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September 12, 2011 @ 1:42 pm
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Blount Trusting Coaching Staff

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


Staff Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Tampa Bay Buccaneers RB LeGarrette Blount said Monday afternoon that while he would have liked to received more than just 5 carries against Detroit, he is committed to his coaching staff and its game-day maneuvers.


With the Buccaneers playing a lot of their two-minute hurry up offense in the game against the Lions last Sunday, running back LeGarrette Blount was, for the most part, out of the game. The second-year running back out of the University of Oregon only carried the ball five times for a total of 15 yards in Sunday’s loss to Detroit. Blount knows he is not part of the coaches’ plans to be a part of the two-minute offense, and he respects their decision.

“Have to respect the coach’s call,” Blount said. “You got to do what they tell you. They feel the need to run two-minute, hurry-up offense for the entire second half. [We] didn’t run the ball much the first half, so it is up to them.”

Buccaneers head coach Raheem Morris took responsibility for going to the two-minute offense too soon in the game and, as a result, not giving much playing time to Blount.

“That’s not how we want to win games,” Morris said. “We want to win games with Blount bludgeoning you for 130 yards and us having a couple of play-action bombs and being efficient with Freeman. When we go to that two-minute offense like that, we kind of take Blount out of the game. That’s something we don’t want to do. We have a weapon in Blount. We want to run the ball with him.

“Maybe, as a coach, I went too fast. I went too early with the two-minute offense but I wanted to get something going, something generated, get [Freeman] some confidence and get all those guys going. And it worked to the standpoint we were able to get back in the game, but we don’t want to do it like that. That’s something for me to second that’s something for me to improve and that’s something for me to get better at. And we will.

“I’m not going to sit here and tell you we’re going to be a spread, New England Patriots, Indianapolis Colts, [type of offense]. That’s not who we are. We got LeGarrette Blount, big bludgeoning back you’ve seen run for 1,000 yards in this league. We want him to get to that again, if not improve on it.”

Offensive coordinator Greg Olson also commented that Blount needs to be part of the game for Tampa Bay to be effective, but he still has a few things to learn.

“We have to react quicker to those changes,” Olson said. “We try to give those players a lot of different looks leading up to that game so they’re ready to react to whatever look they may see, so we’ll continue to look at how we’re doing it in practice and how we’re formulating that plan for openers. Is it a rock-and-hard place situation? We didn’t start the game in two-minute. Maybe in the future we will do that.

“We’ll continue to work with LeGarrette in the nickel package and protections. That’s something, obviously, we haven’t neglected. [It’s] something that as soon as we got back from training camp, we knew we missed all those OTAs and June minicamps and we said we got to get LeGarrette up to speed quickly so we can use him. He’s getting there and he’s working at it and we see him in the future being able to get in there and do that.”

Even though the coaches doubt his readiness for the hurry up offense, Blount feels like he is prepared for that particular style of play.

“I feel like I am, but then again they are not comfortable enough with me running so I don’t know.”

According to the 6-foot, 247-pound running back, the Buccaneers did not explain to him specifically what areas he needs to improve on in order to be part of the two-minute offense.

“I don’t know,” Blount said. “Really they just kind of told me to keep working at it. They don’t completely trust me in the passing game 100 percent yet so they go with a guy like Earnest [Graham] who knows the entire offense."

Blount believes that he has the skills that are required to go out and be a play maker for this Buccaneers offense. Not just as a rusher, but also as a receiver.

“Honestly, I feel like I could go out there and catch a few passes and help us out in the pass game, but then again it is not my decision,” Blount said. “It’s kind of in the air right now.”

The 24-year-old running back believes that his team lost its season opener because they steered away from the original strategy.

“We got away from our game plan,” Blount said. “We got away from giving me the football. We got away from giving Mike [Williams] opportunities with the ball. It’s just things like that, so we’ve got to go back in the film room today [and] go collect some things and hopefully we can stick to the game plan that we come in with.”

“The original game plan was to go out there and execute perfectly so we can actually win the game,” Blount said. “It wasn’t really a game plan of just giving me the football, it was kind of a mixture of me, Mike [Williams], Earnest [Graham], Arrelious [Benn] – a whole bunch of different guys touching the ball. I don’t know if we panicked, but we kind of got away from that really early.”

