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September 22, 2011 @ 4:51 pm
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Falcons-Bucs Matchup An Official Blackout

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


Editor-In-Chief E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

For the 10th consecutive time a Buccaneers’ home game will be blacked out locally.  Tampa Bay had until 4:15 p.m. today to sell the remaining tickets for Sunday's divisional matchup with the Atlanta Falcons, but failed to so, and in accordance with NFL policy, the game can't be broadcast within a 75-mile radius of Tampa.

The estimated attendance will be in line with the home opener against the Detroit Lions that saw 51,275 fans at Raymond James Stadium.

Sources within the organization are hopeful the two nationally televised matchups with the Indianapolis Colts [October 3] and the Dallas Cowboys [December 17] will be sellouts, as both are outpacing all other regular season games in ticket sales.


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    Really ridiculous to blame the owners. Our fan base is a bunch of fair-weather whiners.
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    That was a pathetic comment about the owners being Jewish having anything to do with not buying out the remaining tickets for every home game. As for ticket prices, just go to Stubhub.com and you can usually find $35 tickets for any home game.
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    Has anybody thought that maybe 51000 thousand is now a sell out in the Tampa area. The local economy is bad, people aren't moving to Fla like they use to. I don't blame the Glazers per say, but I don't think they are doing enough to remedy the problem. They could make upper level seating 20 for adults, 10 for kids,and come out publicly with these prices asking for fan support. They could make family packages of four at 50 dollars, they could also block out say 6000 seats to make sellouts more possible. Finally since they seem to be the only team to have this problem, maybe they could ask the league for some relief. Isn't making 15 dollars on a ticket better then nothing?
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    I guess I shouldn't be shocked at the ignorance of someone actually posting an ethnic stereotype as reason for our often generous owners being blamed for a league rule. The blackout issue and fan's and business' reasons for not buying tickets has been beat to death; but I sure don't expect the Glazers to do any more than they already have to stimulate sales. It's just become the lifestyle of some people's on-going sense of entitlement that if they want something but won't work for it, the wealthy should buy it for them one way or another. I can't afford my 8 season tickets either but I gave up my beer, cigarette, boat and tattoo money to buy them for the 35th year. The rule is stupid and in my opinion reduces fan interest but blame the NFL not Brian and Joel.
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    I think it's just the momentum of the fans - it took several inconsistent/bad years from '03 through to '09 for fan interest to atrophy and blackouts to become a reality, so I'm guessing it will take a few good/playoff years to reverse that trend. It helps that the team is marketing better than it has in the past, in my opinion, and have lowered ticket prices. My guess is that fans are waiting to see how the Bucs do before they commit to buying tickets - no one wants to pay $200 for tickets plus parking, concessions, etc. to watch a team that isn't in the playoff hunt.
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    You people who complain and cry about the Glazers not buying 12k or 13K tickets to every single game that is blacked out are hilarious.... would you spend your own money to do the very same thing so everybody can get to watch the product for free?... No, you wouldnt. So you shouldnt expect them to either. You guys come up with any reason whatsoever to hate on these guys. Just sad.....
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    By the way, I checked the T.V. listings on Tuesday, and they had the Bears, Packers game listed. I thought it odd since they had till Thursday to sellout.
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    I don't understand why the NFL needs a sellout by Thursday,normal people usually get paid on Friday, duh. In this day and age networks can put a game on at the touch of a button, they don't need 72 hours notice. This is a good up, and coming team, with future stars. It seems to me the blackouts have become a pissing contest between the Glazers, and fans. The more we don't see, the more we don't care,the more the Glazers screw us. Before you say I should buy a ticket, I live over 3 hours away on the east coast. The 75 mile radius is B.S. also, it's where you get your T.V. that counts. If I drive to a sports bar 20 minutes south to Sebastian I can watch the game because they get they're feed from Miami. However I just don't think I give a hoot anymore. Maybe they should move the team to England, and become the British Bucs.
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    I hate the F**king Glazers!! I am a season ticket holder, but both the Miami and Jacksonville owners bought up the remaining ticketsm so games wouldn't be blacked out. They need to sell the team to an owner that cares for the team. Someone that will stop being Jewish and spend some money to help this team over the hump. Please sell the team and leave Tampa, go to England with your Soccer team. I love the Bucs and always will, but I hate supporting our sorry a** owners!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I am Jewish and that is bull. That might be a bad business decision that many of us agree on, but what does that have to do with religion? Are we now going to go back to the 1930-1940 decades again with type of mentality? PR WHY ARE YOU ALLOWING THIS TYPE OF POSTING?
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