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August 29, 2011 @ 2:59 pm
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Freeman Confident Offense Will Get On Track

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


Staff Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Josh Freeman took time out today to address the media on a number of subjects.

In his press conference on a rainy Monday afternoon at One Buc Place, Tampa Bay quarterback Josh Freeman gave his thoughts on the team’s preseason play, running game, and a few teammates. In addition, he spoke on the upcoming season-opener against Detroit.

The third-year quarterback likes how his preseason played out.

“Honestly, I felt good,” Freeman said. “Obviously [in] the New England game [we] missed a couple of calls, but feel like we got right back where we needed to be for the Miami game. Everything with reps continues to get better [and] working together. I am really excited about where we're headed.”

The 6-foot-6, 248-pound quarterback is not very concerned about the team’s woes with the running game in the preseason. He realizes that this time of year does not always provide a true look at what will happen during the regular season. At times the running game just needs a little push in an effort to go strong.
“I'm not really worried about it,” Freeman said. “Just a matter of getting LeGarrette [Blount] cranked up. In the preseason it's tough because you only get a couple drives and you have to make the most of them. I remember games last year where [in] Seattle, for instance, the first couple drives we couldn’t get an inch in the running game, but I got him cranked up and I think he ran for about 150 that game. It's tough in the preseason to really get a genuine look of how everything is going to be.”

With the departure of Cadillac Williams this year, the Bucs have played since training camp with no clear third-down back. However, head coach Raheem Morris told the Pewter Report on Monday that Earnest Graham has taken the role at the moment. Freeman said likes what he's seen from Graham in regards to those situations.

“I feel like Earnest and Cadillac are very similar players,” Freeman said. “Very intelligent guys [and] I feel great having Earnest back there with me.”

When asked about people putting too much stock in how a team looks during the preseason, Freeman agrees that a team can always improve. He is excited to start the season and that excitement is echoed throughout the locker room by his teammates.
“You know you always [can] look better,” Freeman said. “Preseason is the time where it's a big evaluation period. Starting out things are not always going to be as sharp. You're not going to be in mid-season form, but at the same time we feel really good about where we are as an offense. In the locker room everybody is upbeat [and] everybody is excited about getting this season rolling.”

Freeman had nothing but praise for tight end Kellen Winlsow and it's no secret that they've developed an onfield chemistry.

“Yes, and teams know we like to throw to Kellen,” Freeman said. “So they're trying to double Kellen. There was one play where he had a little post down the middle and they just doubled him. The safety neglected his responsibility on the outside and just crashed on Kellen [and] the linebacker walled him from underneath. They know 82’s in the game and you hear defenses say it all the time. They are obviously aware of Kellen, but we are definitely going to do some things to get him the ball because we know how valuable he is. You just put it around him and he is going to make a play.”

In regards to third-string quarterback Rudy Carpenter, Freeman sees him as a great teammate and supporter. Even though it's unsure if guys such as Rudy and Jonathan Crompton will make the final roster, the starting quarterback likes the unit the team has in place.
“We love Rudy,” Freeman said. “He is a great guy [and] great teammate [and] great friend. I love where our quarterback room has been since I've been here. Crompton is also a great guy. There is something reassuring about being the starting quarterback when you got guys like Rudy and Josh Johnson in your corner always talking it up with you. They keep things fun during the week when you get late in the season and the weeks get long.”

Josh Freeman realizes once the regular season gets going that the team will need everyone to be completely involved. He likes how offensive coordinator Greg Olson has done a great job of getting various players involved because it causes the defense to become somewhat confused as to which player can get the ball. 

“Once the season gets going it's all hands on deck,” Freeman said. “We are going to need every bit of everybody’s talent and everybody’s skill sets to go out and compete and find ways to win. Coach Olsen does a great job of mixing it up - mixing up personnel groups [and] getting everybody involved. [We] really found that out last year that it keeps defenses off balance because anybody can get the ball at any given time.”

In regards to the regular season, Freeman knows it is very important for the offense to go out and get points early in the game.

“It's huge,” Freeman said. “You got to find a way to put points on the board. That being said, it's about finding a way to win. Obviously you like to go out and play a complete game all four quarters with a green light playing great. It's the NFL - good defenses. It's not always going to be that way, but finding a way to maximize our potential on the first drive is going to be big for us this year.”

As a young team in the NFL, Freeman said he understands the team needs to improve upon sustaining quality drives from the opening whistle.