Even though Blount was not a part of that two-minute, hurry-up offense, he did like the change of pace that the team tried in order to make the Lions tired on defense.

“I am not a coach so I couldn’t call that, but me personally, I feel like what he did was a pretty smart thing to come out and turn the tempo up a little bit and make them tired,” Blount said. “There were just a lot of things that we messed up on that we could have capitalized on.”

Even though the running back is not happy with the loss, he is aware that it will not make or break the team’s season. There are still many games of football to be played.

“Yes, I am disappointed in the loss, but we have 15 more games,” Blount said. “So there are a lot of things that we have to improve on and that we can correct [until] we play Minnesota.”

Blount’s take on not being a part of the two-minute offense is for him to just work hard and show the coaches that he can be a vital player in the hurry-up offense.

“Go out there and go to work on Wednesday and do everything I can to prove to [Coach Morris] that I can be a part of the two-minute offense and the pass game,” Blount said. “I feel like I’m a play maker on this team also, so I feel like I should be on the football field more.”


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  • avatar

    I think this should be a different trust article: "The Coaches Need to Trust Blount" If I am not mistaken didn't Blount play in a spread offense at Oregon? To me I think Blount proved he can play the 3rd down/2 min back role in pre-season. I know they're thinking about QB security but I think they need to put the press on in practice, get Blount with Faine and Free to get up to speed with the blitz pick-up. This team is just better with Blount on the field period. Graham doesn't have any acceleration at all. Many of his catches it just seem like he took too long to get going and allowed the defense to surround him too quickly. This is on Blount and the coaches get him coached up so he can be out there; otherwise, get a Brian Westbrook in here to be the 3rd down back.
  • avatar

    In the preseason, the Bucs threw several short passes to Blount...against the other teams 1st string. He caught all of them and did quite well. I thought he had passed the "hands test", but now it seems they only want him on the field to run the ball. Not sure which other preseason game it was, but there was a 3rd and 1 against the other team's 1st string. Blount slammed into the line for 3 yards & the first down (unlike the Atlanta game last year)...I thought he passed the "short yardage test" too, but I guess not...especially if the coaches like Graham in that situation. For some of you naysayers, I know it was only preseason, but isn't that where you test such specifics before the season starts?
  • avatar

    I still think that Stovall had a lot to do why we couldn't do somethings. I am not sure if the Coaches changed some of the play calling signals to compensate for that. That's a question I would love to hear from the Bucs.
  • avatar

    I think we'd do better I'd Freeman wasn't required to yell out "we're running a halfback dive off left tackle" before the play.
  • avatar

    I actually really liked the "empty set" idea (or something similar) and thought it could be really productive. Blount to the left of Freeman out of shotgun. K2 on the right side, Spulock on the line wide left, Benn in the slot (left), Williams off the line to the far right. Williams and Spulock stretch the field down the sidelines (they can make the catches, Freeman can make the throws). Benn runs a slant/cross or an end-around, K2 runs a Post or Out, Blount blocks or releases to the flat either left or right (or runs a draw).
  • avatar

    @ jongruden: It's not Blount.....The Bucs do not have a good short yardage Offensive Line. IMO, the problem with the entire offense is up front. There is little pass protection, and very little push on running plays. The Bucs OL is constantly being pushed backwards by D-Linemen NOT named Suh, so until this is corrected, maybe they do need to run more passes to the backs in the flats and stretch runs with 2-3 TE sets. 15 more to go, we'll see what they do soon enough....
  • avatar

    Mr. Blount, I would be very careful about what you say to the press about any Coaching decision. GM's and Head Coaches want their players to know who is in charge and who can talk to the press about why you or anyone else wasn't in certain situations. Please be careful. Just play football and do your best; everything else will work out.
  • avatar

    roger4680, I would like to see a little of that. I would like to see Olsen to a lot of things differently. I'm also slowly coming to the conclusion that zone run blocking is the way to go for any NFL team unless it's 1st and goal. I look at teams like Oakland last night (yeah I stayed up and watched that game), Washington, New England and Houston and it just seems to work better. Defenders end up blocked out of the play and often end up on the ground. This is something I've been looking at closely over the last 7 years or so when I noticed more teams going to it as the primary means of run blocking. I know we used it in '09 and last year primarily and it was hit and miss. However, it's time to start looking for new O-linemen anyway in next year's draft (LG, C) so why not start drafting that type of player and give zone blocking a try again?
  • avatar

