stroud. Talib needs to let this be a warning about his future behavior. There is no wiggle room for him in the future, so please Aqib control your anger. This team needs you too bad to lose you for some off field blow up. I'm relieved and best of luck to you Aqib Talib.
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    Great News!! C'mon Talib.... this is no doubt your last chance.
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