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September 3, 2011 @ 3:36 pm
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Buccaneers Announce Cuts

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Tampa Bay, along with all NFL teams, had until 4 p.m. to have their rosters down to 53 players. While no major surprises, safety Ahmad Black and quarterback Rudy Carpenter were among those let go by the team today.


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers released its 53-man roster on Saturday afternoon. All NFL teams had until 4 p.m. to cut their rosters down to that size.

RB Armando Allen
RC Matt Allen
T Will Barker
S Ahmad Black
T Cory Brandon
QB Rudy Carptenter
G Thomas Claiborne
QB Jonathan Crompton
G Marc Dile
WR Ed Gant
TE Daniel Hardy
S Dominique Harris
LB Brandon Heath
LB Simoni Lawrence
RB Mossis Madu
DE Alex Magee
LB Tyrone McKenzie
DE Kyle Moore
TE Nathan Overbay
WR Maurice Price
TE Ryan Purvis
LB/FB Nick Reveiz
K Jacob Rogers
LB Derrell Smith
DT Al Woods
DT John McCargo

Placed on physically unable to perform list:

LS Andrew Economos

Last modified on Sunday, 04 September 2011 11:38

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  • avatar

    James Lee had a terrible pre season and he made the team "Things that make you go hmm"
  • avatar

    I'm sorry, but I just can't see how James Lee made the cut. He is not the blocker he was last year and has looked horrible so far in pre-season. I how they go after someone to replace him in the second draft.
  • avatar

    Amen Buc4life!!!! the whole hating and second guessing is already starting...how many times do they have to say...WE BUILD THROUGH THE DRAFT...not going to happen overnight...with a bunch of cast offs from other teams!
  • avatar

    Is that Life Cereal kid named Mikey that "hate's everything" now a poster on this site? He must sweep up at State Vacuum, "Here Come the Vacuums!"
  • avatar

    matador September 4, 2011 8:54 am Train wreck approacheth. Overall we have middle of the road talent, "Middle of the road talent".....yeah....basically the same back up talent we had starting and winning games for us last year and going on a winning streak when almost all of our starters were on IR last year...same talent that rightly had the game won which the zebras shamelessly took away which had they not there would be no super bowl champ packers..but yeah....watch out....train wreck a comin....we suck....and you have the nerve to finish your post w/ GO BUCS....what kind of fan are you supposed to be again?? oh yeah I remember now... and I hope you fall off the back of that wagon too...for the real fans who actually follow their team...GO BUCS!!
  • avatar

    Why can't some of you "Soundoffs" quit attacking people who have a different opinion than you. Do I agree with him? Absolutely not, but that's the way he feels. Do I agree with what you said about our talent pool ? Yes, I do. There is no need to call out anybody by their Soundoff Name. Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    It is hard to tell without an offseason if these were all good or reasonable cuts. I guess (as mentioned above) you have to rely on the coaching staff and front office exclusivley this year. While we have some very young potential that should eventually develope, where's the leadership? I would not be surprised if Dominque and Morris don't participate in the waiver wire that much. We really don't know many of the young players that made the cut. Need to see them in real game time action. Somebody is going to get a very good player when they pick Ed Gant off wavers. (Can you say a "young Randy Moss) He won't hit the PR. Go Bucs.....
  • avatar

    We are far from over with the roster. I expect today and tomoorow some more additions and deletions. We are short a TE and a MLB. I suppose that the GM and Coach are trying to determine who can play through an injury right at CB, Safety, OL, and DL before making the final adjustments. Go Bucs! Lets beat Detroit!
  • avatar

    Congrads to E. Mack for showing up this preseason and proving he still deserved a place on this team. On the other side of the coin, I think it's too early to say anything about Bradford but I don't know how Lumpkin made the team. We don't have a draft pick invested in him and he hasn't proven anything at any point while being on the field. The season hasn't even started am I'm already going to be scouting he college games this year for RB's, guards and centers. To me Trueblood and Hayes are in a make or break year so this year will determine if we will need replacements for them as well.
  • avatar

    Train wreck approacheth. Overall we have middle of the road talent, strong in some spots (tho fewer than the pomp-ppm carriers think, QB is literally the only spot where it is clear cut), weak in (many) others, including, critically, ownership and head coach (yes Rah this means you, your smile and energy and low salary requirement only gets you so far). Middle of the road talent and coaching will translate to a middle of the road record, 8-8 and if I'm wrong it's by one game. Makes me sick. Go Bucs
  • avatar

    I guess I am a bit surprised that Carpenter didn't make it. We have been fortunate this last two yrs as Freeman and Johnson have stayed healthy, but by and large most teams need to have two reserves down the stretch. I thought Overby would make it too along with Gant. 12 Defensive backs ? That tells me they are not sold on a lot of these guys yet and want more time. Madu also I thought had a shot.
  • avatar