    @roger4680 -- I think you've got it right, that's what I see in Blount as well. I liked the idea that (I thought at least) we'd employ more screen passes. Not only would Blount flourish at this, I believe Graham is also well suited to screens. Not sure why that wouldn't have worked in the two-minute drill either (quick block from Blount, if any at all, release, then in the flat).
  • avatar

    I don't think that Morris needs to second guess his decision at this point. The game is over. The defense wasn't effective and the offense was sputtering. If Morris stuck with the gameplan and ran Blount consistently throughout the game, the running game would eventually be effective after wearing down the Lions defense in the heat. They were running out of time to get something going on offense and they ditched the gameplan in an effort to win the game. If Morris decided to stick with the original gameplan and they still lost the game, the fans and media would be wondering why they didn't pass the ball more in an effort to win. Either way, if you lose the game, it's the wrong decision. Next up, Vikings. Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    Forgive me if I'm missing something (and please jump in if I am), but why don't the Bucs run plays where Freeman dumps the ball off to Blount in the flat so he can pick up some speed? Blount seems to do best when he gets to take a few steps to pick up some steam. He seems to do worst when being handing the ball right before hitting the line. The long reception in the pre-season was a perfect example of what I'm talking about. I think Blount could be an even more dangerous threat as a dump-off reciever (think a monster version of Reggie Bush) than a traditional RB. Once he has some open field to work with he is so hard to bring down, not to mention the hurdle-ability he's shown. Thoughts?
  • avatar

    Blount, please do not trust Olsen. He is a Gruden clone that does not trust young players and prefers to play ollllllld tired players. This guy needs to purchase a copy of Madden 12' and learn some plays. On a 4 and 1 give it to your 250 pound back. Duh!
  • avatar

    you mean like they did agaisnt ATl at the goal line last yr? Blount for some reason is not a good short yardage back.
  • avatar

    It's not Blount.....The Bucs do not have a good short yardage Offensive Line. IMO, the problem with the entire offense is up front. There is little pass protection, and very little push on running plays. The Bucs OL is constantly being pushed backwards by D-Linemen NOT named Suh, so until this is corrected, maybe they do need to run more passes to the backs in the flats and stretch runs with 2-3 TE sets. 15 more to go, we'll see what they do soon enough....
  • avatar

    What it all boils down to is what we all saw in preseason and commented on (even though we were scolded and told they were meaningless games by some of our all knowing posters ) was just as we saw then. No running game, no holes open. The great idea of we have a 3rd down back who can get 1 or 2 yards in Graham backfired!! Freeman is still scared of his own shadow just as he was in preseason. If this offense keeps up this way JJ may as well start because he is the only QB we have like Michael Vick that can run and throw to make something out of nothing. I still love my team and know it is a long season. But it is also like life. May look long but it is suddenly gone if you know what I mean.JMHO. Go Bucs Get Better!!
  • avatar

    By the. way, Cadillac Williams had 91 yds rushing and 49 yds receiving for the Rams on Sunday
  • avatar

    There was some horrible play calling on both sides of the ball. 3rd and 1 you use Graham, get a 2nd chance and use Graham again...where was Blount. The two minute offense doesn't matter when you only need 1 yard. C'Mon Man
  • avatar

    I wouldn't have had such a big problem with the move Morris made if it wasn't for 2 things, 1) If we were down more than 7 points, if that was the case I could understand the move, and 2) If we would have used Lumpkin and not Graham since Lumpkin is the quicker of the two, not to mention that when it comes to speed, Graham is 3rd behind Lumpkin and Blount.
  • avatar

    Blount's better then me bec I probably would've told olson to go f&*# himself after not letting me get the ball when its 2nd n 1 3rd n 1 and 4th n 1. Only giving me 5 carries throughout the game and basically not getting in the second half like we were down by three touchdowns not 1.
  • avatar

    The way Morris is talking it sounds like he is NOT the HC, did I miss something ? I agree with Blount, put him on the field and let him learn on the fly. Morris, McCoy, Foster and the rest of the Defense are all learnig on the fly.
  • avatar

    I'm sure glad Blount trusts the coaching staff, wish I did.
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