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October 10, 2011 @ 7:16 pm
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Morris: Freeman Must Make Better Decisions

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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In 2010 quarterback Josh Freeman threw just six interceptions in his 16 starts for the Buccaneers. In just five games this season, Freeman has already matched that mark with 11 contests remaining. While head coach Raheem Morris isn’t ready to panic yet, he is concerned with his offensive captain’s carelessness with the football so far.

“He started off last year with the four picks early then he went on a streak where he didn’t have but two the rest of the year, or something like that,” Morris said. “So he hasn’t made the great decisions up until this point. He has to make better decisions. That is constantly getting your quarterback better -- that is constantly talking about the development of Josh Freeman. He has to do a better job of going through his progressions and get into his check downs and relay routes.

“Sometimes when you lack the big play that we have been lacking this year, you start to force things. And that is not a good decision by the quarterback. 
Sometimes he just relies on his arm too much.

“They touched too many balls down the field that they could have picked off, and they did pick off the two,” Morris went on to explain. “We have to keep those things in perspective. A little bit is on him, some of it is on the receivers who have to come up with some of those balls, and some of it is just getting open and making plays as a unit. And we will do that. These guys stick together and they will keep working at it. But he knows he has to protect the football. That is no secret.”

Correcting the problem will be a major goal for the Buccaneers in the upcoming weeks, as the turnovers battle is being lost. Morris believes Freeman will make the necessary changes.

“He is smart enough and well detailed enough to know that he just cant press it and push it. But yesterday when things were getting out of hand, you could see the frustration building in all of us a little bit. Some of it was because you were sore and couldn’t do what you normally do, some of it was because he couldn’t get the plays off on offense as we normally do, and you could see the frustration in all those guys. That was a credit to San Fran."

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    As good I think Freeman is and can be, he is looking over his shoulder at Cam Newtons performances and I think it is getting to him. He was the talk of the NFL last year, the big strong athletic star in the NFC South, this year Cam is putting up numbers every QB dreams about except one- wins.. Freeman is a great leader and winner, he will never sling the ball around like Newton and shouldn't start trying now. The Bucs do need speed at WR and RB and after round 4 last year the rest of the draft was a huge bust since so many stars came out the previous year to avoid the rookie salary cap. hope they rebound this year in the draft b/c we will be picking in the top 12 each round and there is a lot of talent at positions the Bucs need to address.. I love Blount but his is very one dimensional so lets hope they reunite him with LeMichael James.
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    Anyone have an idea how long we will call this team young? Three to four more years and the players that have four to five years now will be considered old. I guess what I'm asking is, when will we have a contender?
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    @ Kinderrt They are the youngest team in the league for the second straight year so until they no long wear that distinction, they are youngry. They are heading in the right direction considering where they were 3 years ago. It takes time and I believe in what they are doing so far except for Olson who uses Grudens playbook which hasn't produced a powerful offense since Rich Gannon, Jerry Rice and Tim Brown used it. This year will be a set back and we will be lucky to get to 8-8 which might be good news for next years draft.
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    Morris I am not buying it. He does telegraph and has to fix that, but I don't accept that he wasn't told to trust his receivers and throw it into tight coverage. I think that one is on Olsen.
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    At some point in time there has to be a reality check with the fans. This IS the youngest team in the NFL. We are starting three rookies on defense (I consider Price a rookie) and several others are second year players. It's no better on offense. It seems like the expectations of a lot of posters is that this team should be super bowl caliber. What in your world makes you think that??!!?? This team should be 0-5 but we're 3-2 and that ain't bad. We play the Saints this week for a share of the division lead. Do I think we'll win? No. Without Blount or McCoy I don't think so. We could win if some of the players step up and have a chip on their shoulder after the 48-3 Goring we got in Frisco. I sure hope they do but we seem to play the Saints better in their house. It takes time to build a team from the bottom up. The Mike Williams of the world get a wake up call because they realize that they have been studied by the opposition so last years moves don't work this year. They either step it up or they go the way of Michael Clayton. Blount has to develop vision if he is going to continue to be a dominant force and be in the same league as Frank Gore. Freeman has to stop staring down his primary receivers and start to bait the defense more by looking at his secondary receivers or using pump fakes to keep the DB's from breaking on the ball before he releases it. Clayborn has to realize there is more to defense than the pass rush. Containing the outside run is part of football too. We have seen moments of what this team can be and I like what I see but consistency is certainly not synonymous with Buccaneer football right now. It will come with time but don't act shocked when we play like a bunch of rookies at times. We actually ARE a bunch of rookies. Take a deep breath and remember....this is just a game. No one in your family died last Sunday...you didn't lose an arm...a hurricane didn't blow your house away. It was just a football game.
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    @gahtadreem Great observations- I believe we are heading in the right direction with the talent we have drafted but could benefit from a few key veterans to teach the young stars how to keep progressing. Who is teaching them how to run routes or sniff out the play action better. We have coaches for that but you always hear the greats saying they learned from the greats before them not their positions coach.
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    I just got thru listening to the Head Coach Video that was on Buccaneers.com and not once did I hear that he or any coaches were taking any responsibility for what happened. In fact I heard Coach Morris state when asked about losing McCoy for a while as to who was the leaders and he said it was obviously the coaches who are the leaders then the players like Barber, Foster, etc. That I am bothered by because that shows a lot of inexperience on this team besides players. All I can say is that we have to win one of these next two games to go into the bye week at 4/3. I believe it is a must because the schedule even gets tougher after the bye week. Again, I would like to see Josh be allowed to open up more down field immediately in the game. Also encourage him to run when the lane is open, but get down quickly before he takes a big hit.
  • avatar

    Freeman can not do it alone. WRs are not getting open so passes are being forced. we need a big time speed guy that can help with that and right now, we dont have it. Freeman needs to run more too, i understand as a qb you wanna throw first, but him running the ball can also be a weapon.
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    Josh needs to look at the name on his jersey. Even though it starts with the letter F, Stop doing the Favre imatation!!!!!
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    It's not all on Freeman. Look how the WR's run routes and create separation from DB's - it's not happening. Play calling is a little suspect as well. We don't take any shots down the field and teams know it. Mike Williams looks like he's not trying at times. Parker looks to be the smoothest and best route runner. Freeman has to do better too, I'm just saying, it's not all on him.
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    Please stop forcing passes. You don't need to care the team on your back the whole game. If Its nto there run or throw away please!
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    Josh, run the ball when no ones open. Josh needs to get the ball down field, if that means him leading the team in rushing, I'm all for it. When Def's have to prepare for a running Q.B., it creates all sorts of opportunities. Use those big legs boy.
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    Coach Morris norOlsen took any responsibility tohelp by changing the plays and format to aid Josh. At least I didn't read that they tried adjustments. Coaching Staff needs to accept responsibility too.
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