“Finding a way as a young team to consistently go out and put together a good drive at the beginning of the game is something that we got to work on.”

With the starters more than likely not getting any playing time during the final preseason game, which is typical, Freeman and the rest of the starters have already started to focus on their season opener at home verses the Detroit Lions on September 11.   

“We've already started watching Detroit,” Freeman said. “They're a good team. [I'm] real excited. [It was] a close one with them last year. [We] just got to find a way to make those plays that we didn’t make last year to get the win.”

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    You know I have some misgivings about the OLine myself, as they heaven't shown much in the preseason to instill confidence and wouldn't mind them picking up some cast offs to shore it up somewhat. At the same time, it is preseason and we have seen them do well (enough) last year. I keep trying to think that maybe this is a little bit of, "let's not get hurt" and maybe some "rope a dope" to keep other teams off balance. Let's wait until at least Sept. 11th to see if we have a real reason to be worried. I really think they are going to play much better than what we have seen so far. I think everything is very vanilla right now intentionally. Psychology is part of the game and if we can get the Lions to come in a little over confident then too bad for them!
  • avatar

    I certainly commend you matador for being a fan but maybe you're just a fair weather fan who wants to find fault with anything he perceives as less than ideal. Don't tell me about being at the 49er's play-off game, in Philly to witness "the pick" and survived and the Superbowl ( I was at all but the Eagles game myself). To demonstrate your loyalty, tell me about never missing a home game or a TV broadcast since the dreadful start in 1976. Tell me about becoming a fan in the "Lemon" Bennett mid 80's like fellow poster jongruden. Tell me about sitting on the aluminum benches (mine is on my patio) surrounded by Bear fans. Tell me about the hope for yet another failed draft, Alvin Harper and Booker Reece. A real fan looks for the bright side of his team and defends it against anyone who dares to poke fun at it. A real fan believes the team is better than it is not worse. In your post you chose to run down every aspect of the team over a meaningless pre-season game. There's a big difference in being overly "optimistic" like some fans are, "realistic" like most of us are and "idealistic" like you appear to be. We have a very young and promising team that is on the rise. It hasn't yet reached the summit; but when it does I'm sure you'll be there.
  • avatar

    You know matahor your code speak for what you and certain kinds of people like you isn't fooling me!It's the same reason why some of you didn't like him being our head coach in the first place! Since when has Raheem Morris shown the intellectual incapacity to be the head coach of this team? Some of you try to say he can't speak a coherent sentence, more of your code speak.Bill Cowher speaks worse than he does with his sputtering but none of you say anything about that. I wish people like you would be men and say the real reason why they don't like Rah being our head coach. To me his biggest problem is his celebrations with his players. The man is a big reason the team was prepared last season. He was out gunned and out matched his first season and has made some mistakes but has shown improvement in the coaching department. That shows he has the INTELLECTUAL CAPACITY as you state to coach this team.Jon Gruden made a lot of mistakes with this team some that he apparently knows but does nothing to change them something his lovers don't talk about.Maybe he doesn't have the mental capacity to be a great coach. If you got so many tears coming out of your eyes then stop being a crying _ss fan and don't watch or post! Oops my bad I used improper grammar!I must not have the intellectual capacity to be a poster!
  • avatar

    As to my loyalty to the team, I was a season ticket holder until the job market everyone is blaming the ticket selling woes on forced me to relocate. The intensity of my passion for the Bucs took me to the 49ers playoff game in which Mariuchi clearly gave up at halftime and never looked (his career) back, up to Philly to see The Pick in person (aka, the greatest single play in Buccaneers history) and to San Diego to the Super Bowl. Crap on me, to use your oh so clever Matador-bull BS, but I am a die hard Bucs fan. I've been a PR subscriber for so long I can't remember exactly but I believe '06. But I love the Bucs, and it sickens me to see the Glazers sit there with their 14% hedge fund debt used to finance Man U choking our team's resources, everyone hail Dom when he was at the scene of the crime of all of the poor drafts before he took over and we are already seeing cracks in the draft picks and the questionable character reaches under 'his' regime (Hickey falls in this category also, maybe even more so, though admittedly the buck stops at Allen's desk), and Rah when he is clearly out of his depth and shows no signs of having the intellectual capacity to be a head coach. What am I supposed to do, sit back and cheer this impending train wreck? Our OL is weak, point blank. With no holes being opened by the OL and no RB speed to break runs to the outside, opposing D's are going to stack the middle of the field, blow past our suspect guards, stuff Blount and sack Free over and over again. Free has all of the tools but if our game plan includes him constantly running for his life, one of these days that is going to catch up with him. I hope I'm wrong, but when you have no free agent budget you can't afford to miss badly on draft picks, otherwise you have to dupe some of your picks (DL anyone?) and as other positions develop needs you can never make up for that. Throw all this together and we are one critical injury away from 7-9 and two years away from a(nother) regime change. If you only understood how much I hope I am wrong...
  • avatar