    Lance Briggs!? what if?
  • avatar

    One thing I realized several years ago was to view the preseason games as just another practice, albeit with slightly more value with regards to player evaluations. We fans, for the most part, attempt to determine who should stay or go based on a few plays in these games and maybe a practice or two. But we should understand that Dominik, his staff and the coaches watch and re-watch every single play of every practice and know the results of the player's classroom work. rrsrq: I liked Caddy too and thought he would stay but I seriously doubt any GM would retain drafted players who aren't good enough to keep from admitting he made a mistake not re-signing a veteran F/A.
  • avatar

    Dominick said on the Redskins broadcast we may keep up to 4 TE's - and then he cuts all 3. These guys will be working the roster over the next few days. Will be interesting to see where it settles out.
  • avatar

    One person that i find intriguing is RB Chester Taylor. A tremendous 3rd down back with plenty of experience yet fresh due to Chicago never utilizing his skill set. Spelling Adrian Peterson and stepping in on 3rd down for screens, draws and blitz pickup is when he was at his finest. I think he would be a perfect fit coming in for Blount. Anyone else see what im seeing?
  • avatar

    Have to agree that Taylor should be on their list, along with Merriwether. Have to wonder about the TE spot though, both guys have injury issues and even though Lorig is listed as a FB/TE, I'd feel a lot better with Purvis on the roster, than I do having a 7th CB like Johnson on the roster. Woods on the DL, is another one I would have liked to of keep. Both of our starting DT's are coming off injury and I'd feel a lot better with Woods on the roster, than I do with a 5th safety like Holland or Asante. Hopefully they keep Lawrence on the practice Squad, I thought he showed some real promise at LB. I think Gant should be a lock for the PS.
  • avatar

    don't hope for Meriwether, bucs go after their own, and why is anybody surprised Bradford and Lumpkin made it, cutting them would be admitting they made a mistake by letting Caddie go. I hope their false pride doesn't back fire. I do like the Holland guy though, his mistakes are correctable and they were a result of aggressiveness.
  • avatar

    Well, I hope we pick up Mario Harvery, Myron Rolle and Evan Royster. All were cut today and I think these guys would be upgrades on our roster. Especially Royster.
  • avatar

    I wanted Ed Gant to make the roster, he was really solid against the redskins & a very possible gamebreaker however i suppose i understand with the fact that we have so many wide outs on our roster that it would be nearly impossible to keep him on there. I'm also iffy on the let go of Daniel Hardy, though he didn't make any plays in preseason i liked him over Overbay & Purvis. & since Ahmad Black is out, does that mean Devin Holland made the roster because his name isn't on that list? :O
  • avatar

    Are they possibly bringing back John Gilmore, cut by the Steelers?
  • avatar

    Everybody relax!! Mark "Houdini" Domnik has now taken the stage. There will be rabbits coming from hats any minute now. This is where he does his best work!! It will all be clearer in a couple of days.
  • avatar

    Raheem's birthday surprise was 12 players in the secondary, not 8 or 9! Can't believe only 2 TEs when we want to run so many 2 TE sets, now with no spares! Everything else could make sense, depending on what happens on the waiver wire and with potential trades. I don't think we know everything that is going on at One Buc Place.
  • avatar

    Interesting list in that they cut ALL three TEs, leaving only Winslow and Stocker, both of which aren't the picture of health right now. They also hinted that if they cut Rudy Carpenter it would be to keep a WR, likely Ed Gant. But BOTH are gone. So I'd bet two of the three TEs (Overbay and Purvis, in that order) and Gant both make the practice squad, and will Jon Crompton. I think they will let Rudy go outright. I also think Madu will stay on with practice squad. I think he's got great potential but needs more work. That said...Lumpkin and Bradford...we're shocked you're still here. Better stup guys or maybe you won't be in a week. Bucs may also look to the waiver wire.
  • avatar

    PR.COM care to explain the TE situation.
  • avatar

    If this is anything like last year there will be more changes
  • avatar

    News Flash! All of the roster cuts/transactions are on Buccaneers.com. Some surprises on numbers at a few positions. McCoy and Trueblood made the team.
  • avatar

    You are right! A lot of surprises. We must be picking up another tE. Very Surprised about Gant. I doubt he will make it to the Practice Squad. Not surprised with about Black. I am surprised that we are keeping Lumpkin.
  • avatar

    jleonard55 you have absolutly right bucs must keep an eye on S meriweather!! SAFETY SQUAD isnt impressive , could be a big value guy in our secondary who's MLB backup ? Mc kenzi and smith was released who's behind foster ?
  • avatar

    Happy Birthday Raheem Morris. I know this has got to be a tough day because you have to say good bye to 27 players, but on the other side I am sure you are happy about your 53 players who made it. Go Bucs! Lets beat the heck out of Detroit!
  • avatar

    Derrell Smith is somewhat surprising with the earlier release of Tyrone McKenzie. Wonder what's cooking.
  • avatar

    Merriweather got released by the Patriots today. Buc's have to take a look at him. This might change who gets cut in the secondary.
  • avatar

    so i guess that means no wildcat offense with Josh Johnson, cant risk injury with both qb's on the field
  • avatar

    Wow, cant believe they cut Carpenter. I guess were gonna roll with only 2 QB's this year. I expect to see Smith on the practice squad.
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