    matador, I appreciate your humor. Some of the "Soundoffs" attack if you don't stay on the" Bucs are great and they have no weaknesses at all and how dare you say something about it". It gets to be funny after a while. Look, I love the Bucs and I always want them to succeed, but you can't always ignore the obvious. We will make mistakes in drafts, in starter selections, and in plays, but most of the time we have it right. Go Bucs! Get better!
  • avatar

    Matador...take your bull to your team's website...you are obviously not a Bucs fan...since you like cats so much, you likely root for the Panthers. It's pre-season, we won't really know what we have until we've played a few games of the regular season at least.
  • avatar

    Scubog, Well said !!
  • avatar

    With a name like "matador" there is sure to be a lot of bull crap on the ground and an equal amount of red flag waving so the sarcasm laced comment was quite appropriate. Virtually every aspect of our favorite team was gored as a result. I suppose a matador can look at the world from either the horned head or the posterior where everything looks and smells like manure. Matador obviously chose the latter. Some people just don't understand that there's a big difference in the fake bull you can ride at the local redneck bar (pre-season game) and the real live bull Ocho Cinco rode (regular season game). Ole!
  • avatar

    i must admit I was very nervous at first when we got drummed by the Pats. But the more I think about it... This is, just what it is... preseason/practice. how many teams have gone out and won all four preseason games or had very good showings during the preseason and then turned around and been the laughing stock of the league? We can sit around and get mad at each other and say we aren't doing this nad doing that but to be honest... we just have to wait and see what happens when the season starts. when game plans are put into place, when coordinators get creative, when players aren't tip toeing around trying to avoid injury so they can make the roster etc, etc. Let's go Bucs!!!
  • avatar

    I know it is pre-season, but I'm not that confident yet that all of a sudden with Detroit we are going to be successful with our passing and running plays because where is the blocking? Go Bucs! Get better, fast!
  • avatar

    .Let's see, where to begin...    Against us, Chad Ocho...wait, that was last week on The Day the Bucs Stood Still...I mean Henne (how many of us even knew for sure how to spell his name?) had a 143.9 QB rating. Our...3rd string QB...nearly matched him, with a 124 rating against their 3rd stringers. Excuse me, 124.5.    Our leading rusher was...our starting QB. But again, not to worry, our 2nd leading rusher was...our 2nd string QB. Again, not to worry, you'll be relieved to learn our 3rd leading rusher was. Let me look, I've never heard of the guy. Ah yes, Allen Bradford. Those 3 racked up totals of 17, 12 and 12 yards respectively. But again, not to worry, our 4th leading rusher was...one of our WRs, followed by...our 3rd string QB.    Our workhorse back, 'Cold Cock' Blount, pounded the rock 5 times for an avg of 2 yards per carry to claim spot #6. Has it perhaps occurred to anyone at this point we have no breakaway speed, so opposing D's can just stack the middle and make us prove we can run outside?    Fortunately, we fared much better on the receiving front, where our leading receiver was...our first string RB (aka, CCB). And our 2nd leading receiver was...our 3rd(?) string RB. And our 3rd leading receiver was...see if this sounds familiar, someone I have never heard of before, Nathan Overbay. Fortunately our dynamic playmaking WR, Mike Williams, stepped in and claimed 4th spot with 3 catches for 22 yards (total, not avg), followed by Daniel Hardy (?), Mossis Madu (??), Audrea Allison (did they agree to allow women to play during the strike?) and then 'Are you recording this?' K2 Winslow.    Ah, football season. I can almost smell the playoffs from here. Or is that one of my cats...?  
  • avatar

    i don't know how long that took you to write but save your pessimistic sarcastic crap for yourself. no one's interested. GO BUCS! I smell SUPER BOWL within the next few years! ...or is that one of my cats...?
  • avatar

    The fact that you admit to not knowing so many of our players, including this years draft picks, means no one is going to take your high-pitched whining seriously.
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